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Notice #: 05523792
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NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN TO THE PERSONS IDENTIFIED HEREIN AND ALL OTHERS WHO MAY HAVE AN INTEREST that administrative forfeiture proceedings have been commenced against the property listed herein by the filing with the Attorney General of Petitions for Administrative Forfeiture pursuant to Chapter 712A, (Hawaii Omnibus Criminal Forfeiture Act), Hawaii Revised Statutes (“HRS”). The appearance of names of persons and business entities in this notice does not mean that they are criminal suspects; it only means that the state believes they may have an interest in the described property.

Property Seized: Springfield Armory Antique Gun W/Bayonet, Model 1898, SN: 306718 (Est. Value: $25.00); Antique Long Gun, SN: 72688 (Est. Value: $25.00); LA Company Antique Long Gun, 1864 (Est. Value: $25.00); Kenwood Car Stereo, SN: 10229712 (Est. Value: $10.00); Kenwood Car Stereo, SN: 20806886 (Est. Value: $10.00); Kenwood Car Stereo, SN: 30701157 (Est. Value: $10.00); Rampage Car Stereo, SN: ACD-83 (Est. Value: $10.00); Pioneer Car Stereo, SN: 004844 (Est. Value: $10.00); Blaupunkt Car Stereo, SN: RPD552 (Est. Value: $10.00); Sony Car Stereo, SN: 3636139 (Est. Value: $10.00); Graphic Equalizer, SN: 12940748 (Est. Value: $10.00); Supersonic Car Stereo, SN: SC-1520 (Est. Value: $10.00); Pioneer Car Stereo, SN: A1H1013689 (Est. Value: $10.00); Kenwood Car Stereo, SN: 90902515 (Est. Value: $10.00); Sansui Amplifier, SN: 636015433 (Est. Value: $10.00); Kicker Car Amplifier (Est. Value: $10.00); Bass Thrust Amplifier, MOD 44 (Est. Value: $10.00); Hexfet Super Bass 2-Channel 400 Watts, SN: 93050788 (Est. Value: $10.00); 214130 Power Logic Amplifier, SN: COA 360A2 (Est. Value: $10.00); Rockford Rosgate Car Amplifier (Est. Value: $10.00); Phoenix Digital Car Amplifier (Est. $10.00); Alpine Car Amplifier (Est. Value: $10.00); 682 DVD Video Player, SN: D090402021 (Est. Value: $20.00); Polaroid DVD Video Player 12057, SN: 0204000103 (Est. Value: $30.00); Urban Car Equalizer, SN: U95070129 (Est. Value: $10.00); Sharp Palm Pilot, SN; 4U028 (Est. Value: $50.00); Realistic Scanner, SN: 250457707 (Est. Value: $10.00); Sony Digital Handycam, SN: 84522 (Est. Value: $50.00); Jenoptik Camera, SN: 55203484 W/Blue & Black Case (Est. Value: $25.00); Kodak Digital Camera 224, SN: EKT946052 W/Blue & Black Case (Est. Value: $50.00); GPX Lantern TV Radio (Est. Value: $20.00); 2 Jensen Car Speakers (Est. Value: $10.00); Dewalt Cordless Drill W/Case (Est. Value: $50.00); Harry & David Backpack W/Dishes (Est. Value: $20.00); Irwin Drill Bit Set, SN: 53226 (Est. Value: $10.00); 2 Replica Toy Guns (Est. Value: $10.00); Uniden Bearcat Scanner, SN: 35004929 (Est. Value: $10.00); AKate Spade Purse, SN: AH7229385 (Est. Value: $10.00); Gun Scope (Est. Value: $30.00); Numerous Assorted Plastic Cards (Est. Value: $10.00); Canon Camera, SN: 12A207352 W/Green Bag (Est. Value: $50.00); Green Military Bullet Proof Vest (Est. Value: $10.00); Canon Photo Printer W/Box, SN: 7121401253 (Est. Value: $50.00); 3 Decorative Knives (Est. Value: $10.00); Ukulele W/Decorative Flowers & Black Case (Est. Value: $10.00); Cyclops Flashlight (Est. Value: $10.00); 5 Canoe Paddles (Est. Value: $100.00); 22 Commemorative Coins in Plastic Coffee Case (Est. Value: $83.75) (Aggregate Est. Value: $1,013.75)
Date of Seizure: 7/22/05; 9/7/05
Place of Seizure: 47-031 Okana Rd., Kaneohe, HI
Violation: 712-1242, 712-1243, 329-43.5 & 329-55, HRS

Property Seized: 1996 Chevrolet S-10 Truck, GEB-001, VIN: 1GCCS1941T8115618 (Est. Value: $1,000.00)
Date of Seizure: 12/12/05
Place of Seizure: Mahea St., Mililani, HI
Violation: 708-830, 708-831, 712-1243, 329-43.5 & 329-55, HRS

Property Seized: 1996 Toyota Corolla Sedan, MBV-154, VIN: JT2BB02E6T0110348 (Est. Value: $2,000.00)
Date of Seizure: 12/5/05; 12/29/05
Place of Seizure: Hoolehua St., Pearl City, HI
Violation: 707-720, HRS

Property Seized: 1995 Honda Civic Sedan, NBZ-525, VIN: JHMEG8645SS017960 (Est. Value: $2,000.00)
Date of Seizure: 12/21/05
Place of Seizure: Farrington Hwy., Nanakuli, HI
Violation: 708-830 & 708-831, HRS

Property Seized: 1996 Saturn Sedan, GGC-172, VIN: 1G8ZH528XTZ328584 (Est. Value: $3,000.00)
Date of Seizure: 12/25/05
Place of Seizure: Farrington Hwy., Makaha, HI
Violation: 708-830 & 708-836.5, HRS

Property Seized: $2,215.00 in U.S. Currency; 1995 Honda Van, GAS-626, VIN: JHMRA1846CS004524 (Est. Value: $2,000.00); HP Printer (Est. Value: $200.00); Craftsman Rechargeable 14.4 Volt Drill & Flashlight (Est. Value: $100.00); Acer LCD Monitor (Est. Value: $200.00); Sony Docking Station (Est. Value: $200.00); 2 Sony Speakers (Est. Value: $100.00); 2 JBL Speakers (Est. Value: $100.00); X-Box Game System W/Controllers (Est. Value: $150.00); Playstation Game System W/Controllers (Est. Value: $150.00); Compaq Wireless Mouse (Est. Value: $50.00); Sony PSP (Est. Value: $200.00); 13 Assorted Games & DVD’s (Est. Value: $500.00); Silver Ring W/Clear Stone (Est. Value: $5,000.00) (Aggregate Est. Value: $11,215.00)
Date of Seizure: 1/10/06
Place of Seizure: Honolulu Zoo parking lot, Hon., HI
Violation: 712-1241, 329-16(e) & 329-42, HRS

Property Seized: $145.77 in U.S. Currency
Date of Seizure: 1/2/06
Place of Seizure: Aala Park, Hon., HI
Violation: 712-1243, 329-43.5 & 329-55, HRS

Property Seized: 1989 Honda Sedan, HNJ-304, VIN: 1HGCA6264KA013279 (Est. Value: $1,000.00)
Date of Seizure: 12/1/05; 1/13/06
Place of Seizure: 98-429 Kaamilo St., Aiea, HI
Violation: 708-810, HRS

Property Seized: 1995 Dodge Laramie SLT Extended Truck, JXE-360, VIN: 3B7HC13Z6SM121027 (Est. Value: $4,500.00)
Date of Seizure: 1/19/06; 1/26/06
Place of Seizure: 85-1195 Keliikipi St., Waianae, HI
Violation: 712-1241, HRS

Property Seized: $4,942.00 in U.S. Currency; 1,793 Poker Chips (Est. Value: $1,793.30); 24 Poker Chip Trays (Est. Value: $24.00); 2 Large Chip Trays (Est. Value: $10.00); Card Shoe (Est. Value: $5.00); 90 Dice Multi-Colored (Est. Value: $10.00); White Tray (Est. Value: $1.00); Silver Bell (Est. Value: $5.00); Green Felt (Est. Value: $10.00); 2 Plastic Wafers (Est. Value: $2.00); 194 Decks Playing Cards (Est. Value: $194.00) (Aggregate Est. Value: $6,996.30)
Date of Seizure: 12/28/05
Place of Seizure: 1735 Kalakaua Ave., Hon., HI
Violation: 712-1223 & 712-1230, HRS

Property Seized: 1995 Toyota Previa Van, FXG-500, VIN: JT3AC12RXS1162636 (Est. Value: $2,000.00)
Date of Seizure: 1/29/06; 2/3/06
Place of Seizure: 700 Keeaumoku St., Hon., HI
Violation: 708-836.5, 708-8102, 708-891 & 708-894, HRS

Property Seized: 2003 Suzuki Sedan, NGF-286, VIN: JS2RC41H035207723 (Est. Value: $8,500.00); Assorted Car Parts, Tires, Rims & Accessories, Stereo Equipment, Musical Instruments, Sports Equipment, Tools, Computers & Accessories, Cameras & Accessories (Est. Value: $6,750.00) (Aggregate Est. Value: $15,250.00)
Date of Seizure: 12/2/05 & 1/13/06; 1/4/06
Place of Seizure: 92-1230 Palahia St., Kapolei, HI & Pearl City, HI.
Violation: 712-1241, HRS

Property Seized: $1,430.00 in U.S. Currency; Sony PSP Playstation W/Disc (Est. Value: $300.00); 3 Gold Men’s Necklaces (Est. Value: $1,500) (Aggregate Est. Value: $3,230.00)
Date of Seizure: 8/22/05
Place of Seizure: 99-231 Ohekani Lp., Aiea, HI
Violation: 712-1241, 329-41 & 329-55, HRS

Property Seized: $2,358.00 in U.S. Currency
Date of Seizure: 4/12/05; 1/26/06
Place of Seizure: 415 Nahua St., Rm. 612, Hon., HI
Violation: 712-1243, HRS

Property Seized: 1989 Nissan Truck, FWY-437, VIN: 1N6ND16S6KC392120 (Est. Value: $500.00)
Date of Seizure: 2/12/06
Place of Seizure: Hala Dr., Hon., HI
Violation: 708-840, HRS

Property Seized: 1986 Nissan Truck, NXF-600, VIN: JN6ND11SXGW042468 (Est. Value: $2,000.00)
Date of Seizure: 1/18/06
Place of Seizure: Kaalaea Rd., Kaneohe, HI
Violation: 708-830, 708-831 & 708-836.5, HRS

Property Seized: 1993 Honda Sedan, NSV-279, VIN: 1HGEG8552PL016425 (Est. Value: $10,000.00)
Date of Seizure: 1/27/06
Place of Seizure: 96-135 E Waiawa Rd., Pearl City, HI
Violation: 708-830, 708-831, 712-1243, 329-43.5 & 329-55, HRS

Property Seized: $4,071.00 in U.S. Currency
Date of Seizure: 2/10/06
Place of Seizure: 111 N. King St., Hon., HI
Violation: 712-1223 & 712-1230, HRS

Property Seized: $4,770.00 in U.S. Currency
Date of Seizure: 1/31/06
Place of Seizure: 1687 Kapiolani Blvd., Hon., HI
Violation: 712-1223 & 712-1230, HRS

Property Seized: 2000 Lexus GS-300 Sedan, NVW-725, VIN: JT8BD68S9Y0114563 (Est. Value: $18,000.00)
Date of Seizure: 2/22/06
Place of Seizure: Komo Mai Dr., Pearl City, HI
Violation: 134-6, 712-1243, 329-43.5 & 329-55, HRS

21. LISA JONES, aka Lisa Wendell & BUTCH BURKE
Property Seized: 1999 Dodge Truck, NYF-406, VIN: 1B7GG22Y8XS255244 (Est. Value: $7,000.00)
Date of Seizure: 1/6/06; 2/7/06
Place of Seizure: 1886 Kapiolani Blvd., Apt. C, Hon., HI
Violation: 708-810, 708-830, 708-831, 712-1243, 329-43.5 & 329-55, HRS

Property Seized: $2,393.50 in U.S. Currency; 1994 Honda Sedan, FET-353, VIN: JHMBB2250RC003661 (Est. Value: $3,000.00) (Aggregate Est. Value: $5,393.50)
Date of Seizure: 2/8/06
Place of Seizure: 94-125 Pahu St., No. 5, Waipahu, HI
Violation: 712-1243, 329-43.5 & 329-55, HRS

Property Seized: $14,223.78 in U.S. Currency; 1997 Dodge Van, GSD-844, VIN: 2B4FP2532VR448917 (Est. Value: $2,500.00); Gold Hawaiian Bracelet W/”Uilani” in Blue (Est. Value: $25.00); Gold Hawaiian Bracelet w/”Pamaika’ Ihealani” (Est. Value: $25.00); Gold Chain (Est. Value: $10.00); Gold Turtle Bracelet (Est. Value: $10.00); Gold Heart Pendant (Est. Value: $5.00); Black Ring W/Gold Chain & Black Pendant W/”D” Letter (tangled together) (Est. Value: $5.00); Gold Hawaiian Ring W/”Bryan Heidi” in Black (Est. Value: $10.00); Gold Hawaiian Ring (Est. Value: $10.00); Gold Ring (Est. Value: $10.00); Dell Ultra Sharp Computer (Est. Value: $50.00); Sylvania Video Camera & Monitor (Est. Value: $50.00); 1 Pair Kicker Speakers, SN: DS60 (Est. Value: $20.00); Samsung Portable DVD Player (Est. Value: $50.00); X-Box Game System W/Controls & Nintendo Controls (Est. Value: $50.00); Ryobi 14.4 Volt Drill W/Case (Est. Value: $50.00); Power Pack 400 Plus, SN: C12109582 (Est. Value: $20.00); Numerous Assorted DVDs & Games (Est. Value: $25.00); 3 DVD/CD Cases W/Assorted CDs & DVDs (Est. Value: $50.00); Chrome-Finished Speaker System Amplifier, 12VDC (Est. Value: $10.00); Craftsman Sawzall W/Blades & Black Canvas Bag (Est. Value: $50.00); Toshiba 15” Color TV, SN: 15DL15 (Est. Value: $200.00); 8 Assorted Cellular Phones (Est. Value: $20.00); 3 Assorted Pagers (Est. Value: $10.00); All Trade 5-Gallon Twin Tank Compressor W/Rubber Hose (Est. Value: $50.00); Callaway Big Bertha Golf Club (Est. Value: $100.00); Gray Speaker Box W/2 Speakers (Est. Value: $10.00); 9 Unknown Computer CPU & Keyboards (Est. Value: $20.00); 3 Paintball Guns (Est. Value: $50.00); 2 Unknown Digital Cameras (Est. Value: $100.00); 35MM Camera (Est. Value: $25.00); Video Camera (Est. Value: $50.00); 2 HP Laptop Computers (Est. Value: $200.00): Palm Pilot (Est. Value: $25.00); Audiovox 5” Monitor (Est. Value: $75.00); Panasonic Tape Recorder (Est. Value: $25.00); 2 Car Stereo Speakers (Est. Value: $25.00); Brown Bag W/Numerous Paintball Air Tanks (Est. Value: $10.00); PSP Game Systems in Black Zipper Case (Est. Value: $50.00); Sharp LCD Projector, Model No. PG-B10S W/Remote, SN: 407922907 (Est. Value: $200.00) (Aggregate Est. Value: $18,503.78)
Date of Seizure: 2/7/06
Place of Seizure: 45-571 #A Keaahala Rd., Kaneohe, HI
Violation: 712-1242, 712-1243, 329-43.5 & 329-55, HRS

Property Seized: $561.87 in U.S. Currency; RCA 25” Color TV (Est. Value: $25.00); Sony 20” Color TV (Est. Value: $25.00); JVC DVD Player (Est. Value: $25.00); AM/FM Cassette CD Player (Est. Value: $10.00); 1 Pair Panasonic Speakers (Est. Value: $10.00); Gold 20” Rope Chain W/”B” Pendant (Est. Value: $100.00) (Aggregate Est. Value: $756.87)
Date of Seizure: 2/17/06
Place of Seizure: 1915 Eluwene St., Hon., HI
Violation: 712-1243, 329-43.5 & 329-55, HRS

Property Seized: $721.00 in U.S. Currency
Date of Seizure: 2/23/06
Place of Seizure: Pauahi St., Hon., HI
Violation: 712-1242, HRS

Property Seized: $511.00 in U.S. Currency
Date of Seizure: 1/5/06; 3/13/06
Place of Seizure: Renton Rd., Ewa Beach, HI
Violation: 712-1243, 329-43.5 & 329-55, HRS

Property Seized: $1,492.00 in U.S. Currency; 116 Decks Playing Cards (Est. Value: $232.00); 94 Packs Cigarettes (Est. Value: $376.00) (Aggregate Est. Value: $2,100.00)
Date of Seizure: 2/22/06
Place of Seizure: 655 Keeaumoku St., Hon., HI
Violation: 712-1222, HRS

Property Seized: $332.00 in U.S. Currency; 1993 Honda Accord, NWA-198, VIN: 1HGCB7693PA107717 (Est. Value: $5,000.00); 1995 Sanyang Moped, SN: REGBS1AJ05SFT0903 (Est. Value: $1,000.00); Sharp LCD TV (Est. Value: $1,000.00) (Aggregate Est. Value: $7,332.00)
Date of Seizure: 2/16/06
Place of Seizure: 1750 Kalakaua Ave., #1501, Hon., HI
Violation: 712-1241, HRS

29. PETOLO TUNOA & QUI HE also known as Qin He
Property Seized: $4,724.00 in U.S. Currency; 361 Decks Bicycle Playing Cards (Est. Value: $722.00); 4 13” TV Monitors (Est. Value: $200.00); 1 Set Game Tiles (Est. Value: $50.00); 4 Chip Trays, Black (Est. Value: $8.00); Card Shoe (Est. Value: $20.00); 99 Packs Cigarettes (Est. Value: $99.00); 1,842 Poker Chips (Est. Value: $400.00); Table Felt (Est. Value: $1.00) (Aggregate Est. Value: $6,224.00)
Date of Seizure: 2/21/06
Place of Seizure: 655 Keeaumoku St., Hon., HI
Violation: 712-1222 & 712-1230, HRS

Property Seized: $2,390.00 in U.S. Currency; 2 24” Gold Rope Chain Necklaces (Est. Value: $2,000.00); 26” Gold Rope Chain Necklace (Est. Value: $1,000.00); 9” Link Bracelet (Est. Value: $100.00); 2 Assorted Pendants (Est. Value: $500.00); Gold Ring W/Green Stone (Est. Value: $100.00); Gold Ring W/Clear Stones (Est. Value: $200.00); Tag Heuer Women’s Watch (Est. Value: $300.00) (Aggregate Est. Value: $6,590.00)
Date of Seizure: 3/13/06
Place of Seizure: Hon., HI
Violation: 712-1241, HRS

Property Seized: $17,428,00 in U.S. Currency; 5 TV Monitors (Est. Value: $250.00); Combination TV & VCR (Est. Value: $50.00); DVD Player (Est. Value: $50.00); Door Buzzer (Est. Value: $20.00); Peep Hole (Est. Value: $20.00); 2 Power Strips (Est. Value: $20.00); 4 Surveillance Cameras (Est. Value: $200.00); 2 Intercoms (Est. Value: $40.00); Walkie-Talkie (Est. Value: $50.00); 2,247 Poker Chips (Est. Value: $500.00); 144 Packs of Cigarettes (Est. Value: $144.00); Card Shoe (Est. Value: $20.00); Game Tiles (Est. Value: $10.00); Green Table Felt (Est. Value: $10.00); 7 Chip Racks (Est. Value: $50.00); 214 Packs Playing Cards (Est. Value: $100.00) (Aggregate Est. Value: $18,962.00)
Date of Seizure: 3/2/06
Place of Seizure: 1735 Kalakaua Ave., Hon., HI
Violation: 712-1222 & 712-1230, HRS

32. DEBORAH JEAN IREBARIA, also known as Deborah Souza, HAYDEN Y. T. KAM & GORDON SILVA
Property Seized: $1,568.96 in U.S. Currency; 1993 Ford Aerostar Van, FXX-667, VIN: 1FMCA11U1PZB52405 (Est. Value: $500.00); Clear Stone Resembling a Diamond (Est. Value: $200.00); 2.5” x 2’ Kenmore Refrigerator, Brown (Est. Value: $25.00); 2’ x 2’ Kenmore Refrigerator (Est. Value: $10.00); Toshiba 13” Color TV (Est. Value: $10.00); Nintendo Game Cube W/Controller (Est. Value: $5.00); Apex Digital DVD Player (Est. Value: $10.00); Microsoft X-Box W/Controller (Est. Value: $20.00); Casio 2” Portable Color TV (Est. Value: $20.00); Coleman High Power Flashlight W/Charger (Est. Value; $5.00); Huskey 750 Watt Power Inverter (Est. Value: $20.00); Koss AM/FM/Cassette/CD Player (Est. Value: $20.00); Power 75 Amp Battery Charger (Est. Value: $20.00); Honda Gas/Electric Generator (Est. Value: $20.00); GPX AM/FM/CD/TV Player (Est. Value: $20.00); Coleman Portable LP Stove (Est. Value: $20.00) (Aggregate Est. Value: $2,493.96)
Date of Seizure: 2/27/06
Place of Seizure: 140 Puuhale Rd., Hon., HI
Violation: 712-1243, 329-43.5 & 329-55, HRS

Property Seized: $1,022.00 in U.S. Currency
Date of Seizure: 3/28/06
Place of Seizure: 201 Ohua St., #814, Hon., HI
Violation: 712-1241, HRS

Property Seized: $4,719.08 in U.S. Currency; 1993 Acura Integra Sedan, GTB-205, VIN: JH4DA9444PS020538 (Est. Value: $1,500.00); Black Draw-String Bag (Est. Value: $1.00); Gold Ring W/Clear Stone (Est. Value: $20.00); Silver Ring W/Black Accents (Est. Value: $20.00); Silver Ring W/Bird Head (Est. Value: $20.00); Gold Ring W/Amber Stone (Est. Value: $20.00); Gold Ring W/Multi Stones (Est. Value: $20.00); Silver Ring (Est. Value: $20.00); Smooth Silver Ring (Est. Value: $20.00); Gold & Black Ring W/3 Clusters (Est. Value: $20.00); Gold Ring (Est. Value: $20.00); Silver Ring W/Clear Stone (Est. Value: $50.00); Gold Earring W/Kanji (Est. Value: $20.00); Gold Picture Pendant (Est. Value: $10.00); Gold Religious Pendant (Est. Value: $10.00); Gold Crucifix (Est. Value: $10.00); Gold Earring (Est. Value: $10.00); Silver Earrings (Est. Value: $10.00); Gold Heart Pendant (Est. Value: $10.00); Gold Earring W/Playboy Pendant (Est. Value: $10.00); Gold Honu Earring (Est. Value: $10.00); Black Pearl Earring (Est. Value: $50.00); Gold Multi-Stone Earring (Est. Value: $10.00); Green Stone Frog Pendant (Est. Value: $10.00); 18” Gold Necklace (Est. Value: $20.00); 6” Gold Ankle Chain (Est. Value: $10.00); Gold Flower Earring (Est. Value: $10.00); Gold Flower Earring (Est. Value: $10.00); Gold & Black Earring (Est. Value: $10.00); 6” Gold Chain (Est. Value: $10.00); 6” Ankle Bracelet (Est. Value: $10.00); Gold Earring W/Pearl (Est. Value: $10.00); Gold Buddah Earring (Est. Value: $10.00); Gold Earring W/Clear & Red Stones (Est. Value: $10.00); Silver Earrings W/2 Balls (Est. Value: $10.00); 16” Silver Chain (Est. Value: $20.00); Gold Earring (Est. Value: $10.00); Silver Oval Shaped Ring (Est. Value: $5.00); Silver Ring W/3 Balls (Est. Value: $5.00); Silver Band Ring (Est. Value: $5.00); Silver Ring W/Green Stone (Est. Value: $5.00); Silver Leaf Ring (Est. Value: $5.00); Silver Ring W/Eagle (Est. Value: $5.00); Silver Ring W/Blue Stones (Est. Value: $5.00); Gold Cone-Shaped Ring W/Multi Stones (Est. Value: $5.00); Gold Ring W/Green & Red Stones (Est. Value: $20.00); Bronze Toe Ring (Est. Value: $2.00); Silver U.S.C.G. Pendant (Est. Value: $5.00); Gold Kanji Pendant (Est. Value: $10.00); Gold “Texas” Pendant (Est. Value: $10.00); Gold Tear Drop Earring (Est. Value: $20.00); Silver Oval Pendant W/Green Stone (Est. Value: $10.00); Gold Tear Drop Pendant W/White & Brown Stone (Est. Value: $20.00); Silver Bracelet W/Colored Stones (Est. Value: $10.00); Gold Anne Klein Watch (Est. Value: $10.00); Silver & Gold Gucci Watch (Est. Value: $10.00); Vincence Watch W/Black Band (Est. Value: $5.00); Silver Necklace (Est. Value: $5.00); Gold Necklace (Est. Value: $10.00); Gold Necklace W/Floral Pendant (Est. Value: $20.00); Brown & Black Nine West Handbag (Est. Value: $2.00); Curtis Mathis Tranice TV (Est. Value: $50.00); X-Box Game W/Controller (Est. Value: $25.00); Panasonic 5-Disc Sound System W/5 Speakers (Est. Value: $75.00); Canon Power Shot Digital Camera (Est. Value: $50.00); Victor Digital Video Camera (Est. Value: $50.00); Polaroid 7” DVD Player (Est. Value: $50.00) (Aggregate Est. Value: $7,279.08)
Date of Seizure: 3/11/06; 3/31/06
Place of Seizure: 766 Puuhale Rd., #766, Hon., HI; 3253 N. Nimitz Hwy., Rm. 109, Hon., HI
Violation: 712-1241, 712-1243, 329-43.5 & 329-55, HRS

Property Seized: 1994 Dodge Truck, NXP-733, VIN: 1B7GG23Y1RS649587 (Est. Value: $2,000.00)
Date of Seizure: 3/24/06; 4/7/06
Place of Seizure: Kaonohi St., Aiea, HI
Violation: 705-500, 708-830 & 708-831, HRS

36. LANCE ANTHONY, JOE LEE, dba Joe Lee’s Auto Sales, Inc.
Property Seized: 2000 Chevrolet Sedan, NXU-754, VIN: 2G1WF52E1Y9182915 (Est. Value: $8,000.00)
Date of Seizure: 1/1/06; 3/28/06
Place of Seizure: Kalia Rd., Hon., HI
Violation: 134-6, HRS

Property Seized: $263.00 in U.S. Currency
Date of Seizure: 4/7/06
Place of Seizure: College Walk, Hon., HI
Violation: 712-1243, HRS

Property Seized: 1998 Jeep MPVH, JPR-053, VIN: 1J4FJ28S5WL258444 (Est. Value: $3,000.00)
Date of Seizure: 1/30/06; 3/30/06
Place of Seizure: Hon., HI
Violation: 712-1242, 329-16(e), 329-41 & 329-55, HRS

Property Seized: 1993 Mazda 323 Sedan, FSF-115, VIN: JM1BG2329P0624824 (Est. Value: $2,000.00)
Date of Seizure: 4/7/06
Place of Seizure: Holowai St., Kaneohe, HI
Violation: 712-1243, 329-43.5 & 329-55, HRS

Property Seized: 1999 Jeep Cherokee SUV, JYC-026, VIN: 1J4FF68S4XL591373 (Est. Value: $1,500.00)
Date of Seizure: 3/3/06; 4/11/06
Place of Seizure: 51-484 Kamehameha Hwy., Kaawa, HI
Violation: 705-500, 708-830, 708-831 & 708-836.5, HRS

41. JUVENILE MALE (DOB: 10/5/88)
Property Seized: $799.00 in U.S. Currency
Date of Seizure: 4/29/06
Place of Seizure: Koaha Pl., Aiea, HI
Violation: 712-1243, HRS

Property Seized: 1989 Honda Sedan, JSY-429, VIN: JHMCA5642KC076885 (Est. Value: $500.00)
Date of Seizure: 2/28/06; 4/11/06
Place of Seizure: Kaaumana Pl., Waimanalo, HI
Violation: 712-1243, 329-43.5 & 329-55, HRS

Property Seized: $505.41 in U.S. Currency
Date of Seizure: 5/3/06
Place of Seizure: N. Pauahi St., Hon., HI
Violation: 712-1243, HRS

Property Seized: $2,763.19 in U.S. Currency; 1999 Kia Sportage, 168-TSE, VIN: KNDJB6232X5589543 (Est. Value: $5,500.00); Bulova Men’s Watch (Est. Value: $1,000.00); 2 Women’s Sapphire Rings (Est. Value: $2,000.00); 1 Pair Diamond & Sapphire Earrings (Est. Value: $1,000.00); Diamond & Sapphire Bracelet (Est. Value: $1,000.00); Chain Necklace W/Diamond & Sapphire Pendant (Est. Value: $1,000.00); 1 Pair Diamond Earrings (Est. Value: $1,000.00) (Aggregate Est. Value: $15,263.17)
Date of Seizure: 4/28/06 & 5/5/06
Place of Seizure: Hon., HI
Violation: 708-830, 708-830.5, 708-831, 708A-2, 708A-3, 843-1, 843-2 & 843-3, HRS

