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Notice #: 05529468
Professional Providers

(HRS 103D-304)

Various Departments and Agencies of the County of Hawaii plan to use professional services in several categories of work during the fiscal year 2007-2008, beginning July 1, 2007.

Under the requirements of HRS Sec. 103-D-304, such professional services are subject to competitive selection. Accordingly, interested parties are invited to submit statements of qualification and expressions of interest. Such statements shall include:

(1) The name of the firm or person, the principal place of business, and location of all of its offices;

(2) The age of the firm and its average number of employees over the past five years;

(3) The education, training, and qualifications of the individual, or if a firm, its key employees;

(4) A list of recent projects and the names of up to five clients who may be contacted, including at least two for whom services were rendered during the preceding year; and

(5) Any promotional or descriptive literature which the individual or firm desires to submit.

Although any County department or agency may utilize any particular service, in order to prevent duplication, providers of specific services are requested to submit the above to the listed individual below for each respective service they are interested in providing:

To be submitted to Mr. Bruce C. McClure, P. E., Director, Department of Public Works, County of Hawaii, Aupuni Center, 101 Pauahi Street, Suite 7, Hilo, Hawaii 96720-4224
1) Architecture*
2) Civil Engineering*
3) General Engineering (Construction Management, requires a licensed engineer)
4) Electrical Engineering*
5) Real Estate Broker & Salesperson (Land Agent)
6) Land Surveying*
7) Landscape Architecture*
8) Mechanical Engineering*
9) Real Property Appraisal (Real Estate Appraisal)
10) Civil Engineering* (Soils Engineering, requires a licensed civil engineer)
11) General Engineering (Structural Engineering*)
12) Civil Engineering* (Traffic Engineering, including Traffic Calming, requires a licensed civil engineer)
13) Geology (Geotechnical Engineering*)
* Architecture, Engineering, Land Surveying, Geotechnical Engineering and Landscape Architecture professionals shall include State form DPW-120 or equivalent Federal forms with their submittals.

To be submitted to Mr. Christopher J. Yuen, Planning Director, Planning Department, County of Hawaii, 101 Pauahi Street, Suite 3, Hilo, Hawaii 96720:
14) Archaeology
15) Biology/Earth Science/Geography/Geology (Environmental Assessments and Impact Statements)
16) Botany (Botanical Survey)
17) Community Planning (Community Planning Assistant-community organizing, public participation for specific projects)
18) Community Planning (Community/Public Relations)
19) Community Planning (Community/Regional Development Plans)
20) Community Planning (Land Use, General Plan, Environmental, Public Access)
21) Economist/Social Science (Socio-Economic and Housing Studies)
22) Attorney (Land Use Hearing Officer (Attorneys or Planners) with experience)
23) Attorney (Mediation Services (Attorneys or Professional) with experience)
24) Plant Pathology/Plant Physiology/Forestry (Arborist)
25) Wildlife Biology (Fauna Survey)

To be submitted to Ms. Bobby-Jean Leithead-Todd, Director, Department of Environmental Management, County of Hawaii, 25 Aupuni Street, Room 210, Hilo, Hawaii 96720:
26) Environmental Engineering
27) Community Planning (Solid Waste, Recycling, Wastewater)
28) Education Program/Education Services
29) General Engineering/Fire Protection Engineering (Landfill Closure/Fire Control Consultant)

To be submitted to Mr. William Takaba, Director of Finance, County of Hawaii, 891 Ululani Street, Hilo, Hawaii 96720:
30) Auditing
31) Attorney (Bond Counsel)
32) Public Finance Bond Underwriting/Advising
33) Accounting (Claims Adjuster)
34) Auditing (Investigative Services)
35) Accounting (Actuarial Services)
36) Auditing (Arbitrage Compliance Consultant)
37) Accounting (Accounting, Analysis, and Administration of Special Financing Districts)

