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Notice #: 05527499
Public Notices

Public Notice
State Health Planning and Development Agency
Certificate of Need

The Agency has received the following certificate of need applications for administrative review: #06-13A for administrative review from BioMedical Applications of California, Inc. for the establishment of a 24 station hemodialysis and two peritoneal dialysis facility at 47-388 Hui Iwa Street, Kaneohe, Hawaii, at a capital cost of $3,805,363; and #07-01A from Liberty Dialysis-Hawaii, LLC, for the addition of 26 dialysis stations at 91-2137 Ft. Weaver Road, Ewa Beach, Hawaii, at a capital cost of $2,300,000.
Pursuant to Section 323D-44.5, Hawaii Revised Statutes, any interested person may request a public meeting on an application before the Agency renders its decision. Any request for a public meeting must be submitted in writing and directed to Dr. David T. Sakamoto, Administrator, at the address provided below. Any such request must be received by the Agency within seven (7) days of the publication date of this notice.
Important: Certificate applications are reviewed according to the following criteria: relation to the state health services and facilities plan, need and accessibility, quality, cost and finances, relation to the existing health care system, and availability of resources.
The Agency\u2019s address and phone numbers are: 1177 Alakea Street, Room 402, Honolulu, Hawaii 96813; Phone: (808) 587-0788 (voice) or (808) 587-0854 (TTY) or (808) 587-0783 (fax).
(SB05527499 2/9/07)