Property Seized: Sony Playstation W/2 Controllers, Power cord, DVD Remote Control & TV Adapter, SN: PT620104775 (Est. Value: $228.00); Radio Shack Talking E-Chess Portable Game, SN: 60-2846 (Est. Value: $29.99); Kicker Power Amplifier (Est. Value: $45.00); JL Audio Speaker Box (Est. Value: $40.00); Gemini VII 4-Channel 200 Watts Hifonics Amplifier, SN: GE 100842 (Est. Value: $25.00); Optimus STAV-3160 Digital Synthesizer A/V Receiver, SN: 1905784 (Est. Value: $45.00); Sylvania Weatherproof Video Security Camera, SN: SY1009 (Est. Value: $15.00); Aiwa Remote Control Unit (Est. Value: $3.00); Blaupunkt Digital Equalizer, SN: BP9654X5814596 (Est. Value: $35.00); Black Backpack (Est. Value: $11.00); Eastsport Backpack, Black/Brown (Est. Value: $16.00); Bushnell 8×23 Binoculars, SN: 13-8283 (Est. Value: $25.00); Central Pneumatk Jitterbug Sander, SN: 406 (Est. Value: $15.00); Goldbeam 5” Portable B/W TV W/AM/FM Radio, SN: 70626534 (Est. Value: $15.00); Power Tool In Black Canvas Bag (Est. Value: $5.00); Eastsport Backpack, Blue/Black (Est. Value: $10.00); Bill Blass Bag, Black/Yellow (Est. Value: $8.00); 2 Mag Lug Nuts W/Washers (Est. Value: $7.00); 1 Pair Kenwood 160-Watt Car Speakers, SN: KFC-1677 (Est. Value: $25.00); Louis Vuitton Wallet, Brown (Est. Value: $23.00); 13 Playstation 2 Video Games (Est. Value: $195.00); Case Logic Hard Case CD Holder (Est. Value: $6.00); 15 Assorted CD (Est. Value: $195.00); 18 Assorted DVD Movies (Est. Value: $234.00); 7 Hawaii\u2019s Favorites Karaoke CD (Est. Value: $105.00); IBM AC Adapter Cord (Est. Value: $2.00); 2 Oxycise Videotapes (Est. Value: $16.00); Stanley 16-Foot Leverlock Tape Measure, SN: 30-516 (Est. Value: $10.00); 1 Pair Optimus XTS 8 30 Watts Speakers (Est. Value: $2 0.00); Weiser Lock Powerbolt-1000 Home Access, SN: 70-006983-001 (Est. Value: $40.00); Bazooka EL Series Speaker, Gray (Est. Value: $25.00); Pioneer GH-H50 Bridgeable Power Amplifier) SN: LA 02951 (Est. Value: $40.00); SKE Pro Series 12 0WXl20W Car Amplifier Est. Value: $20.00); Emerson Four Head VHS Recorder, SN: 8AC01114 (Est. Value: $20.00); 1 Pair Sketchers Athletic Shoes, Size 9, Black (Est. Value: $30.00); Kenwood Power Amplifier, SN: 91200365 (Est. Value: $20.00); 3A Racing Performance Muffler (New)(Est. Value: $80.00); Airgo Razer Air-Powered Launch Vehicle (Est. Value: $110.00); XBOX Video Game System, SN: 500301521 902 (Est. Value: $200.00); Polk Audio Car Stereo (Est. Value: $20.00); JL Audio Car Speaker (Est. Value: $15.00); MTX Blue Thunder Sub Woofer Car Speaker (Est. Value: $15.00); Tommy American Traveller Parfume Set (Est. Value: $100.00); Harmony Wireless Duo Microphone W/User Guide, Songbook (Est. Value: $25.00); Nokia Cellular Phone (Est. Value: $10.00); Rayban Sunglasses In Black Case (Est. Value: $50.00); Handspring Visor PDA (Est. Value: $50.00); Playstation 2 Adapter, SN: 8-2-2000 (Est. Value: $5.00); Radio Shack 5-Channel 7-Band Equalizer, SN: 12-2 025 (Est. Value: $15.00); Nikon One Touch 100 35MM Camera, SN: 8154362 (Est. Value: $35.00); Kenwood 4-Channel Power Amplifier SN: 80400217 (Est. Value: $25.00); Xtreme Sound CD Changer (Est. Value: $10.00); Sushi Set (Est. Value: $50.00); Ralph Lauren Romance Men\u2019s Parfume Set (Est. Value: $77.50); 18” Bristle Dartboard (Est. Value: $20.00); Extrme 4-Gallon 150 PSI Contractor Compressor, SN: Lll/11/02-00605 (Est. Value: $240.00); Alpine 200-Watt Speaker Box, Black (Est. Value: $35.00); 8 XPC & GTI Golf Clubs (Est. Value: $200.00); Car Stereo Speaker Box (Est. Value: $40.00); Craftsman Gasoline Chain Saw In Carrying Case, SN: 98231D300231 (Est. Value: $75.00); Instant Powerline Etherfast 10/100 Bridge (Est. Value: $20.00); Silver Muffler (Est. Value: $40.00); Silver Muffler W/Yellow End (Est. Value: $40.00); 4 Silver Rim Covers (Est. Value: $32.00); Power-TGO 300 Watt Power Inverter (Est. Value: $25.00); Radio Shack Dual Runking 1000 Channels Scanner, SN: 16003438 (Est. Value: $15.00); Hewlett Packard Omnibook 300 Computer (Est. Value: $250.00); Santa Cruz Backpack, Gray, Black & White (Est. Value: $35.00); Eclipse Car Stereo, SN: A0700005 (Est. Value: $20.00); Jansport Backpack, Black (Est. Value: $15.00); 3 Fanny Packs, Black (Est. Value: $3.00); Cigarette Lighter Adapter Cellular Phone Charger (Est. Value: $1.00); 5 Assorted Hallmark Greeting Cards (Est. Value: $5.00); Sprint Dual Band Flip Top Cellular Phone (Est. Value: $15.00); Electric Shaver (Est. Value: $1.00); Cooltech Golf Hand-Carry Cooler (Est. Value: $12.00); Bushnell 10×25 Binoculars W/Case (Est. Value: $2 0.00); Zire Palm Pilot (Est. Value: $100.00); Olympus Stylus 140 Zoom 35MM Camera (Est. Value: $80.00); Palm VX Palm Pilot W/Case (Est. Value: $75.00); Innovative Technology Silver Eyeglass Case (Est. Value: $2.00); Swiss Army Knife (Est. Value: $20.00); Callaway Golf Glove, Left Handed (Est. Value: $5.00); Microsoft Cordless Mouse (Est. Value: $1.00); Microsoft Mouse W/Cord (Est. Value: $1.00); Radio Shack Brand Florescent Light (Est. Value: $5.00); S.S.F Bubble Gum Dispenser (Est. Value: $10.00); Pleasant Holiday Vinyl Bag, Blue (Est. Value: $5.00); Sega Game Gear Portable Video Game System, SN: 140012076 (Est. Value: $30.00); Pioneer Premier Car Audio Stereo (Est. Value: $25.00); Rolodex Hand Held Organizer (Est. Value: $20.00); 3 Hogan Medallion Golf Club Covers (Est. Value: $30.00); Panasonic Headphones (Est. Value: $5.00); Panasonic XBS Stereo Radio Cassette Player (Est. Value: $20.00); 3 Cellular Phones, Motorola, Nextel-Cingular & Verizon (Est. Value: $60.00); Motorola Power Cord (Est. Value: $2.00); Radio Shack Power Unit (Est. Value: $5.00); Viacom Thryister Camera Flash (Est. Value: $15.00); Kenwood 110 Watt Car Stereo (Est. Value: $25.00); 2 CD Projects CD Cases (Est. Value: $22.00); 195 Assorted CD (Est. Value: $1,755.00); 55 Rancher Husquvarna Chain Saw (Est. Value: $100.00); JL Audio Speaker Box (Est. Value: $40.00); Caselogic CD Holder, Black (Est. Value: $8.00); 12 Assorted CD (Est. Value: $108.00); Fellowes CD Holder (Est. Value: $8.00); 25 Assorted CD (Est. Value: $225.00); Sprint CD Case Holder, Red (Est. Value: $5.00); 11 Assorted CD (Est. Value: $99.00); 6 Assorted Playstation CD Games (Est. Value: $120.00); 4 Assorted DVD Movies (Est. Value: $80.00); 5 Assorted CD (Est. Value: $50.00); In/Out VCR Video Connector Cable ($5.00); Cokin Cromofilter Camera Lens (Est. Value: $9.25); Canon Camera Case (Est. Value: $5.00); Verizon Cellular Phone (Est. Value: $5.00); Zenit Black Vinyl Zippered Bag (Est. Value: $5.00); Logitech Cordless Mouse Receiver (Est. Value: $5.00); 4 Heavy-Duty Truck Shocks (Est. Value: $400.00); Sprayit Wob-L Piston Compressor (Est. Value: $75.00); Alpine 6.5” 30 Watt Car Speaker (Est. Value: $10.00); Japanese Carburetor (Est. Value; $5.00); Ralph Lauren Black Leather Case (Est. Value: $10.00); Tumi Black Leather Billfold Wallet (Est. Value: $10.00); Sprint PCS Touch Point Cellular Phone (Est. Value: $10.00); Specwell Black Monocular Eyepiece In Black Carrying Case (Est. Value: $5.00); 3 Black Darts W/Gold Flights & Black Case (Est. Value: $5.00); Black Hard Case W/3 Plastic Tip Darts W/Purple Flights (Est. Value: $5.00); Panasonic Cellular Phone (Est. Value: $5.00); 2 Earpieces (Est. Value: $5.00); Sony Playstation Controller (Est. Value: $5.00); Tengu Bag, Clear W/Red Trim (Est. Value: $5.00); Black Fanny Pack (Est. Value: $2.00); Logitech Mouse, Black/Gray (Est. Value: $2.00); Playstation Logitech Socom Game Headset (Est. Value: $5.00); Black Power Adapter Cord (Est. Value: $3.00); Radio Shack Brand Stereo Amplifier Listener (Est. Value: $3.00); Radio Shack Game Cord (Est. Value: $5.00); Case Logic CD Holder (Est. Value: $5.00); 47 Assorted CD (Est. Value: $423.00); Flowbee Pet Groomer (Est. Value: $5.00); 4 Female Jackets In Clear Plastic Bags (Est. Value: $50.00); Crate 150-Watt Speaker Enclosure, SN: GC2-0315 (Est. Value: $25.00); DD Speaker Box, Gray (Est. Value: $35.00); Dell Computer Monitor, SN: