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State/City & County Jobs


Assistant Professor, University of Hawaii, Academy for Creative Media, Manoa; ##0070058; continuous recruitment; 808-956-3788

Assistant Professor in Special Education, UHM College of Education, Manoa; #0083987; continuous recruitment; 808-956-7956, Fax: 956-4345

Instructor, CC, LEARNING SUPPORT COORDINATOR, Holomua (Developmental Studies) Department, Kapi\u2019olani Community College; #74833; closes 09/18/07; 808-734-9450

Junior Specialist, Curriculum-Materials Developer, UHM College of Education, Manoa; #082678T, Center on Disability Studies (Re-advertisement of position); temp; closes 08/24/07; 808-956-3799

Junior Specialist, Enrichment Coordinator, School of Hawaiian Knowledge, Manoa; #70091T; temp; continuous recruitment; 808-973-0971

Junior Specialist, TRAINER (READVERTISEMENT), UHM Social Work, Manoa; #085876T; temporary; continuous recruitment; 808-956-6239

Professional and Technical

Support PBA, UHM C of Trop Agr & Human Res, Tropical Plant & Soil Science, Manoa; #78504T; temporary; closes 09/06/07; 808-956-7058

Academic Support PBB, Job Placement Specialist, Leeward Community College; #78563; closes 09/18/07; 808-455-0326

Academic Support PBC, (GEAR UP Project Manager), VP for Academic Planning & Policy, Manoa; #0078559T; closes 09/10/07; 808-956-5307

Academic Support PBC, (Hawaii P-20 Iniative Senior Associate for External Affairs), VP for Academic Planning & Policy, Manoa; #0078511; closes 09/10/07; 808-956-5307

Facilities Planning and Design, (Registered Architect) at Facilities Management Office, #78552; closes 09/04/07; (808-956-7965)

Information Tech Specialist PBB, Readvertisement, Ofc of the VC for Acad. Affairs, Manoa; #0078219; closes 09/17/07; 808-956-4036

Info Tech Specialist (2 Posns): (1) #79976 Tech Lead; (2) #79977 Developer.
ITS Manoa; closes 09/10/07. For complt quals & how to apply, visit

Institutional Support PBA, Administrative and Fiscal Support Specialist, UHM College of Education, Manoa; #0078519T; temporary; closes 09/05/07; 808-956-4230 Institutional Support PBA, Administrative Assistant, UHM Waikiki Aquarium, Manoa; #0078266T; temp; closes 09/07/07; 808 440-9030

Institutional Support PBA, Computer Service & Repair Specialist (READVERTISEMENT), UHM Auxiliary Enterprises, Manoa; #81294; closes 08/29/07; 808-956-8252

Institutional Support PBA, Marketing, Research, and Administrative Specialist, UHM Career and Technical Education, Manoa; #0078338; closes 09/07/07; 808-956-4791

Institutional Support PBB, (eRa Coordinator), Office of Research Services, Manoa; #77791T; temporary; closes 09/07/07; 808-956-7800

Institutional Support PBB, Administrative Officer, Kapiolani CC, Business Office; #78416; closes 09/11/07; 808-734-9528

Institutional Support PBB, Fiscal/Program Specialist, UHM SOEST , Manoa; #0078496T, Financial Managment Systems Office; closes 09/07/07; 808-956-8910

Institutional Support PBB, Office of Research Services, Manoa; #78545T; temp; closes 09/07/07; 808-956-7800

Instructional and Student Support PBA, (Student Services Specialist), UH-West Oahu, Student Services; #78376; closes 09/07/07; 808-454-4700, TDD 808-454-4703.

Instructional and Student Support PBB, READVERTISEMENT, Maui CC, Maui Community College; #78340; closes 09/12/07; 808-984-3527

Media Design & Production (Media Specialist), Hawaii Community College, Hilo; #78534; closes 09/11/07; (808) 974-7484

Public Info, Public Events Planning and Publications, PBA/PBB, Web Content/Advancement Coord., Ofc of the Chan., Manoa; #0078574T; temp; closes 09/07.07; 808-956-3818

Research Support PBB, (Electronics Technician), UHM, Institute for Astronomy, Manoa; #81548T; temporary; closes 09/06/07; 808-573-9505

Research Support PBB, Office of Research & Extramural Programming Support (OREP), School of Nursing & Dental Hygiene, Manoa; #0078535T; temp; closes 09/06/07; 808-956-5326

Other Positions

Teaching Assistant, TA for Simulation & Learning Laboratory, School of Nursing & Dental Hygiene, Manoa; #0085798; closes 09/07/07; 808-956-3885