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Notice #: 05524574
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The Judicial Selection Commission, State of Hawaii, announces that it is accepting the submission of names for an anticipated vacancy in the office of Chief Judge, Intermediate Court of Appeals, State of Hawaii. This ancitipated vacancy will occur upon the retirement of the current Chief Judge as mandated by the Constitution of the State of Hawaii, Article VI, section 3, which requires that state judges retire “upon attaining the age of seventy years.” Voters will decide in the November 7, 2006 election whether to amend the Hawaii Constitution by repealing the mandatory requirement age for state court judges. If the constitutional amendment passes, the existing Chief Judge will not need to retire and no vacancy will exist.

The names of qualified individuals may be submitted by an interested person, including an applicant for the judicial office referred to in this notice.

The Constitution provides that the Governor shall fill a vacancy in the Intermediate Court of Appeals by appointing a person from a list of not less than four nominees presented by the Commission. The Constitution requires that persons selected by the Commission be residents and citizens of the State of Hawaii and of the United States and have been licensed to practice law by the Hawaii Supreme Court for a period of not less than ten years preceding nomination. All names submitted to the Commission will be kept confidential by the Commission and should be delivered by mail to the following address not later than October 16, 2006.

Melvin Chiba, Chair
Judicial Selection Commission
State of Hawaii / 417 South King Street / Honolulu, HI 96813
(SB05524574 9/18, 9/20, 9/22/06)