MYO881UM4760316EBPN4 (Est. Value: $10.00); JBL GT Series Subwoofer Speaker Box (Est. Value: $35.00); JL Audio Pro Wedge Speaker Box (Est. Value: $45.00); Panasonic SC-DK20 DVD Stereo System (Est. Value: $200.00); JVC Compact Component System HX-Z1, SN: 087N2882 (Est. Value: $50.00); JVC Twin Hper Power-Drive Subwoofer Speaker, SN: 087l5244 (Est. Value: $15.00); Bose Direct/Reflecting Speakers (Est. Value: $120.00); Gibson Epiphone Elkectric Guitar W/Black Case & Accessories, SN: C197118108 (Est. Value: $200.00); Audiovox VHS System, SN: 73A05583 (Est. Value: $5.00); Dolby Audio/Video Control Center, SN: 8812466 (Est. Value: $35.00); Pro 2 Karaoke Stereo Mixer (Est. Value: $30.00); Bose Lifestyle Music System, SN: 610090038 (Est. Value: $200.00); Toshiba DVD Stereo Player, SN: 72CM100917 (Est. Value: $40.00); Memorex Progressive Scan DVD Player (Est. Value: $55.00); JVC 5-Disc CD Player, SN: 083C3960 (Est. Value: $30.00); RCS Digital Video Disc Player, SN: C227N3525 (Est. Value: $40.00); Go Vision DVD Travel Theater W/Carrying Case (Est. Value: $45.00); 5700 Skilsaw, Red/Black (Est. Value: $40.00); Dell Color Monitor (Est. Value: $20.00); Jenson Amplifier (Est. Value: $30.00); Sony Vaio Computer, SN: 3003804 (Est. Value: $500.00); Sony Video Camera Recorder W/In/Out TV Cables & A/C Adapter In Black Hard Case, SN: 63 091 (Est. Value: $300.00); Nikon Nicetouch Zoom 35MM Camera W/Black Carrying Case (Est. Value: $40.00); Epson Stylus Printer/Fax Machine, SN: EP3E159243 (Est. Value: $40.00); Sure Shot Aerosol Sprayer (Est. Value: $10.00); Craftsman 100-Piece Mechanics Tool Set Case W/39 Assorted Hand Tools (Est. Value: $5.00); Epson Stylus 670 Color Printer, SN: CA7E118803 (Est. Value: $10.00); Adesso Personal Computer Keyboard, SN: 5005956 (Est. Value: $5.00); Rockford Fosgate Punch 3 60 Amplifier (Est. Value: $25.00); Rockford Fosgate Punch 200 Amplifier (Est. Value: $25.00); Alpine CD Receiver (Est. Value: $40.00); Trailmaker Backpack, Blue/Black (Est. Value: $10.00); Ukulele (Est. Value: $20.00); Que External CDRW (Est. Value: $25.00); JVC Digital Video Cameras, SN: 13442683 (Est. Value: $50.00); Envision Color Monitor, SN: C3DN21B624892 (Est. Value: $10.00); Motorola Nextel I550 Plus Cellular Phone, SN: 831UBN1KF7 (Est. Value: $5.00); Wahl Trim\u2019n Vac Vacuuming Beard & Mustache Trimmer (Est. Value: $20.00); Samsung 8MM Camcorder, SN: 67BT830924A (Est. Value: $125.00); Audiovox 5” LCD Monitor & Video Cassette Player Combination (Est. Value: $50.00); Versalite 1.5 Million Candle Power Flashlight (Est. Value: $25.00); Camcorder Carrying Case, Black W/Brown Trim (Est. Value: $5.00); Nikon Fun-Touch 5 29MM Camera (Est. Value: $15.00); Samsung Maxima Zoom 90GL Camera (Est. Value: $15.00); Bostitch Nail Gun (Est. Value: $40.00); Mohawk Carrying Case, Black W/Brown Trim (Est. Value: $13.00); Sears Craftsman Brandelectric High Pressure Sprayer, SN: 024034 (Est. Value: $25.00); Dell Latitude Laptop Computer W/Dell Docking Station (Est. Value: $700.00); 50 Assorted CD (Est. Value: $250.00); Samsung Flat Screen Computer Monitor, SN: GH17HMFW314556T (Est. Value: $200.00); Macintosh G3 Series Powerbook, SN: CK8290WSCHW (Est. Value: $500.00); Sony Vaio Notebook Computer (Est. Value: $500.00); Macintosh G3 Series Lithium Battery, SN: EW828ACTAXW (Est. Value: $40.00); Macintosh G3 Series2OX CD-Rom Module, SN: PA8254PSBB2A (Est. Value: $35.00); Laptop Carrying Case, Black (Est. Value: $5.00); VSP Zip 100 Drive, SN: 911445347 (Est. Value: $25.00); 1 Pair Jordon Pure Low Basketball Shoes, Red & White (Est. Value: $100,00); Power Amplifier, SN: 01061774 (Est. Value: $40.00); L2PS-NA Black Flat Screen Monitor, SN: 1ZEG04400470 (Est. Value: $25.00); Yashica Zoom 35MM Camera (Est. Value: $30.00); Sony VCR W/Accessories, SN: 1006166 (Est. Value: $300.00); Case Logic Black Leather DVD/CD Case (Est. Value: $10.00); 75 Assorted CD & DVD Movies (Est. Value: $750.00); Doci Black Vinyl Laptop Carrying Case (Est. Value: $15.00); Sharp Notebook Computer, SN: 4A11191z (Est. Value: $400.00); Intronix Laptop Computer (Est. Value: $300.00); Dewalt 1.5” Cordless Adjustable Clutch Hammerdrill, SN: 67100 (Est. Value: $50.00); Dewalt Variable Speed Reciprocating Saw, SN: 24733200207e (Est. Value: $50.00); Ricoh XR-10M Camera W/Sears Auto Zoom Attached Lens (Est. Value: $200.00); View Camera Case, Black (Est. Value: $5.00); Bushnell Bicoulars, Olive & Black, W/Black Carrying Case (Est. Value: $30.00); Korg Chromatic Tuner CA-30 (Est. Value: $40.00); Albert Kobayashi Bag (Est. Value: $5.00); Airsoft 24-Caliber Plastic & Aluminum Gun, SN: A279140 (Est. Value: $10.00); Gokorfr System Under-water Camera (Est. Value: $50.00); JVC CD Receiver, SN: 116Q6420 (Est. Value: $20.00); Sony AM/FM CD Player (Est. Value: $20.00); Alpine Flex 2 Power Amplifier, SN: R00533080 (Est. Value: $35.00); Harmony Microphone (Est. Value: $5.00); Music Box, Brown (Est. Value: $5.00); Apple Portable Power Adapter (Est. Value: $10.00); Surveillance Camera W/Connections (Est. Value: $10.00); Quiksilver Backpack, Gray & Black (Est. Value: $20.00); Eclipse Car Stereo, SN: A4602648 (Est. Value: $30.00); JVC CD Receiver, SN: 06724068 (Est. Value: $30.00); Jenson CD Receiver/MP3 Player, SN: NS0112004115 (Est. Value: $50.00); Gap Backpack, Black (Est. Value: $25.00); Sanyo Large Screen TV (Est. Value: $25.00); Samsung Video Camera Recorder, SN: D7CJA06194R (Est. Value: $150.00); Hi-Pro Bag, Black (Est. Value: $10,00); Sharp Camcorder, SN: UO08835730 (Est. Value: $100.00); Samsonite Carrying Case, Black (Est. Value: $5.00); Yashica MG-1 Camera W/Covering Case (Est. Value: $40.00); Quaser Palmcorder, 2 VHS-C Tapes & Mainstay Carrying Bag, SN: H21C19404 (Est. Value: $200.00); Alpine Remote Control Unit (Est. Value: $10.00); Quest Battery Charger W/4 Quest Batteries (Est. Value: $15.00); Air Canada Rollaway Luggage, Green (Est. Value: $25.00); Compaq Presario Laptop Computer, SN: 1V07FL47KB4C (Est. Value: $200.00); Minolta Maxxum Camera W/Zoom Lens Attachment, SN: 98414292 (Est. Value: $150.00); Fujifilm Instant Camera (Est. Value: $50.00); Tamrac Carrying Case, Black (Est. Value: $5.00); Makita Hard Case W/14.4 Volt Charger & Blue Charger (Est. Value: $25.00); Black Leather Camera Bag (Est. Value: $5.00); Sony Cybershot Digital Still Camera In Black Canon Case, SN: 79290 (Est. Value: $120.00); Fujifilm Finepix Digital Camera W/Canon Power Shot Case (Est. Value: $150.00); Color Gameboy W/Tetris Game (Est. Value: $45.00); Fujifilm X-1700 Digital Zoom Camera (Est. Value: $50.00); Minolta UCII 6×16 Binoculars W/Neoprene Carrying Case (Est. Value: $30.00); Dce Lite Flashlight (Est. Value: $10.00); Bushnell 10×25 Binoculars, Black (Est. Value: $25.00); Samsung T-Mobile Cellular Phone (Est. Value: $5.00); Billabong Backpack, Black/Blue (Est. Value: $20.00); Olympus Camedia Digital Camera C-400L (Est. Value: $35.00); Kenwood Power Amplifier, SN: 00202935 (Est. Value: $35.00); Umbrella, Black (Est. Value: $5.00); Garmin GPS 12 XL Personal Navigator W/Black Canvas Carrying Case, SN: 35323604 (Est. Value: $25.00); Blue Vinyl Bag (Est. Value: $5.00); Craftsman 3/8 Drill/Driver, SN: G0234 (Est. Value: $30.00); Craftsman 22.4 Volt Cordless Screwdriver (Est. Value: $3 0.00); Craftsman 19.2 Volt Battery W/Craftsman Battery Charger (Est. Value: $40.00); Craftsman Tool Bag, Black (Est. Value: $10.00); Voicestream Nokia Cellular Phone (Est. Value: $5.00); Motorola I60C Flip Phone (Est. Value: $5.00); Kenwood Car Stereo (Est. Value: $20.00); Sure Fire Flashlight W/Black Carrying Case (Est. Value: $20.00); Philips 9 500 Series Palm Pilot W/Pelican Carrying Case (Est. Value: $50.00); GBC CCTV Surveillance Camera (Est. Value: $25.00); Blowfish Camelback Backpack, Brown (Est. Value: $20.00); Sony Removable Car Stereo Faceplate (Est. Value: $20.00); Sony AM/FM CD Player, SN: 3604003 (Est. Value: $5.00); Black Leather Bag (Est. Value: $5.00); Revo Psion Miniature Computer (Est. Value: $20.00); Louis