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UH is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative
Action Institution


Hawaii Institute of Geophysics & Planetology (HIGP), UHM SOEST, Manoa; #89123; closes 01/30/07; 808-956-6182


Assistant/Associate Professor M3/M4,
UH Sch of Med – Dept of Native Hawaiian Health, Gold Bond Bldg; #85456T; temporary; closes 12/21/06; 808-587-8563

Assistant Professor CC (Health Programs Coordinator), Windward Community College; #86760; closes 01/10/07; 808-235-7361

Assistant Professor (Geography), UHM College of Social Sciences, Manoa; #84209; continuous recruitment

Assistant Professor in Contemporary Hawaiian Culture, Readvertisement, UH-West Oahu, Humanities Division; #76262; closes 02/15/07; 808-454-4750, TDD 808-454-4702

Assistant Professor of Voice, UHM College of Arts & Humanities, Dept of Music, Manoa; #82592; continuous recruitment; 808-956-2166

Instructor (Workforce Development), Windward Community College; #86895T; temporary; closes 01/03/07; 808-235-7361

Instructor (Retention Coordinator), Maui Community College; #87376T; temporary; continuous recruitment; 808-984-3213

Instructor, UHM, School of Travel Industry Management, Manoa; #85899; closes 12/28/06; 808-956-4887

Instructor in English (Reading and Composition), Readvertisement, Windward Community College; #84395; closes 01/03/07; 808-235-7424

Librarian II (Science & Technology Reference), UHM Library Serv, Manoa; #86324T; temporary; closes 12/29; 808-956-7207


Academic Support PBA (Upward Bound Counselor),
Maui Community College; #0081659T; temporary; closes 01/10/07; 808-984-3268

Academic Support PBB (Director of the Manoa Educ Talent Search Program), UHM Student Affairs, Manoa; #0078263T; temporary; closes 12/29/06; 808-956-9217

Information Technology Specialist PBB (IT Specialist), Student Housing Services, Manoa; #0078311; closes 12/27/06; 808-956-3811

Information Technology Specialist PBA, Maui Community College; #0078113T; temporary; closes 12/29/06; 808-984-3283

Information Technology Specialist PBB, Office of the VP for Community Colleges, Manoa; #78250; closes 01/03/07; 808-956-4562

Institutional Support PBA (Pre-Award Specialist), Office of Research Services, Manoa; #77505T; temporary; closes 12/22/06; 808-956-9242

Institutional Support PBA (Administrative & Fiscal Support Specialist), UHM Coll of Educ, Manoa; #0077185T; temporary; closes 12/29/06; 808-956-9376

Institutional Support PBB (Fiscal Accounting Specialist), UHM SOEST , Manoa; #0081230T, Financial Mgmt Systems Office; temporary; closes 01/02/07; 808-956-8910

Institutional Support PBB (Admin Officer), Readvertisement, Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology, Coconut Island; #0078243T; temporary; 808-728-6520

Instructional & Student Support PBA (Operations Coord for Campus Ctr), UHM Student Affairs, Co-Curricular Act, Prog & Svcs; #0080631; closes 01/10/07; 808-956-4820

Physical Plant Management PBB (Residential Life Coord II [RLCII]), Student Housing Svcs, Manoa; #80597 & 80598 (2 posns); closes 12/28/06; 808-956-4011

Research Support PBA (Research Associate), UHM SOEST, Manoa; #0078309T, Geology and Geophysics; temporary; closes 12/29/06; 808-956-2561


Lecturer (Electrical Engineering),
UHM Engineering, Manoa; closes 12/22/06; 808-956-7586

For civil service positions (e.g., clerical,
security, maintenance, lab aids, etc.), please view: