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Notice #: 05532085
Public Notices

(RESUME #4-PROF-07/08)

Pursuant to the provisions of HRS 103D, the County of Kauai hereby provides public notice to invite persons engaged in the professional services listed below to submit current statements of qualifications and expressions of interest for the fiscal year 2007 – 2008:


1. Legal services in drafting amendments to Chapter 5A, Kauai County Code:
Drafting amendments to Chapter 5A, Kauai County Code pertaining to real
property assessment and taxation. Interested persons should have experience
drafting legislation. A license to practice law in the State of Hawaii is required.
Familiarity with the County of Kauai real property tax code is desirable.

Estimated Cost: $15,000.00

Time Required to Complete Work: 30 days

Contact Person: Wallace Rezentes, Jr, Director of Finance, (808) 241-4206

2. Implementing a Waste Conversion Technology Project: The County of Kaua‘i
intends to implement a long-term solution for disposal of its municipal
solid waste, and will issue a solicitation to identify and select a provider who
will be able to design, construct, and operate a solid waste conversion facility
in a manner most advantageous and appropriate to the County’s needs. The
solicitation may be a single or multi-stage process. The County seeks
professional consulting services to assist in the solicitation.

The professional consulting services include: managerial and legal advice on
project structure, approach and risks, preparation of solicitation and
procurement documents, alone or together with the County Attorney’s Office,
assistance in reviewing and evaluating proposals, preparation and negotiation
of a final agreement with the selected proposer, and participation in
meetings with County personnel (including the County Council), the public
and others as requested by the County.

Qualifications: Interested persons or firms shall be licensed in a professional
discipline necessary to provide the services described above, such as law or
engineering. Applicants shall demonstrate that they have substantial experience
in assisting municipalities in the planning, development and procurement of solid
waste and other utility facilities and that they have provided consulting services
for completed projects involving similar waste conversion technology. Applicants
shall provide a minimum of three (3) professional references from persons who
have personal knowledge of the applicants’ qualifications.

Estimated Cost: $400,000.00

Time Required to Complete Work: 1 year

Contact Person: Wallace Rezentes, Jr, Director of Finance, (808) 241-4206

Consultants who are interested and capable of providing the professional services listed shall submit a letter of interest and four (4) copies of their resume to:

Director of Finance
(RESUME #4-PROF-07/08)
Division of Purchasing
4444 Rice Street, Rm 303
Lihue, HI 96766

Resumes should include:

1. Reference to this Notice by noting \u201D#4-PROF-07/08\u201D on the cover page
of each resume, AND the name of the department and service that the
resume is to be directed to.

2. The name of the firm or person, the principal place of business, and
location of all of its offices.

3. A description or narrative of the firm and statements of qualifications
(education, training, licenses, credentials) and experiences of the
principals and staff members to be involved, and supporting data as it
relates to the proposed projects.

4. The age of the firm and its average number of employees over the past
five (5) years.

5. A list of similar projects undertaken and completed within the last five
(5) years (including dates), the amount of the projects, owners of the
projects and the scope of work performed.

6. The names of up to five (5) clients who may be contacted, including
at least two (2) for whom services were rendered during the
preceding year.

7. Capacity to complete the work in the required time.

8. Any other pertinent data that should or may be considered in the
evaluation of the firm\u2019s qualifications.

Resumes may be amended at any time by filing a new statement. Any change in resumes that will be cause for disqualifying the firm from consideration for award shall be immediately reported to the Director of Finance.

Awards shall be electronically posted on the County of Kauai website within seven (7) days of the contract award: ;follow: Departments/Agencies; Finance; Purchasing Division; Procurement Disclosures.

Deadline for submissions is 4:00 PM (Hawaii Standard Time), Thursday, October 11, 2007. Late submissions will be returned. Risk of late delivery shall lie with the sender.

Wallace Rezentes, Jr.
Director of Finance
(SB05532085 9/28/07)