To be submitted to Mr. Lincoln S. T. Ashida, Corporation Counsel, County of Hawaii, 101 Aupuni Street, Suite 325, Hilo, Hawaii 96720:
38) Attorney/Law (Civil Rights Defense)
39) Attorney/Law (General Personal Injury Defense)
40) Attorney/Law (Criminal Defense of Police Officers)
41) Attorney/Law (Insurance Defense)
42) Attorney/Law (Federal and State Tax Law)
43) Attorney/Law (Worker\u2019s Compensation Law)
44) Attorney/Law (Constitutional Law)
45) Attorney/Law (Employment Law (Public Sector)
46) Attorney/Law (Public Financing Law)
47) Attorney/Law (Drafting of Legislation and Administrative Rules)
48) Attorney/Law (Real Estate Law)

To be submitted to Mr. Clayton Yugawa, Director, Data Systems Department, County of Hawaii, 25 Aupuni Street, Room 102, Hilo, Hawaii 96720:
49) Computer Engineering (GIS Mapping/Programming Services)
50) Computer Engineering (Computer Sciences – Custom Software Development)
51) Computer Engineering (Computer Sciences – Web Development and Administration)
52) Computer Engineering (Network Analysis)

To be submitted to Mr. Lawrence Mahuna, Chief of Police, Hawaii County Police Department, County of Hawaii, 349 Kapiolani Street, Hilo, Hawaii 96720:
53) Psychology (Psychiatrists and or Psychologists) to perform psychological evaluations.
54) Nursing (Registered Nurses to provide services in sexual assault cases)
55) Professional Engineering (System Design and Engineering) for Radio and Microwave Communications Projects.

To be submitted to Ms. Patricia Engelhard, Director, Department of Parks and Recreation, County of Hawaii, 101 Pauahi Street, Hilo, Hawaii 96720:
56) Dietitian and Nutritionist (Registered Dietitians)
57) Veterinary (Veterinarians for Zoo Animals)
58) Industrial Hygiene (Hazardous Materials Survey, Assessment & Planning)

To be submitted to Mr. Edwin Taira, Administrator, Housing and Community Development, County of Hawaii, 50 Wailuku Drive, Hilo, Hawaii 96720:
59) General Engineering (Construction Inspector)
60) General Engineering (Project Manager)

To be submitted to Mr. Michael R. Ben, Director of Personnel, Department of Civil Service, Suite 2, 101 Pauahi Street, Hilo, Hawaii 96720:
61) Auditing/Law (Workers Compensation Claims Adjusters, including representation at hearings)
62) Nursing (Case Management Nurses)
63) Industrial Hygiene (Industrial Hygienists)
64) Safety Engineering (Safety Trainers)
65) Law (Court Reporting Services)
66) General Health Science (Substance Abuse Professional)

To be submitted to Mr. Troy M. Kindred, Civil Defense Administrator, 920 Ululani Street, Hilo, Hawaii 96720:
67) Accounting (Grant Management)
68) Safety Engineering/General Physical Science (Hazard Mitigation Specialist)
69) Safety Engineering/General Physical Science (Emergency Management)
70) Safety Engineering/General Physical Science (Domestic Preparedness Training Coordinator/Project Manager)

Responses to this solicitation will be placed on file, and as needs arise, will be considered for selection, according to the requirements of the State Procurement Code. All County Departments and Agencies may use any of the lists in selection of providers of needed services.

Individuals or firms wishing to be considered for more than one category of service listed above must submit a copy for each individual professional service, with a cover letter for each clearly stating which discipline it is in application for.

Individuals or firms who have previously responded to any County of Hawaii request for a statement of qualification and expression of interest must submit a new statement of qualification and expression of interest for each category of interest to be considered for projects arising during Fiscal Year 2007-2008.

Questions regarding this solicitation may be directed to Gilbert Benevides, Purchasing Agent, at (808) 961-8440, facsimile 961-8248, email

Individuals or firms may contact the listed Department Heads to inquire about electronic/email submissions. Individual departments shall determine suitability of this type of submittal(s) accordingly.

All responses should be submitted prior to 4:30 p.m., June 30, 2007. At this time, the list of qualified applicants will be established. Interested parties may submit statements of qualifications and expressions of interest after this deadline and may be considered for projects which are initiated after receipt of their submittal.

Director of Finance

Hawai\u2019i County is an Equal Opportunity Provider and Employer
(SB05529468 5/17/07)