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Notice #: 05525538
Request for Proposals



The Hawaii Tourism Authority (HTA) is requesting proposals for the development of a Safety and Security Plan to assist in addressing the goal and objectives identified in the Hawaii Tourism Strategic Plan: 2005-2015 (TSP) for the “Safety and Security” initiative. (The TSP is available through the HTA website at The goal of this initiative is to “achieve a safe Hawaii visitor experience.” The Plan should focus on criminal activities, outdoor activities, and accidents and other medical emergencies that may affect the health, safety and welfare of Hawaii’s visitors. The tasks required to develop this plan include, but are not limited to:

€ developing a database and information on existing safety and security measures, initiatives, programs and resources for visitors in Hawaii;
€ identifying and describing potential examples of “best practices” of safety and security programs available globally;
€ identifying immediate needs and possible solutions impacting the health, safety, security, and welfare of Hawaii’s visitors;
€ identifying specific actions, projects, programs, activities or initiatives needed to address the objectives of the Safety and Security strategic initiative;
€ identifying any potential or existing programs or organizations which may be able to implement any of the specific actions, projects, programs, or activities identified;
€ estimating, forecasting, or determining the resources (financial and/or labor) needed to implement the recommended actions/projects; and,
€ prioritizing the recommended actions, projects, programs, or activities for implementation based on need.

Application and information packets are available through the HTA’s website at, or by calling the HTA office at (808) 973-2258. Final proposals must be submitted to the HTA by 4:30 p.m., Friday, December 8, 2006.
(SB05525538 11/5/06)