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Notice #: 05526202



Community Noise Control
Variance Application No. V-435
(Docket No. 06-NR-VN-31)

Pursuant to Chapter 342F-5, subsection (h), Hawaii Revised Statutes, the Department seeks written comments from interested persons regarding the following variance application:

Board of Water Supply, 630 South Beretania Street, Honolulu, Hawaii, 96843, telephone 748-5710 has applied to the Department of Health for a variance from Hawaii Administrative Rules, Chapter 11-46, Section 11-46-6 (a), which states, “General Prohibition. Without a permit or variance issued pursuant to section 11-46-7 or 11-46-8, no person within the State shall operate, from any premises or land owned, rented, leased, occupied, or controlled by that person, any excessive noise source.”

The applicant proposes to install replacement water mains and appurtenances within the right-of-ways of Kamehameha Highway, Lokoea Place, and Anahulu Place in Haleiwa starting from 500 feet south of Helemano and ‘Opae‘ula Stream Bridges to 520 feet south of Achiu Lane, and from Amara Road to Lokoea Place. Improvements also include the removal of an existing 6-inch waterline on Anahulu Stream Bridge and installation of a new 8-inch waterline to be attached on the underside of the bridge.

Chapter 11-46 will not allow a noise permit to be issued during the requested hours, thus a variance is being requested from the noise limits until October 2007.

The Department of Health will retain and consider all written comments received not later than thirty (30) days after the date of this notice. If the comments received warrant it, the Department may hold a public hearing, after at least thirty (30) days public notice, on the variance application. The final decision will be made on the basis of the application, related documents, written comments and the public hearing, if any.

Written comments and requests for information or inspection of the variance application and related documents should be directed to: Noise, Radiation and Indoor Air Quality Branch, 591 Ala Moana Boulevard, Room 133, Honolulu, Hawaii 96813, telephone 586-4700. (SB05526202 12/4/06)