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Notice #: 05528609
Public Notices


Pursuant to Section 42F-107, HRS, notification is being made that the following grants have not been released by the Governor as of March 31, 2007:

ACT 100/06

Child and Family Service 2,000,000
Victory Ohana Prison Fellowship 300,000
Victory Ohana Prison Fellowship 65,500

ACT 160/06

100th Infantry Battalion Veterans 1,000,000
Enterprise Honolulu 200,000
Hawaii Business Health Council 50,000
Hawaii High School Rodeo Oahu District 25,000
Hawaii Human Development Corporation 100,000
Hawaii Human Development Corporation 197,000
Hawaii Institute for Public Affairs 100,000
Hawaii Science and Technology Council 200,000
Honolulu Chamber of Commerce, Military Affairs Council 50,000
Ka‘ohana O Kalaupapa 105,000
Kauai Economic Opportunity – papaya production training program 139,631
Mo‘okini Luakini 50,000
Papakolea Community Development Corporation 250,000
Parents and Children Together 100,000
Susannah Wesley Community Center 50,000
The First Battle 50,000

100th Infantry Battalion Veterans Apartment Project, Oahu 500,000
ARC of Hilo, Hawaii 200,000
Arizona Memorial Museum Association, Oahu 500,000
Boys and Girls Club of Hawaii 2,000,000
Community Clinic of Maui Inc., Maui 1,359,000
Hale Kipa, Oahu 1,500,000
Hale Mahaolu, Maui 1,150,000
Hawaii Heritage Center, Oahu 400,000
Hawaii Labor Heritage Council, Hawaii 286,000
Hawaii Nature Center, Kauai 500,000
Hawaii Okinawa Center, Oahu 1,600,000
Hawaii Organ Procurement Organization, Oahu 100,000
Honolulu Culture and Arts District Association, Oahu 250,000
Kalihi Valley Nature Park, Oahu 200,000
Kawaiahao Church, Oahu 1,000,000
Keehi Memorial Organization, Oahu 1,000,000
Kokua Kalihi Valley, Oahu 1,000,000
Koolauloa Community Health and Wellness Center, Oahu 600,000
Lanakila Rehabilitation Center, Oahu 500,000
Lanikai Association, Oahu 75,000
Maui Arts and Cultural Center 250,000
Molokai General Hospital, Molokai 1,600,000
Ohana Care, Kauai 200,000
Pacific Aviation Museum, Oahu 500,000
Pacific Health Ministry, Oahu 224,000
Palolo Chinese Home, Oahu 100,000
Pohai Nani Good Samaritan, Oahu 500,000
USS Missouri Memorial Association, Inc., Oahu 490,000
W.M. Keck Observatory,awaii 20,000
Waianae District Comprehensive Health and Hospital Board, Inc., Oahu 3,750,000
Waikiki Health Center, Oahu 25,000

ACT 178/05

Bay Clinic, Inc., Hawaii 1,000,000
Organ Donor Center of Hawaii, Oahu 50,000
Waianae Coast Comprehensive Health Center, Oahu 2,946,000

ACT 243/06


Adult Friends for Youth 100,000
Baby Hui 24,800
Global Medilink Technology Inc. 250,000
Hui Malama Learning Center 75,000
Maui Economic Opportunity, Inc. 175,000
Maui Youth and Family Services, Inc. 600,000

ACT 302/06

Hawaii Even Start Family Literacy Program 600,000

Director of Finance (SB05528609 4/10/07)