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Notice #: 05529746
Professional Providers


The University of Hawai‘i hereby invites licensed attorneys to submit letters of interest and statements of qualifications to provide legal services for the University of Hawai‘i on a contract basis as the need arises for the fiscal year commencing July 1, 2007.

At minimum, the University anticipates the need to contract for legal services in the following areas:

Administrative Law Insurance
Appellate Practice Antitrust Intellectual Property
Aviation International Trade
Bankruptcy/Receiverships Labor Law
Business Law, including Contract Law, Law Enforcement, including Criminal
And Corporate Law Appeals and Criminal Prosecutions
Civil Litigation Plaintiffs Qui Tam
Civil Rights Probate Law, including Guardianships
Collections Public Benefits Law, including ADA,
College Bargaining Including §504, Special Education, and
Grievances Public Assistance
Complex Civil Litigation Public Financing, including Bond
Constitutional Law Counsel, Investment Banking, and
Employee Benefits Financing Leases
Employment Law Real Property, including Financing,
Energy Law Development, Subdivisions, Land Use
Environmental Law Securities Law
Estates and Trusts Tax
Federal Government Public Utilities/Telecommunications
Contracting Tort Law, including Products, Design, or
Health Law, including Hospital Construction Liability, and
Management, and Mental Health Professional Malpractice
Immigration Transportation Law
Information and Technology Law Water Law
Workers’ Compensation

Attorneys interested in being retained to provide legal services in these areas, or any other area of practice which an attorney wishes to suggest might be needed should submit a letter of interest together with a statement of qualifications which includes the following information:

1. The name, business address, telephone and fax number(s), and e-mail address of the attorney.

2. The name of the law firm with which the attorney is affiliated, if any, the number of years the attorney has been with the firm, whether the attorney is a partner, shareholder or employee of the firm, and what, if any, special practice units are part of the firm.

3. A summary of the attorney’s educational and employment background.

4. The jurisdictions (state and courts) in which the attorney is licensed and authorized to practice.

5. A brief description of other staff and facilities available to the attorney, including secretarial and paralegal support, and other attorneys.

6. The range of hourly rates charged by the attorney, and a summary of the types and amounts of costs charged by the firm.

7. The area(s) of practice in which the attorney is interested in being retained with a brief summary of the attorney’s experience and types of cases/matters the attorney has handled.

Letters of interest and statements of qualifications should be sent to:

University of Hawai‘i
Office of Procurement and Real Property Management
1400 Lower Campus Road, Room 15
Honolulu, Hawai‘i 96822

All interested attorneys must submit the statement of qualifications with their letter of interest regardless of whether the documents were submitted in response to a prior notice. There is no deadline for submission of the documents. The University conducts a continuous recruitment for the aforementioned professional services. Attorneys submitting their statement of qualification and letter of interest after the start of the fiscal year may be considered for selection for the balance of the fiscal year.

Attorneys from the same firm wishing to be considered must submit separate letters and statements.

All questions pertaining to this solicitation may be directed to Mr. Kurt Minato, telephone (808) 956-7159.

David McClain
(SB05529746 6/6/07) President, University of Hawai‘i