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UH is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative
Action Institution


Assistant Specialist,
Hawn Language Arts Curriculum Developer/Teacher Trainer, UHM Coll of Languages, Linguistics & Lit, Manoa; #87659T; temporary; closes 08/16/06; 808-956-3560

Associate/Full Professor (Director of Research), UHM Social Work, Manoa; #0085880; closes 09/29/06; 808-956-6300

Associate Professor, UHM College of Education, Manoa; #82144T, Center on Disability Studies; temporary; closes 08/16/06; 808-956-2653

Associate Specialist (Sea Grant Extension Leader), (S4), UHM Sea Grant, Manoa; #86334; closes 08/16/06; 808-956-7031

Instructor CC (Coordinator), Native Hawaiian Career & Technical Education Project, Honolulu Community College; #88011T; closes 08/22/06; 808-845-9236

Instructor CC (Nursing), Hawaii Community College, Hilo; #74809; continuous recruitment; 808-974-7560

Instructor of Women\u2019s Studies, UH Hilo, Hilo; #73286T; continuous recruitment; 808-974-7374, fax: 808-974-7737

Junior Specialist (Curriculum-Materials Developer), UHM College of Education, Manoa; #82678T, Center on Disability Studies; temporary; continuous recruitment; 808-956-3799

Junior Specialist (Training Tech Asst Specialist in Special Education), UHM Coll of Educ, Manoa; #85222T, Ctr on Disability Studies; temporary; continuous recruitment; 808-956-3799

Junior Specialist in Special Education, UHM College of Education, Manoa; temporary; continuous recruitment; 808-956-7956

Librarian II or III, Business, Humanities, Social Sciences Reference, UHM Library Serv, Manoa, #83657; continuous recruitment; 808-956-7207


Enterprise Operations PBA (Assistant Textbook Manager),
UHM Auxiliary Enterprises, Manoa; #80128; closes 08/11/06; 808-956-8282

Information Technology Specialist PBB, School of Nursing & Dental Hygiene, Manoa; #0081915T; temporary; closes 08/11/06; 808-956-5225

Institutional Support PBA (Personnel Officer), Hawaii Community College, Hilo; #77978T; closes 08/22/06; 808-974-7656

Institutional Support PBA (Administrative Assistant), UHM Student Affairs, Manoa; #0078160T; temporary; closes 08/16/06; 808-956-8965

Institutional Support PBA (Assistant to the Dean), UHM College of Business Administration, Manoa; #0078159T; temporary; closes 08/21/06; 808-956-8377

Institutional Support PBB (Readvertisement), Fiscal Accounting Specialist, Office of Research Services, Manoa; #0080195; closes 08/21/06; 808-956-8339

Instructional and Student Support PBA, UHM Sch of Med – Office of Medical Education, Kaka\u2019ako campus; #0077158T; temporary; closes 08/14/06; 808-692-0940

Public Information, Public Events Planning & Publications PBB (Theatre Manager), UH Hilo, Hilo; #81889T; closes 08/21/06; 808-974-7304, fax 808-974-7736

Research Support PBA (Research Associate), Public Health, Manoa; #77950T; temporary; closes 08/15/06; 808-956-2702


UHM College of Arts and Humanities – Dept of Art and Art History, Manoa; continuous recruitment; 808-956-8251

Postdoctoral Fellow, UHM Coll of Nat Sci – Botany, Manoa; temporary; continuous recruitment; 808-956-3929

For civil service positions (e.g., clerical,
security, maintenance, lab aids, etc.), please view: