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Notice #: 05528438



1. Confirmation of Appointment
a. Karin L. Holma to the Planning Commission
b. Beadie Dawson to the Planning Commission

2. Bill 9, CD1 – Clean Water and Natural Lands Fund. (Creating a fund to receive and expend monies for the purchase of or to otherwise acquire real estate or any interest therein for land conservation in the City.)

3. Bill 10, CD1 – Affordable Housing Fund. (Creating a fund to receive and expend monies to provide and maintain affordable housing for persons earning less than 50 percent of the median household income in the City.)

4. Bill 22, CD1 – Designation of real property tax classifications. (Revising the real property tax classifications.)

5. *Bill 23 – Shelter buses. (Amending §41.17.3, Revised Ordinances of Honolulu, by amending the definition of shelter buses.)

6. Bill 24 – Grant reporting requirements. (Simplifying the reporting requirements and to provide that for certain grants of $10,000 or less only one report is required upon completion of the program or services for which the grant was awarded.)

7. Bill 25, CD1 – City ferry system. (Adding the City Ferry System to Chapter 13, Public Transit.)

8. Bill 27 – Vacation cabins. (Amending the Land Use Ordinance to require a conditional use permit-major for vacation cabins located in the P-2 General Preservation zoning district.)

9. Bill 28 – Indoor amusement and recreation facilities. (Amending the Land Use Ordinance to require a conditional use permit-major for indoor amusement and recreation facilities located in the P-2 General Preservation zoning district.)

10. Bill 38 – Real property tax credit for low-income homeowners. (Clarifying and refining the requirements regarding the real property tax credit for low-income homeowners.)

11. Bill 39 – Anti-corruption practices for the City\u2019s mass transit system. (Instituting anti-corruption measures to minimize the risk that the construction and operation of the City\u2019s mass transit system will be awarded to any contractor that has been convicted of a corruption-related offense, including a conviction in a foreign jurisdiction.)

* The agenda item has been published in anticipation of the action to be taken by the City Council’s Public Health, Safety and Welfare Committee; and therefore, the City Council may or may not take action on the item or any amendments proposed thereto.

Persons wishing to speak are requested to register by 2 p.m. using the On-Line Council Speaker Registration form available at council/attnspkph.htm, or by sending a fax indicating your desire to speak, along with your name, phone number and subject matter to 527-6910 or by calling 523-4269. Testimony is limited to three minutes and shall be presented by the registered speaker only. Written testimonies may be faxed to 527-6910 or you may e-mail your testimony by going to http:// for the e-mail contact. By submitting written testimony, you are not automatically registered to speak. You are requested to register to speak if you wish to provide oral testimony.

Copies of the Bills and any amendments thereto are available at the City Clerk\u2019s Office, Room 203, Honolulu Hale or on-line at

Any disabled person requiring special assistance should call 523-4269 for details at least one day prior to the meeting date.

(SB05528438 3/31/07) BARBARA MARSHALL, CHAIR