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Notice #: 05523990
Professional Providers


The Auditor of the State of Hawaii, whose office is attached to the Legislature, is required by Act 8, Special Session Laws of Hawaii 2005, Act 210, Session Laws of Hawaii 2006, and Act 211, Session Laws of Hawaii 2006, to administer the Hawaii 2050 Task Force and to submit a sustainability plan to the 2008 Legislature.

Pursuant to Section 103D-304, HRS, of the Hawaii Public Procurement Code, the Auditor hereby invites firms and individuals to submit statements of qualifications and expressions of interest for the fiscal year 2006-2007 in order to be considered for possible inclusion on a list of firms qualified to provide the services described below.

The Hawaii 2050 Task Force submitted recommendations to the 2006 Legislature for the creation of a sustainability plan that is both research-based and reflective of community input. The Auditor anticipates needing the services of a qualified consultant to assist in the following categories of tasks: (1) the Auditor’s participation as a member of the task force; (2) support of the task force’s recommended activities with the help of the Office of Planning; and (3) drafting of the Hawaii 2050 sustainability plan.

Any contract award will be based on demonstrated competence and qualification for the types of services described above, and at fair and reasonable prices. Criteria for selection from the qualified list will include experience and professional qualifications of the staff to be assigned to the project, past performance on projects of similar scope, and capacity to accomplish the work in the required time.

Firms and individuals interested in providing these services should submit a letter of interest and a statement of qualifications to:

Marion M. Higa, State Auditor
Office of the Auditor
Kekuanaoa Building
465 South King Street, Room 500
Honolulu, Hawaii 96813

The Statement of Qualifications should include the following:

(1) The name of the firm or persons submitting the statement of qualifications;
(2) The age of the firm, its average number of employees over the past five years, and what, if any, specialty areas of practice the firm has;
(3) A description or narrative of the firm and statement of qualifications (education, experience, training, licenses, and credentials) of key members of the firm, including partners, principals, and staff members to be involved;
(4) The names and phone numbers of up to five clients who may be contacted, including at least two for whom services were rendered during the preceding year;
(5) Any promotional or descriptive literature that the firm desires to submit;
(6) A brief description of staff and facilities available to the firm, including secretarial and computer support;
(7) A list of similar projects undertaken and completed within the last five years (including dates), and the scope of work performed;
(8) The range of hourly rates charged by billable staff;
(9) Whether any member of the firm has any policy- making functions for or employment with a governmental entity;
(10) The Federal Employer Identification Number of the firm;
(11) Brief description of professional liability insurance coverage, if any;
(12) Any other pertinent data that should be considered for evaluation of qualifications.

Firms listed on the list of qualified firms may amend their statements of qualifications as necessary or appropriate. Firms shall immediately notify the State Auditor of any changes in information furnished which could disqualify the firm from being considered for a contract award.

The completed statement of qualifications and expression of interest must be received by the Office of the Auditor at the above address by August 24, 2006 at 4:30 p.m. (HST) or post-marked no later than that date. Submittals transmitted by facsimile will not be accepted. Any inquiry regarding this solicitation should be directed to Marion M. Higa at (808) 587-0800.

Marion M. Higa
State Auditor
State of Hawaii (SB05523990 8/3, 8/6/06)