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listings, visit website above. Appointments are full time unless otherwise specified and subject to funding and/or position clearance.
UH is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative
Action Institution


Assistant, Associate, or Full Professor,
UHM Coll of Nat Sci – Mathematics, Manoa; #84178; closes 02/14/07; 808-956-8792

Assistant/Associate/Full Specialist (Biostatistician), Cancer Research Center, Lauhala Office; #86265; continuous recruitment; 808-586-2987

Assistant Professor CC (Health Programs Coordinator), Readvertisement, Windward Community College; #86760; closes 02/20/07; 808-235-7361

Assistant Professor of Music (Choral),
UHM College of Arts & Humanities, Department of Music, Manoa; #82948; continuous recruitment; 808-956-2167

Associate Specialist (Mental Health Evaluation Associate Specialist), full-time, UHM College of Social Sciences, Manoa; #88747T; temporary; closes 02/23/07; 808-282-1770

Instructor (Po\u2019okela Project),
Maui Community College; #86933T; temporary; continuous recruitment; 808-984-3213

Instructor CC (Director of Talent Search), Readvertisement, Windward Community College; #85216T; temporary; closes 02/20/07; 808-235-7466

Instructor in English (Writing), Leeward Community College; #84490; closes 02/28/07; 808-455-0326

Junior/Assistant Specialist (Advisor), Master Programs, Shidler College of Business, Manoa; #85170T; temporary; continuous recruitment; 808-956-8754

Junior Researcher, UHM C of Trop Agr & Human Res, Plant & Environmental Protection Sciences, Manoa; #85486T; temporary; closes 2/12/07; 808-956-8432

Junior Specialist (Project Coordinator), UHM Social Work, Manoa; #085887T; temporary; continuous recruitment; 808-956-6243 or 808-956-6126


Academic Support PBA,
Hawaii Community College, Hilo; #0077745T; closes 02/27/07; 808-933-3236

Academic Support PBA (Educational Specialist), Kapiolani CC, CELTT; #78370T; temporary; closes 02/20/07; 808-734-9840

Athletics (Assistant Director of Compliance), UHM Athletics, Manoa; #0081890; closes 02/13/07

Information Technology Specialist PBB (Webmaster), UH-West Oahu, Chancellor\u2019s Ofc; #78247T; temporary; closes 02/20/07; 808-454-4824, TDD 808-454-4702

Information Technology Specialist PBB, Vice President for Community Colleges, Manoa; #78360T; closes 02/20/07; 808-956-5852

Institutional Support PBB (Administrative Officer), UHM School of Medicine, Kaka\u2019ako Campus; (2 posns) #80008 & #77704T; 808-692-1160

Institutional Support PBB (Assistant Director for Degree Programs), Shidler Coll of Bus, Manoa; #0078317T; temporary; closes 02/09/07; 808-956-5104

Institutional Support PBB (Assistant Director for Non-Degree Programs), Shidler Coll of Bus, Manoa; #0078316T; temporary; closes 02/09/07; 808-956-5104

Instructional & Student Support PBA, UHM, Enrollment Management, Manoa; #78341T, 78342T (two positions); temporary; closes 02/09/07; 956-8975,

Instructional & Student Support PBB (Assoc Director of Student Housing), Residential Life, Student Housing Svcs, Manoa; #0080630; closes 02/28/07; 808-956-4011

Instructional & Student Support PBB, UHM, Enrollment Management, Manoa; #81734; closes 02/09/07; 808-956-8975

Instructional & Student Support PBB (Undergraduate Admissions Counselor), Shidler Coll of Bus, Manoa; #0077448T; temporary; closes 02/16/07; 808-956-2487

Media Design and Production PBB (Media Specialist), Kapiolani CC, CELTT; #77583T; temporary; closes 02/20/07; 808-734-9840

Public Info, Public Events Planning & Pub PBA (University Photographer), External Affairs & Univ Relations, Manoa; #0080988; closes 02/09/07; 808-956-5941

Research Support PBA (Medicaid Project Support), School of Nursing & Dental Hygiene, Manoa; #0077286T; temporary; closes 02/15/07; 808-956-5225

Research Support PBA, UHM C of Trop Agr & Human Res, Hilo, Hawaii; #78288T; 50% FTE, temporary; closes 2/15/07; 808-981-2830

Research Support PBA, UHM C of Trop Agr & Human Res, Molecular Biosciences & Bioengineering, Manoa; #78249T; temporary; closes 2/15/07; 808-956-9195

For civil service positions (e.g., clerical,
security, maintenance, lab aids, etc.), please view: