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Notice #: 05527228
Professional Providers

Architectural/Engineering/Planning Services
(Chapter 103D, HRS)

Qualified professional Architectural/Engineering/Planning firms are hereby invited to submit their qualifications to the Hawaii Public Housing Authority (HPHA) for architectural/engineering/planning services. The HPHA intends to enter into negotiations with a qualified full-service firm to furnish any and all professional services required to physically survey the existing site and building conditions, to investigate any existing deficiencies, to develop a workable assessment matrix, to prepare a Physical Needs Assessment report and Energy Audit for each of the sixty-seven (67) federally-funded, low-income public housing facilities located on Oahu (34), Maui (5), Molokai (1), Hawaii (17) and Kauai (10).

Anticipated Start Date: April 2007

Anticipated Completion Date: October 2007

Estimated Design Cost: $400,000

This project is subject to the Section 3 requirements of the Housing and Urban Development Act of 1968.


The following criteria will be used to evaluate all submissions:

No. Criteria Weight

1 Evidence of firm’s ability to perform the work, as evidenced by 30%
profiles of the principal’s and staff’s professional and technical
competence, experience and facilities.

2 Capability to provide professional services in a timely manner. 30%

3 Past performance in terms of cost control, quality of work,
compliance to schedules and knowledge of local building codes. 10%

4 Evidence of previous public housing design experience. 20%
General response to this Request For Qualifications. 10%

5 Evidence of that the A/E is currently licensed in Hawaii. Mandatory

6 Evidence that the firm carries Errors and Omissions insurance Mandatory
of at least $1,000,000.

7 Signed certified statement that the firm is not debarred, Mandatory
suspended, or otherwise prohibited from professional practice
by any Federal, State, or Local agency.

8 Evidence that the firm is in good standing with the State of Mandatory
Hawaii Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs, the
Department of Taxation and the Department of Labor and
Industrial Relations by submitting a copy of the Certificate of
Vendor Compliance.

Once the qualifications have been evaluated and ranked, the HPHA will use the contract negotiation process to obtain the most highly qualified professional at a fair and reasonable price. The proposed contract will include tasks with a scope of services and a payment schedule in accordance with the Contract for Professional Services, AG/SPO FORM-K(1) (1/01) and Form AG2-GC (1/01), and the Model Form of Agreement Between Owner and Design Professional, form HUD-51915 (9/98).

The top-ranked firm will be required to submit a project management proposal, which shall include an overall project schedule, identification of the proposed design team, assignment of company personnel, personnel qualifications, related past project experiences, design alternatives/innovations, actual labor and overhead rates, fee proposal and other related information as required.


1. A Letter of Interest;
2. The name of the firm or person, the principal place of business and location of all of its offices;
3. The age of the firm and its average number of employees over the past years;
4. The education, training, and qualifications of key members of the firm;
5. The names and phone numbers of up to five clients who may be contacted, including at least two for who services were rendered during the preceding year;
6. Evidence of the firm’s effort to encourage and utilize minorities and minority business enterprise firms in its operations. Include proposed percent of overall project effort to be performed by minority-owned business enterprises;
7. Documentation to substantiate each of the listed evaluation criteria; and
8. Any promotional or descriptive literature which the firm desires to submit.


Time: 4:30 p.m.
Date: February 22, 2007

Qualifications received after this time may be subject to rejection by the HPHA.

Mail or hand-deliver qualifications to:

Attention: Ms. Patti Y. Miyamoto, Interim Executive Director
Hawaii Public Housing Authority
1002 North School Street – Building D
Honolulu, Hawaii 96817

All qualifications must be submitted in triplicate (3) and must clearly indicate the name of the project the A/E firm is submitting for.

Questions regarding this request for qualifications shall be directed to Mr. Vernon Pang at (808) 832-5314.

The HPHA reserves the right to reject any and all qualifications and reserve the right to waive any informality in the solicitation process.


Patti Y. Miyamoto
Interim Executive Director
(SB05527228 1/29, 1/31, 2/2/07)