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listings, visit website above. Appointments are full time unless otherwise specified and subject to funding and/or position clearance.
UH is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative
Action Institution


Vice Chancellor for Administrative Affairs,
UH Hilo, Hilo; #89098; continuous recruitment; 808-974-7335

Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs, UH Hilo, Hilo; #89134; continuous recruitment; 808-974-7750


Associate Professor (I4-M11),
State of HI Medicaid Project; Sch of Nursing & Dental Hygiene, Manoa; #0088975T; temporary; closes 01/29/07; 808-956-5225

Associate Researcher, UHM SOEST, Manoa; #0087670T, HI Inst of Geophysics & Planetology; closes 02/07/07; for more info

Instructor CC (Director of Planning & Program Evaluation), Windward Community College; #74811; closes 02/05/07; 808-235-7404

Instructor CC (Librarian), Readvertisement, Windward Community College; #83309T; temporary; closes 02/05/07; 808-235-7435

Junior Researcher (R2M11), Public Health, Manoa; #0087399T; continuous recruitment; 808-956-2702

Junior Specialist (Project Coordinator), UHM Social Work, Manoa; #0082641T; temporary; continuous recruitment; 808-956-9469

Junior Specialist (Site Coord for the MSW Degree Distance Educ Opt for Neighbor Isl Residents), UHM Social Work, Manoa; #0083037T; temporary; continuous recruitment; 808-956-6974

Law School Faculty Specialist (Director of External Relations & Communications), William S. Richardson School of Law, Manoa; #0085628T; closes 01/29/07; 808-956-8636


Academic Support PBB (Educational Specialist),
Kapiolani CC, Honda International Center; #78248; closes 02/05/07; 808-734-9565

Information Technology Specialist – Band A or B (Systems Administrator), UHM SOEST, Manoa; #0080402, Dept of Meteorology; closes 02/02/07; 808-956-8775

Information Technology Specialist PBA, Re-Advertisement of posns, UHM Coll of Educ, Manoa; #078285T, 078286T (2 posns), Ctr on Disability Studies; temp; closes 02/02/07; 808-956-9376

Information Technology Specialist PBB (IT Specialist), UHM Coll of Educ, Manoa; #80023T Curriculum Research & Dev Group; temporary; closes 02/01/07; 808-956-7900

Institutional Support PBA (Personnel Officer), Honolulu Community College; #77020; closes 02/05/07

Institutional Support PBB (Administrative Officer), Kapiolani CC, Business Office; #80865; closes 02/05/07; 808-734-9528

Institutional Support PBB (Institutional Researcher), Readvertisement, Windward Community College; #78166T; temporary; 808-235-7404

Instructional & Student Support PBB (Admissions Ofcr for Native Hawns), Readvertised/Modified, UH Hilo, Honolulu; #78202T; temporary; closes 02/16/07; 808-974-7413

Research Support PBA, UHM C of Trop Agr & Human Res, Molecular Biosciences and Bioengineering, Manoa; #78249T; temporary; closes 2/1/07; 808-956-9195


Postdoctoral Fellow (Natural Product Chemist),
UHM Coll of Nat Sci – Chemistry, Manoa; temporary; continuous recruitment; 808-956-5720

For civil service positions (e.g., clerical,
security, maintenance, lab aids, etc.), please view: