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UH is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative
Action Institution


Director of Office of Continuing Education & Training, Hawaii Community College, Hilo; #89382; continuous recruitment; 808-933-0806

Director of the University of Hawaii Center at West Hawaii, Hawaii Community College, Kealakekua, Hawaii; #89398; continuous recruitment; 808-933-0806

Vice Chancellor CC (Academic Affairs), Maui Community College; #89093; closes 03/09/07; 808-984-3636


Assistant/Associate Researcher R3/R4,
UHM SOEST, Manoa; #0088731T, HI Institute of Geophysics & Planetology (HIGP); temporary; closes 03/05/07

Assistant Professor (Educational Technology), UHM College of Education, Manoa; #82571; continuous recruitment; 808-956-7671

Assistant Researcher R3, UHM School of Medicine – Surgery, Queen\u2019s University Tower; #84630T; temporary; closes 03/01/07; 808-586-2920

Instructor CC (Machine, Welding & Industrial Mechanics), Hawaii Community College, Hilo; #82527; closes 03/06/07; 808-974-7433

Instructor (Justice Admin & Security Admin), UH-West Oahu, Professional Studies Div; #76252T; closes 03/16/07; 808-454-4710, TDD: 454-4702

Instructor (Public Administration & Disaster Preparedness),
UH-West Oahu, Professional Studies Div; #0076251T; closes 03/16/07; 808-454-4710 TDD: 808-454-4702

Instructor in Food Service, Leeward Community College; #86583; closes 03/06/07; 808-455-0326

Junior/Assistant Specialist (Public Health), Manoa; #0082486T; closes 03/02/07; 808-956-5768


Academic Support PBA (Upward Bound Counselor),
Readvertisement, Maui Community College; #0081659T; temporary; closes 03/09/07; 808-984-3268

Academic Support PBB (Outreach Site Coordinator-West Hawai\u2019i), UH Hilo, UH Center West Hawai\u2019i; #80983T; closes 03/06/07; 808974-7678, fax 808-974-7681

Academic Support PBB (Assistive Technology Specialist), UHM Student Affairs, Manoa; #0078261; closes 02/28/07; 808-956-7511 (Voice/Text)

Academic Support PBB (Learning Disabilities Specialist), UHM Student Affairs, Manoa; #0078262; closes 02/28/07; 808-956-7511 (Voice/Text)

Academic Support PBB, UHM Coll of Educ, Manoa; #78282T, 78283T, 78284T, Readvertisement (3 posns), Ctr on Disability Studies; temporary; continuous recruitment; 808-956-9376

Academic Support PBB (Upward Bound Program Director), Leeward Community College; #80971T; temporary; closes 03/06/07; 808-455-0326

Allied Health & Safety (Health Insurance Coord), Readvertisement, Band A or B, Univ Health Svcs, UHM Student Affairs; #78112T; temporary; closes 03/01/07; 808-956-8965

Facilities Planning & Design PBB (Software Engineer), UHM, Inst for Astronomy, Manoa; #81515 (.50) permanent, gen funds & 78350T (.50) temporary, fed funds; closes 03/01/07; 808-956-7747

Information Technology Specialist PBA (Web Developer), Shidler College of Business, Manoa; #0078354T; temporary; closes 03/05/07; 808-956-6902

Institutional Support PBA (Administrative Officer), UHM, Institute for Astronomy, Maui; #78381T; temporary; closes 03/02/07; 808-956-7593

Institutional Support PBA (Administrative & Fiscal Support Specialist), UHM HI Natural Energy Institute, Manoa; #0078368T; closes 03/01/07; 808-956-2332

Institutional Support PBB (Administrative Officer), UHM, Institute for Astronomy, Manoa; #77393T; temporary; closes 03/01/07; 808-956-7593

Institutional Support PBB (Associate Director of Human Resources), UH Hilo, Hilo; #78231; closes 03/02/07; 808-974-7449

Institutional Support PBB (Administrative Officer), Readvertisement, Cancer Research Center, Ward Office; temporary; closes 02/23/07; 808-564-5978

Institutional Support PBB (Administrative Officer), School of Nursing & Dental Hygiene, Manoa; #0078178; closes 02/20/07; 808-956-8522

Institutional Support PBB (Fiscal/Program Specialist), HI Inst of Geophys & Plty, UHM SOEST, Manoa; #0077429T; temporary; closes 03/01/07; 808-956-3192

Institutional Support PBB (Fiscal/Program Specialist), UHM SOEST, Manoa; #0081230T, Financial Mgmt Systems Ofc; temporary; closes 03/05/07; 808-956-8910

Institutional Support PBB (Fiscal Acctg Spec), Property & Fund Mgmt, Financial Mgmt Ofc, Readvertisement; #81258; closes 03/06/07; 808-956-3359

Institutional Support PBB (Fiscal Specialist),
Readvertisement, Shidler Coll of Business, Manoa; #0077109T; temporary; closes 03/06/07; 808-956-3250

Instructional & Student Support PBA (Research Assistant-Hilo), UH Hilo, Hilo; #80496T; closes 03/06/07; 808-974-7678, fax 808-974-7681

Instructional & Student Support PBB, Maui Community College; #78339 and 78340; closes 03/09/07; 808-984-3527

Instructional & Student Support PBB (MBA Admissions Director), Shidler Coll of Business, Manoa; #0078344T; temporary; closes 03/05/07; 808-956-8754


Lecturers in Communication and Services Programs,
Honolulu CC; continuous recruitment; 808-845-9186

For civil service positions (e.g., clerical,
security, maintenance, lab aids, etc.), please view: