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Notice #: 05524355
Notices to Bidders


BID FORMS for IFB No. 07-035, with plans, Replace Secondary Switchgear, UHM, FY 00-01 will be available from and received in the OFFICE OF PROCUREMENT AND REAL PROPERTY MANAGEMENT (OPRPM), UNIVERSITY OF HAWAII, 1400 LOWER CAMPUS ROAD, ROOM 15, HONOLULU, HAWAII 96822.

Written notice of intention to bid is due in OPRPM by 4:30 p.m., September 18, 2006. Intention to bid via FAX (808) 956-2093 is acceptable.

Due to conditions at site that may not be clearly identified in technical specifications and plans, it is highly recommended that all bidders attend a pre-bid conference/job site walk-through at 9:00 a.m., September 7, 2006, at the Facilities Planning and Management Office Conference Room #1 (Physical Plant Building), 2002 East-West Road, Honolulu. Bidders must purchase a Gate Ticket ($3.00) and park at the most mauka area, next to fence at back of Physical Plant Shop Compound for this pre-bid conference. Attendees are to display the visitor parking ticket on their dashboard in plain view of parking guards.

Requests for Substitution/Clarification must be submitted to the Technical Representative, Dennis Kamite, no later than 4:00 p.m., September 14, 2006.

Bids must be submitted no later than 2:30 p.m., September 28, 2006.

The project shall generally consist of replacing the primary and secondary switchgear, transformers, switchboards, metering, and electrical equipment and wiring. The work shall take place during a ONE (1)-week period designated by the University and shall include protective device coordination study, tests, adjustments, reports, as-built drawings, instructions and maintenance manuals, complete.

To be eligible to bid, bidders must possess a valid State of Hawaii contractor\u2019s license C-13. BIDS FROM OUT-OF-STATE CONTRACTORS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.

Bids received after the due time and date(s) fixed above will not be considered.

Direct all questions concerning the project’s scope of work and/or project requirements to the Technical Representative, Dennis Kamite (808) 956-3754.

Direct all questions concerning the project’s procurement requirements to Ms. Suzanne Tanaka, (808) 956-8674.

David McClain
President, University of Hawaii
(SB05524355 8/31/06)