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Legal Notice DOFAW 07-08

The Department of Land and Natural Resources is pleased to announce the opening of archery, muzzle-loading rifle, and high-powered rifle hunting seasons for feral goats on the island of Kauai. The goat hunting forecast this year is considered to be “fair to good.” Pursuant to Title 13, Chapter 123 (13-123-4 and 5.1) “Rules Regulating Game Mammal Hunting,” the following fees and special rules and conditions will be in effect for the hunt:


Hunting Fees Unit(s) Open
Season Resident Non-Res. to Hunting Season Duration Bag Limits

Archery $5.00 $25.00 Units F, K July 7th to December One goat and one
Season 30, 2007 weekends & pig per archer per
State Holidays hunting day

Units G and Year-round; Daily No limit; goat
Nualolo Kai and pig
State Park

Youth Free Free Unit A June 30 – July 1, 2007 One (1) goat per
Muzzle-loader hunter

Muzzle-loader $5.00 $25.00 Units A, B, E July 7-8, 2007 One (1) goat per
Rifle Season and H hunter

Regular $15.00 $30.00 Units A* and H Seven consecutive 2 goats per hunter
Rifle Season weekends; July 14th (Units A H)
to August 26, 2007
(Two weekends/hunter)
Units B and E 2 goats per hunter (Units B and E)
* Unit A: Open to muzzleloaders only during the muzzleloader and regular rifle season.

The Kauai Aquatic Life and Wildlife Advisory Committee met on January 25, 2007 to discuss hunting season changes and recommend the above listed goat hunting seasons. The hunting fee schedules were reviewed by the Hawaii Hunting Area Advisory Council, and subsequently approved by the Board of Land and Natural resources. Payments via mail must be in the form of a personal check or a money order. No cash will be accepted through the mail. All qualified applicants will be issued permits and all application fees and tag fees are non-refundable.

New makai hunter access to Hunting Unit A: Starting this year, hunters will be allowed limited vehicle access through the corn fields to access Hunting Unit A using the “water tank valley” access road. Hunters must first sign-in at the Polihale Beach hunter checking station and sign-out after hunting. Hunters are advised to keep their firearms cased and unloaded while driving through the corn fields. Unit A is open to muzzle-load firearms only. For more information on the new access, please call the Kauai DOFAW office at 274-3433.

ARCHERY ONLY SEASON: Kauai archers must present their 2007-08 Hawaii Hunting License in order to purchase their permits starting Monday, June 25, 2007 in the Lihue Division of Forestry and Wildlife office at 3060 Eiwa St., Room 306. Another person may pick up your permit, but must present your license. Neighbor island archers may pick up an application form now at the DOFAW office on their island and mail it in with the correct fee. Specific instructions are on the application form. Validated archery permits will be mailed to each hunter after payment has been received. Unit F and K bow hunters must sign-in and sign-out at either the Waimea Heights or the Kokee Hunter Checking Station. Unit G bow hunters must obtain a Unit G-Archery Pass from the Lihue DOFAW office. Each pass is good for three (3) consecutive days and is free of charge.

NUALOLO KAI STATE PARK: Starting July 1, 2007, Nualolo Kai State Park will hereby be added to Hunting Unit G- Na Pali Coast Archery Area. All conditions and restrictions to archery hunting in Hunting Unit G-Kauai shall apply to Nualolo Kai State Park; with two exceptions: No field dressing or boning of animal carcasses in Nualolo Kai State Park. Secondly, game must be brought out whole in a concealed bag or container. Hunters may access by boat or kayak but must anchor off shore and keep the boat channel open. For more information, please call the Kauai DOFAW office at 274-3433.

SPECIAL YOUTH ONLY MUZZLE-LOADER SEASON: A special youth only muzzle-loader season in Unit A will be held on June 31 and July 1, 2007. The Trail 2 section (Papa’alai) will again be open. Youth hunters must sign-in either at Kokee or Polihale Hunter Check Stations. Youth hunters, as defined in HRS 13-122-2, must be fifteen years of age or younger, and possess a valid State of Hawaii hunting license to participate in this hunt. Youth hunters must be accompanied by a non-hunting adult who must also possess a valid State of Hawaii hunting license. Permits-tags for the special youth hunt will be free of charge. Hunters may pick-up their permits starting June 25, 2007 at the Lihue DOFAW office at 3060 Eiwa St., Rm 306 Lihue. A valid 2007-08 Hawaii Hunting License must be presented when obtaining a permit. Another person may pick up the permit for you, but he/she must present your license to do so. The bag limit will be one (1) goat of either sex per muzzle-load hunter

MUZZLE-LOADER SEASON: Hawaii residents participating in the muzzle-loader only goat season on Kauai will be assessed a $5.00 fee ($25.00 non-resident hunter) for their permit to hunt with a muzzle-loading rifle in Unit A, B, E and H. Kauai residents may purchase their permits starting June 25, 2007 at the Lihue DOFAW office at 3060 Eiwa St., Rm 306 Lihue. A valid 2007-08 Hawaii Hunting License must be presented when purchasing a permit. Another person may pick up the permit for you, but he/she must present your license to do so. Neighbor island residents may pick up an application form at the DOFAW office of their island. Neighbor island application forms must be completed and mailed with the appropriate fee to the Kauai DOFAW office before the deadline of Friday, June 29, 2007. Validated muzzle-loader permits will be mailed to off island hunters provided their applications are correctly filled out and the appropriate fees attached. The bag limit will be one (1) goat of either sex per muzzle-load hunter.

REGULAR RIFLE SEASON: Each Hawaii resident hunter will be charged $15.00 which includes processing the lottery application and rifle tag ($30.00 for non-resident hunter). As with last year, rifle hunters will be assigned two weekends: One weekend in Hunting Units A and H on the Na Pali Coast and another weekend in Hunting Units B and E of Waimea Canyon.

The bag limit will be two (2) goats of either sex per hunter in Units A and H (Na Pali Coast) and two (2) goats in Units B and E (Waimea Canyon). Hunters must immediately tag their animal upon taking it. Boning of game will be permitted, but the un-skinned tail must be left attached to the carcass.

Hunters will have the option of using a conventional rifle, muzzleloader rifle, handgun or archery equipment on their assigned hunting weekend, but may carry only one hunting arm while actually hunting. EXCEPTION: Hunting in Unit A will be opened muzzle-loading rifles only throughout the season. Hunters will also be allowed to take pigs on their assigned hunting weekend and the bag limit will be one pig per hunter per day. Permit-tags are non-transferable between hunters.

Applications for the 2007 Kauai Goat Rifle season are now available at all participating hunting license vendors on Kauai and all Division of Forestry and Wildlife offices. A maximum of eight (8) hunters may apply together as a hunting group (no exceptions). All hunters who participate must have a valid 2007-08 Hawaii State hunting license on their person while they are hunting.

The deadline for submitting applications for the regular rifle hunt is 4:00 p.m., Friday, June 1, 2007. The public drawing to assign hunting dates will be held in the Lihue State Office Building Conference Room at 4:00 p.m. on Wednesday, June 13, 2007.

Due to the large number of telephone calls requesting drawing results, this information will no longer be given over the phone. Hunters are encouraged to attend the public drawing to determine the results, or wait for their validated tags to be mailed to them. The Lihue Division of Forestry and Wildlife Office will post the results after the June 13th public drawing. Each applicant will be drawn for the hunting season.

Each firearm hunter is required to wear a blaze-orange shirt or vest, sign-in and out at a hunter checking station, observe legal hunting hours and safety zones and the lawful carriage of firearms during the goat hunting season Hunters are reminded to review Chapter 123 prior to hunting.

Camping permits are required for over night hunting trips into Waimea Canyon and are available at the Lihue Division of Forestry and Wildlife Office during normal working hours. Hunters who wish to camp at Polihale Beach or Kokee State Park must obtain their camping permits from the State Parks office on their island.

Additional information may be obtained by stopping by any Division of Forestry and Wildlife Office or calling any of the following telephone numbers:

Kauai 274-3433 Oahu 587-0166 Kamuela 887-6063
Maui 984-8100 Molokai 553-4515 Lanai 565-7916
Hilo 974-4221 (SB05529036 5/6/07)