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Notice #: 05524494
State/City & County Jobs

State of Hawaii
Department of Health

Ewa/Oahu $3,136/mo. & $3,393/mo.
($3,246/mo. & $3,512/mo. effective 10/1/06)

Responsible for statewide research & admin. support to develop/implement the Substance Abuse Monitoring Program; program monitoring/evaluation/resource allocation; needs assessment for substance abuse prevention & treatment (SAPT) svcs. in specific areas & populations; expansion & improvement of SAPT data collection/ management/ analysis; ensuring SAPT Block Grant reqs. are met.

Req. bachelor’s deg. in behav. science, public health or related major; 1-1/2 yrs. exp. in social work, public health or related field incl. knowledge relative to alcohol/drugs & community SAPT/rehab svcs. & programs; & valid driver’s license. For the IV level, also req. 1 yr. exp. incl. the ability to conduct studies/analyses of programs/projects through planning, coordination, development &/or evaluation of programs/activities relative to alcohol/drugs & SAPT/rehab. Appropriate substitutions allowed.

Apply via the Dept. of Human Resources Development online application system at Recruitment #s 206415 & 206407, continuous until needs are met. For program information, call (808) 692-7506.

An Equal Opportunity Employer