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Notice #: 05524863
State/City & County Jobs


to establish eligible lists for:

Continuous Recruitment Until Needs Are Met

* NOTE: Salaries effective as of 10/01/06

Geographic Information Systems
(GIS) Analyst $3954-$5628 per month
Grants Program Manager $4548-$6220 per month
Information Technology
Analyst I $3246-$4625 per month
Procurement and Specifications
Specialist I $2776 per month
Waterworks Inspector I $2702 per month
Waterworks Inspector II $3041 per month
Waterworks Inspector III $3288 per month
Legal Clerk I $2138 per month
Legal Clerk II $2314 per month
Legal Clerk III $2498 per month
Recycling Specialist I $3004 per month
Recycling Specialist II $3246 per month
Civil Engineer III $3512-$5002 per month
Civil Engineer IV $3954-$5628 per month
Civil Engineer V $4276-$6060 per month
Civil Engineer VI $4810-$6845 per month
Planner III $3246-$3801 per month
Planner IV $3512-$3954 per month
Planner V $3954-$4625 per month
Electrician $3407 per month
Radio Dispatcher I $2498 per month
Police Services Officer $3256 per month
Public Safety Worker $2601 per month

Applications and job announcements may be obtained at the Department of Personnel Services, 4444 Rice Street, Suite 140, Lihue, HI 96766, (808) 241-6595, Telecommunication Relay Service: 711, Video Relay Service: 877-467-4877; website: