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Notice #: 05533556
Request for Proposals

(Chapter 103D, HRS)

The State of Hawaii, Department of Transportation-Harbors Division (DOTH) is soliciting proposals according to the Hawaii Public Procurement Code, Section 103D-303, Hawaii Revised Statutes.


The Keehi Industrial Lots Site encompasses approximately 20 acres of reclaimed land at Keehi Lagoon, Honolulu, Hawaii, including Pier 60, and lies to the east of the Kalihi Channel that empties into Honolulu Harbor. This Request For Proposals includes the planning, design, development, construction, operation and maintenance of an industrial park complex to provide opportunities for warehousing facilities, open yard cargo space, equipment storage areas, open yards for Maritime-related transportation vehicles, ancillary office space, ancillary parking and other proposed facilities that are Maritime or Maritime-related, and are capable of accommodating individual or multiple occupants through single or multilevel structures intended to service the need for high demand industrial and warehouse space in urban Honolulu.

Parties interested in submitting a proposal must have no less than the following qualifications:

1. A principal member of the development team must have at least 10 years of
industrial, commercial or harbors development experience or have been materially
involved in the development of at least five separate industrial, commercial or
harbors projects with at least one project consisting of no less than 10 acres
or $50,000,000.00 in total project costs.

2. Evidence of credit worthiness and sufficient financial resources to complete the
development of the Project lien free.

3. Be able to provide equity for the development and construction of the Project as
necessary or as may be required by DOT-H. Be able to provide security for the
payment and performance of the developer’s obligation to complete the
development and construction of the Project lien free. In addition to a mortgage
and security interest in the developer’s right, title or interest in the Project,
DOT-H may require the developer to provide guarantees of the developer’s
principals or other persons, to pledge other assets, to provide letters of credit
and other security.

Any person, firm, or corporation that submits a proposal must, at the time of contract award, provide the State of Hawaii with the following:

1. A tax clearance certificate from the Hawaii State Director of Taxation and the
Internal Revenue Service to the effect that all delinquent taxes, interest, and
penalties levied or accrued against the said person, firm or corporation have
been paid, and/or any other evidence requested by the acceptable to the
contracting officer to demonstrate that the proposer is not in default on any
obligations due to the State of Hawaii, any of its political subdivisions, and the
Internal Revenue Service.
2. A compliance certificate from the Hawaii Department of Labor and Industrial
3. A copy of its certificate of good standing from the Hawaii Department of
Commerce and Consumer Affairs.

The Director of the DOT reserves the right to cancel this request for proposals, to reject any or all proposals in whole or in part or to waive any defects in any proposal in the best interest of the Public.

Campaign contributions by State and County Contractors. Contractors are hereby notified of the applicability of Section 11-205.5, HRS, which states that campaign contributions are prohibited from specified State or County government contractors during the term of the contract if the contractors are paid with funds appropriated by a legislative body. For more information, contact the Campaign Spending Commission at (808) 586-0285.

Qualified persons, firms or entities interested in being considered for providing the services described in this notice may obtain specifications for the proposal from the State of Hawaii, Department of Transportation, Contracts Office, 869 Punchbowl Street, Honolulu, Hawaii 96813. Inquiries relating to obtaining the specifications may also be made by calling (808) 587-2130.

One (1) original and six (6) copies of the proposal are to be submitted to the Department of Transportation Contracts Office, 869 Punchbowl Street, Room 105, Honolulu, Hawaii 96813, no later than 2:00 P.M. (Hawaii Standard Time), February 27, 2008. Attention: Mr. Dana Yoshimura.

Questions regarding this solicitation including any subsequent request for information should be directed to Mr. Dana Yoshimura at (808) 586- 2530.

Brennon T. Morioka, Ph.D., P.E.
Interim Director of Transportation
State of Hawaii
(SB05533556 1/14, 1/15/08)