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listings, visit website above. Appointments are full time unless otherwise specified and subject to funding and/or position clearance.
UH is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative
Action Institution


Assistant Dean of Student Services,
UHM, School of Travel Industry Management, Manoa; #89171; closes 11/06/06; 808-956-7166


Assistant Professor (Environmental/Occupational Health),
Public Health, Manoa; #82856; closes 01/15/07; 808-956-2702

Assistant Professor of Music (Musicology), UHM College of Arts & Humanities, Dept of Music, Manoa; #82752; continuous recruitment; 808-956-7795

Assistant Professor of Spanish Literature, UHM College of Languages, Linguistics & Literature, Manoa; #82536; closes 11/27/06; 808-956-4178

Assistant Professor of Voice, UHM College of Arts & Humanities, Dept of Music, Manoa; #82103T; continuous recruitment; 808-956-2175

Assistant Specialist, UHM C of Trop Agr & Human Res, Ctr on the Family, Manoa; #84477; continuous recruitment; 808-956-4140

Instructor CC (Counselor), Correction (change posn # from 86593), Kapiolani Community College, Arts & Sciences; #87603; closes 11/14/06; 808-734-9247

Instructor CC (Counselor),
Kapiolani CC, Holomua (Developmental Studies) Department; #82389; closes 11/14/06; 808-734-9450

Instructor CC (Outreach Counselor), Readvertisement, Kauai Community College; #74803; closes 11/15/06; 808-245-8372

Instructor CC (Developmental Math), Kapiolani CC, Holomua (Developmental Studies) Dept; #88032T; closes 11/14/06; 808-734-9450

Instructor CC (Information & Computer Science), Honolulu Community College; general funds, non-tenurial, #88024; closes 11/13/06; 808-845-9186

Instructor CC (Health Education, Non-Credit), Leeward Community College; #84704; closes 11/22/06; 808-455-0326

Instructor or Assistant Professor, Dept of Special Education, UHM College of Education, Manoa; #0082819T; temporary; continuous recruitment; 808-956-7956

Junior Specialist, UHM College of Education, Manoa; #82950T; temporary; closes 11/08/06; 808-956-4952

Junior Specialist in Special Education (Mentor Teacher), UHM College of Education, Manoa; #0085200T; continuous recruitment; 808-956-5598

Librarian II, UH Hilo, Hilo; #86513T; continuous recruitment; 808-933-8613, fax: 808-974-4106


Allied Health & Safety PBA (Health Insurance Coord),
Readvertised, Band A or B, UHM Student Affairs, Manoa; #78112T; temporary; closes 11/08/06; 808-956-8965

Information Technology Specialist (Java Application Developer), #81644, ITS-Manoa; closes 11/15/06. For complete quals & how to apply, visit

Information Technology Specialist PBB (Systems Administrator), UHM SOEST, Manoa; #0080402, Dept of Meteorology; closes 11/03/06; 808-956-8327

Institutional Support PBB (Budget Specialist), University Budget Office, Manoa; #80157; closes 11/15/06; 808-956-6071

Institutional Support PBB (Fiscal Accounting Specialist), Readvertisement, Financial Mgmt Office, Manoa; #77296; closes 11/15/06; 808-956-2279

Institutional Support PBB (Fiscal Accounting Specialist), Cancer Research Center, Ward Office; #80676; closes 11/13/06; 808-564-5978

Institutional Support PBB (Fiscal Accounting Specialist), Financial Management Office, Manoa; #81626; closes 11/15/06; 808-956-6295

Institutional Support PBB, UHM Sch of Ocean & Earth Sci & Tech, Coconut Island; #0078243T; temporary; closes 11/09/06; provides personnel & fiscal support for several projects contained w/in a UH & NOAA MOA; 808-728-6520

Instructional and Student Support PBA (Student Svcs Spec), UHM Coll of Arts & Hum, Dept of Music, Manoa; #78257T; temporary; closes 11/06/06; 808-956-7756

Media Design & Production PBA, Hawaii Community College, Hilo; #78075T; closes 11/21/06; 808-974-7486

Women\u2019s Head Volleyball Coach, UH Hilo, Hilo; #81636; closes 11/30/06; 808-974-7621, fax: 808-974-7711


Lecturers in Astronomy, Biochemistry, Biology, Chemistry, English-Writing, Hawaiian Studies, Mathematics, Pharmacology, Religion, Speech;
Leeward Community College; continuous recruitment; 808-455-0326

For civil service positions (e.g., clerical,
security, maintenance, lab aids, etc.), please view: