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Notice #: 05525954
Professional Providers


In accordance with Section 103D-304, Hawaii Revised Statutes, the Office of Hawaiian Affairs (OHA) is seeking the services of a qualified and experienced Real Estate acquisition, strategy, and analysis consultant to assist the OHA Administrator during fiscal year 2007. Professional candidates interested in being considered for selection are invited to submit their qualifications to include curricula vitae covering the principals and professional staff, to OHA. Other documentation should include the following information:

1. Description of previous real estate assignments for institutional clients that included development of asset allocation model(s) and investment selection and acquisition to assist the client in targeting and acquiring investment grade income producing real estate, etc,;

2. The names and phone numbers of up to five clients who may be contacted, including at least two for whom services were rendered during the past two years;

3. Any promotional or descriptive literature which the consultant desires to submit;

4. A range of professional fees, based upon hourly rates for different professionals when applicable; and

5. Any other information touching upon the consultant’s qualifications.

Those consultants who are interested and capable of providing the services required shall submit the above documentation to the Administrator, Office of Hawaiian Affairs, 711 Kapi‘olani Boulevard, Suite 500, Honolulu, Hawai`i 96813. All letters of interest and the above requested documentation must be received by OHA no later than noon (Hawai`i standard time) Thursday, November 30, 2006. Only those prospective individuals who respond by the deadline will be considered. Submittals transmitted by facsimile and e-mail will not be accepted. Any inquiry regarding this solicitation should be directed to Jonathan L. Scheuer, Director of Land Management, (808) 594-1946. (SB05525954 11/19/06)