Vuitton Women’s Wallet (Est. Value: $20.00); Buck Knife (Est. Value: $5.00); JWIN Digital Alarm Clock Radio (Est. Value: $5.00); Dynamic Black Microphone (Est. Value: $5.00); 2 Playstation CD Games (Est. Value: $60.00); Sony Vaio Computer Keyboard (Est. Value: $5.00); Creative Labs Sound Blaster, SN: MSB0290310012062 (Est. Value: $10.00); Triple Five NVC Soul Backpack, Gray/Black (Est. Value: $15.00); Panasonic Cellular Phone W/Accessories (Est. Value: $10.00); Creative Labs Speaker Box, SN: SM01352211 (Est. Value: $10.00); Motorola Modem, SN: 48680425 (Est. Value: $10.00); Proxima Power Point Projector W/Black Vinyl Case (Est. Value: $50.00); Creative Labs Small Speaker Box (Est. Value: $20.00); Sony Vaio Infrared Receiver (Est. Value: $10.00); Radio Shack Surveillance System (Est. Value: $20.00); Zenith Video Recorder, SN: 94063699 (Est. Value: $20.00); Sight Instruments Microscope (Est. Value: $25.00); Carved Oriental Wooden Chest (Est. Value: $30.00); Class A Computing Device W/UHM CIS In Black/Orange W/Black Leather Case, SN: 160398 (Est. Value: $100.00); Iomega CD-RW Drive, SN: 4DAC0201BN (Est. Value: $40.00); Fujitsu Floppy Adapter Unit (Est. Value: $20.00); Haking 7×50 Binoculars, Black, W/Carrying Case (Est. Value: $25.00); Sony Digital Mavica Still Camera W/Black Case Logic Carrying Case, SN: 170260 (Est. Value: $50.00); IBM Removable Floppy Disc Reader (Est. Value: $25.00); Rockford Fosgate Punch 400 Amplifier (Est. Value: $40.00); Alpine V12 Power Amplifier MRVF300, SN: V40818889 (Est. Value: $40.00); Victor Digital Video Camera Japanese Made W/Black Tek Vinyl Carrying Case (Est. Value: $50.00); Sony Digital Mavica Still Camera W/Black Leather Digital Carrying Case, SN: 296099 (Est. Value: $50.00); Sony Digital Mavica Still Camera, SN: 65163 (Est. Value: $40.00); Rubbermaid Action Packer Plastic Bin W/Red Handles (Est. Value: $15.00); Guy Laroche Black Women’s Wallet (Est. Value: $30.00); Sony Black Carrying Case (Est. Value: $5.00); Case Logic Case W/Assorted Camera Cleaning Equipment, Carl Zeiss Lens & Amity Flash (Est. Value: $30.00); Altec Multimedia Computer Speaker System, SN: 12910 EMUS0282726 (Est. Value: $20.00); RCA DVD Player W/Toy Story DVD Movie, SN: B457PM0CH (Est. Value: $100.00); Alpine Equalizer (Est. Value: $40.00); Casio Mini LCD Color TV W/Black Leather Carrying Case, SN: 2002389A (Est. Value: $40.00); Coach Handbag (Est. Value: $50.00); Sony Cyber-Shot Still Camera W/Black & White Carry Case & Battery, SN: 710380 (Est. Value: $200.00); Carrera Eyeglasses W/Case (Est. Value: $10.00); Leatherman Utility W/Case (Est. Value: $20.00); Handycam Video Camera Bag (Est. Value: $5.00); Radio Shack Adjustable DC Adapter W/Case (Est. Value: $20.00); Chromapro 45 System, SN: 87010105 (Est. Value: $200.00); 4 Kitana Tires & Rims (Est. Value: $2 00.00); 4 Tires W/S-Type Rims (Est. Value: $200.00); 4 Tires W/Japanese Kanji Writing On Rims (Est. Value: $200.00); 4 Tires W/RH Rims (Est. Value: $200.00); 4 Tires W/Fittipaldi Rims (Est. Value: $200.00); 4 Tires W/Omni Concept Rims (Est. Value: $200.00); Landa Gas Compressor (Est. Value: $50.00); 11 Assorted DVD Movies (Est. Value: $110.00); Silver Hard Suitcase (Est. Value: $5.00); 100-Piece Mastergrip Tool Set (Est. Value: $25.00); Moke Tool Container W/8 Assorted Hand Tools (Est. Value: $20.00); Black Tool Box W/28 Assorted Hand Tools (Est. Value: $20.00); Audiovox 9” Color TV Monitor, SN: 97500070102919 (Est. Value: $20.00); Brother Hl-14 Laser Printer, SN: U60066A3J301120 (Est. Value: $40.00); Shindaiwa Homepro Weed Wacker, SN: 8008563 (Est. Value: $20.00); Panasonic 23X VHS Palmcorder W/Battery Charger & Black Ambico Carrying Case (Est. Value: $150.00); Sharp UX-P200 Plain Paper Facsimile, SN: UX- P200 27290614 (Est. Value: $45.00); Duracell Durabeam Flashlight (Est. Value: $10.00); Radio Shack 600-Watt Power Inverter (Est. Value: $35.00); Dell Computer Keyboard, SN: M950616675 (Est. Value: $5.00); Sony 360X Digital Zoom Handycam, SN: 160091 (Est. Value: $150.00); Panasonic 150X Digital Zoom VHS Palmcorder (Est. Value: $150.00); Samsonite Carrying Case, Black (Est. Value: $5.00); Stainless Steel Folding Knife (Est. Value: $15.00); Hewlett Packard Pavilion 750N Computer, SN: MX15123998 (Est. Value: $300.00); Canon Still Camera, SN: 10067774 (Est. Value: $50.00); B7M Quiksilver Automatic Transmission Shifter (Estimated Value: $2 00.00); Logitech Cordless Mouse Receiver (Est. Value: $10.00); 2 Sony Vaio Computer Speakers, SNs: 312101927 & 082 (Est. Value: $15.00); Energizer Light, Yellow & Blue (Est. Value: $10.00); 2 White Speakers (Est. Value: $5.00); Nintendo Gamecube Controller (Est. Value: $25.00); Nintendo 64 Control Deck (Est. Value: $75.00); IBM Thinkpad Laptop Computer (Est. Value: $50.00); Microsoft Mouse, White (Est. Value: $5.00); Radio Shack Electronic Sub-woofer Crossover (Est. Value: $5.00); Radio Shack Electric Fin Nailer In Black Case, SN: R9309 (Est. Value: $45.00); Jenson Power Amplifier (Est. Value: $40.00); Nippon Travel Agency Tote Bag (Est. Value: $5.00); 2 Machines Speakers (Est. Value: $5.00); Pluto Hifonics 60-Watt Amplifier (Est. Value: $10.00); IBM AC Adapter For IBM Computer (Est. Value: $1.00); 2 Madcatz Extension Cables (Est. Value: $12.00); Radio Shack Personal FM Transceiver (Est. Value: $5.00); 11 Apple Operating CD (Est. Value: $220.00); Madcatz RF Adapter (Est. Value: $6.00); Radio Shack 12-Volt DC Power Supply (Est. Value: $5.00); Sony Remote Controller (Est. Value: $2.00); 14 Assorted CD (Est. Value: $140.00); Mechanix Glove (Est. Value: $5.00); Samsung Desktop Charger, SN: AN3971312993 (Est. Value: $5.00); Sentry Data Memory Calculator (Est. Value: $5.00); Radio Shack 12-Volt DC Charger (Est. Value: $5.00); 1 Pair Focal Utopia Car Speakers (Est. Value: $40.00); Nokia Cellular Phone, Super Geeks (Est. Value: $5.00); 56 Pieces Korean Currency & Coin (Est. Value: $14.16); 15 Pieces Canadian Currency & Coin (Est. Value: $1.74); 8 Pieces Chinese Currency & Coin (Est. Value: $1.45); 9 Pieces German Currency & Coin (Est. Value: $5.04); 12 Pieces French Currency & Coin (Est. Value: $1.72); 10 U.S. Half- Dollar Coins (Est. Value: $5.00); 66 U.S. Quarter Coins (Est. Value: $16.50); 9 U.S. Dime Coins (Est. Value: $ .90); 8 U.S. Penny Coins (Est. Value: $.08); Purple Seagrams Crown Royal Bag (Est. Value: $1.00); Copper Collectible \u201DKona\u201D Coin (Est. Value: $1.00); Copper Coin, \u201D1984 One Dala\u201D On One Side, \u201D1883 King Kalakaua I Of Hawaii\u201D On One Side (Est. Value: $1.00); Copper Coin, \u201D35th President John Fitzgerald Kennedy\u201D & Bust, Both Sides (Est. Value: $1.00); White Binder, \u201DAll Time Baseball Greats Limited Edition Collector\u2019s Kit (Est. Value: $1.00); 36 Collect-A-Books Baseball Cards, Assorted Players (Est. Value: $36.00); 3 Baseball Player Photographs, Harmon Killebrew, Whitey Ford & Roberto Clemente (Est. Value: $3.00); Babe Ruth Yellow \u201DPlaque\u201D Encased In Plastic (Est. Value: $1.00); 39 Assorted NBA Players Collectible Cards (Est. Value: $15.00); 34 Assorted Baseball Players Collectible Cards (Est. Value: $10.00); Nine West Small Red Bag (Est. Value: $1.00); Draw-String Pouch, Red W/Blue & Flowers (Est. Value: $1.00); Gold Hawaiian Ring, W/“Keiki\u201D, \u201DI (Heart) You Kalae” Inside Band (Est. Value: $50.00); Gold 20” Necklace W/Clasp (Est. Value: $100.00); Gold 7” Bracelet (Est. Value: $25.00); Yellow Jewelry Pouch (Est. Value: $1.00); Gold 1/2 Centimeter Hawaiian Bracelet (Est. Value: $10.00); 7” Tennis Bracelet W/Black & Clear Stones (Est. Value: $25.00); Pendant W/3 Black & 2 Clear Stones (Est. Value: $25.00); 1 Pair Gold Many-Strands Earrings (Est. Value: $25.00); 8” Gold Rope Chain (Est. Value: $75.00); 7.75” Gold & Silver Bracelet (Est. Value: $100.00); 14.75” Soft Gold Necklace (Est. Value: $100.00); 7.5” Dolphin Bracelet (Est. Value: $35.00); Off-White Jewelry Pouch (Est. Value: $5.00); 21.5” Medium Gold Necklace (Est. Value: $240.00); 12.5” Light Gold Rope Necklace (Est. Value: $110.00); 21.5” Heavy Gold Link Necklace (Est. Value: $300.00); 18” Medium Gold Link Necklace (Est. Value: $150.00); 22-25” Silver Link Necklace (Est. Value: $230.00); 19.75” Heavy Gold Link Necklace (Est. Value: $275.00); 16” Gold Snake Necklace (Est. Value: $80.00); 20” Medium Gold Rope Necklace (Est. Value: $200.00); 21.5” Medium Gold Rope Necklace (Est. Value: $180.00); 23” Heavy Gold Rope Necklace (Est. Value: $375.00); 19” Light Gold Rope Necklace (Est. Value: $170.00); 16.25” Light Gold Rope Necklace (Est. Value: $120.00); 21.75” Medium Gold Necklace (Est. Value: $$270.00); 18” Yellow Clear Stone W/Snake Necklace (Est. Value: $240.00); 23.25” Heavy Gold Rope Necklace (Est. Value: $280.00); 8.5” Black Velvet Jewelry Case (Est. Value: $5.00); 7.25 By .5” Gold Bracelet, Snake Chain Intertwines W/\u201DTwig\u201D Chains & 4 Hooks (Est. Value: $340.00); 7.25” Gold Bracelet W/2 Links W/8 \u201DX\u201D (Est. Value: $300.00); Broach, 12 Pearls W/Silver Grape Leaves (Est. Value: $75.00); 9.5” Jade-Like Bracelet W/13 Beads (Est. Value: $120.00); Two-Sided Jade-Like Pendant (Est. Value: $600.00); Brown Leather Pouch (Est. Value: $5.00); Red Embroidered Cloth Pouch (Est. Value: $5.00); 22” Heavy Gold Large Link Necklace (Est. Value: $5,000.00); Omega 14K Gold Women\u2019s Wristwatch (Est. Value: $300.00); Timex \u201DWinnie The Pooh\u201D Watch (Est. Value: $35.00); Seiko Women\u2019s Watch, SN: 523 613 (Est. Value: $500.00); Rolex Tudor Women\u2019s Watch (Est. Value: $500.00); Harve Bernard Women\u2019s Watch (Est. Value: $100.00); Citizens Men\u2019s Watch W/Gold Face & Gold & Silver Band (Est. Value: $200.00); Fossil Men\u2019s Watch, Blue (Est. Value: $120.00); Guess Men\u2019s Bracelet Watch (Est. Value: $140.00); Seiko Men\u2019s Kinetic Watch, SN: 691151 (Est. Value: $500.00); Oniss Women\u2019s Watch (Est. Value: $325.00); Pulsar Women\u2019s Watch, SN: 622359 (Est. Value: $150.00); Citizens Blue Angels Men’s Watch, Navihawk Edition (Est. Value: $200.00); Seiko Quartz Men\u2019s Watch, Gold W/Black Face (Est. Value: $450.00); Fossil Blue Men\u2019s Watch W/3 Chronographs On Face (Est. Value: $185.00); Blue Hawaiian Tropic Tote Bag (Est. Value: $5.00); Multi Flower Zippered Bag (Est. Value: $5.00); 1 Pair Green Jade-Like Earrings W/Gold Hoops (Est. Value: $40.00); 1 Pair White/Green Jade-Like Buddah Earrings (Est. Value: $50.00); Green/Brown Jade-Like Fish Pendant (Est. Value: $75.00); White/Brown Jade-Like Acorn Pendant (Est. Value: $50.00); Green/Brown Jade-Like Circle Pendant, Small (Est. Value: $50.00); Chinese Dragon Bracelet, Open Clasp (Est. Value: $1,400,00); Movado Watch, Silver W/Black Backing, No Numbers (Est. Value: $200.00); Movado Watch, Black Backing, No Numbers, Gold & Silver Band (Est. Value: $200.00); Chase-Durer Legionnaire Wristwatch, 3 Chronographs On Face, Brown Band (Est. Value: $300.00); Silver Ringbad W/Red Stone (Est. Value: $50.00); Gold Band W/5 Blue Stones (Est. Value: $50.00); Gold Necklace W/3 Red Stones, Hanging (Est. Value: $75.00); 1 Pair Gold Spiral Earrings (Est. Value: $50.00); 1 Pair Green/White Jade-Like Earrings (Est. Value: $50.00); Gold Ring W/10 Clear Stones Around White Stone (Est. Value: $50.00); Gold Frog Ring (Est. Value: $40.00); Green Jade-Like Pendant (Est. Value: $50.00); Green/White Jade-Like Heart Pendant (Est. Value: $50.00); Gold Half-Barrel Hawaiian Earring (Est. Value: $20.00); Necklace W/\u201DVaoahi Jr.\u201D On Pendant (Est. Value: $40.00); Gold Pendant W/Jade-Like Animal On Yellow Stones (Est. Value: $50.00); Green Stone W/6 White Stones (Est. Value: $400.00); Ladies Quartz Watch W/Gold & Silver Band & 2 Clear Stones On Face (Est. Value: $150.00); Gold Frog (Est. Value: $50.00); White Jade-Like Pendant W/Insect Design (Est. Value: $100.00); 26” Gold Necklace W/Monkey Pendant Covered W/Red Stones (Est. Value: $155.00); Gold Coin-Like Pendant W/Dragon & Chinese Character (Est. Value: $50.00); Pendant, Gold Trim, White Background, Gold \u201DNathan\u201D & Symbols) On Back (Est. Value: $50.00); Gold Heart Pendant W/\u201DKuuipo\u201D (Est. Value: $45.00); Gold Cross Pendant W/White \u201DJesus\u201D (Est. Value: $40.00); Gold Unicorn Earring (Est. Value: $17.00); 1Pair Green Jade-Like Earrings, Doughnut-Shaped W/Gold Flowers (Est. Value: $250.00); Gold 20” Box Chain Necklace (Est. Value: $600.00); Gold Pendant W/\u201DKanele\u201D In Black Letters, \u201DChristmas 1991 Love Mom\u201D On Back (Est. Value: $210.00); Gold Pendant W/\u201DSteven B\u201D In Black Letters (Est. Value: $185.00); 1 Pair White Pearl Earrings W/Gold Backs & 2 Baguettes On Each Side (Est. Value: $400.00); 16” Gold Light Baby \u201DS\u201D Chain W/Gold Heart Crucufic & Anchor Charms, Gold Hawaiian Pendant W/\u201DMalia\u201D In Black Letters & 2 Clear Stones, & Gold Heart-Shaped Pendant W/\u201DMom\u201D In Black Letters & 4 Plumerias (Est. Value: $480.00); Gold Ring W/\u201DClyde\u201D In Black Letters (Est. Value: $300.00); Gold Class Ring W/Red Stone & \u201DMKSL\u201D Inside Band (Est. Value: $350.00); Gold Ring, \u201DPharoh\u201D Design (Est. Value: $525.00); Gold Nugget Ring (Est. Value: $325.00); Gold \u201DKraft\u201D Ring (Est. Value: $780.00); Gold Ring W/Symbols & \u201DG\u201D (Est. Value: $225.00); Gold Ring W/5 Clear Stones In Straight Line (Est. Value: $550.00); Gold Hawaiian Ring W/Copper \u201DK\u201D (Est. Value: $325.00); Gold Hawaiian Ring W/Black Trim & Clear Stone (Est. Value: $525.00); Gold Ring W/22 Small Clear Stones Around Large Clear Stone (Est. Value: $5,000.00); Gold Ring W/7 Clear Stones, 4 Rows (Est. Value: $900.00); Gold Band W/Clear Stone (Est. Value: $3 00.00); Gold Oblong Ring W/8 Clear Stones (Est. Value: $425.00); Gold Flat Ring W/3 Clear Stones (Est. Value: $400.00); Gold Ring W/Flower Cut Band & White Stone (Est. Value: $475.00); 1 Pair Gold Earrings W/Clear Stone Each (Est. Value: $30.00); Gold Hoop Earring (Est. Value: $50.00); Gold Ball Earring (Est. Value: $35.00); 1 Pair Gold Earrings W/Purple Stones (Est. Value: $450.00); Pendant W/16 Clear Stones Around Purple Stone (Est. Value: $1,200.00); Silver Ring W/Round Green Stone (Est. Value: $1,000.00); Silver Ingot Bar Pendant (Est. Value: $900.00); Silver Cross Pendant (Est. Value: $75.00); Silver Ring W/11 Clear Stones (Est. Value: $300.00); Silver 16” Necklace W/Clear Stone Pendant (Est. Value: $1,100.00); 23.5” Large Link Necklace (Est. Value: $1,400.00); Kenneth Cole Silver Link Watch W/3 Chronographs (Est. Value: $200.00); Seiko Silver Women’s Watch (Est. Value: $200.00); Multi Tahitian Ukulele (Est. Value: $100.00); 4-String Ukulele W/2 Ports, Brown & Light Brown (Est. Value: $100.00); Tanji 4-String Ukulele In Black Case (Est. Value: $200.00); Martin Ukulele In Black Case (Est. Value: $400.00); Comfort Aire Air Conditioner, 5200 BTU, In Blue & White Box (Est. Value: $25.00); RCS 100 Watt Home Theater System In Box (Est. Value: $75.00); Craftsman Professional Reciprocating Saw In Black Case W/White Work Gloves & Extra Blades (Est. Value: $50.00); 2 12” Kicker Speakers In Black Speaker Box (Est. Value: $25.00); Black Turtle Bay Resort Seat Cushion (Est. Value: $2.00); 2 Crossman Air/Pellet Handguns, W/Multiple Pellets & CO2 Cartridges In Black Auto Security Bag (Est. Value: $3.00); B&M Z-Gate Automatic Transmission Shifter (Est. Value: $10.00); Canon ZR 60 Digital Camera In Red Box (Est. Value: $50.00); ESX High Performance Subwoofer In 10” Woofer & 10” Woofer In Box (Est. Value: $25.00); Fluke 77 Series II Multimeter (Est. Value: $10.00); Gold \u201DBrass Knuckles\u201D (Est. Value: $2.00); Assorted Electric Cords, Headsets & Tweeters In Macys Bag (Est. Value: $5.00); Compaq Presario Laptop Computer In Black Computer Bag W/Power Cord, SN: 1V95CFK641N9 (Est. Value: $100.00); Compaq Presario Laptop Computer, Notebook Carrying Case, 2 Power Cords, Extra Battery & CD, SN: 1C09FP4 Dlopj (Est. Value: $100,00);) Dell Inspiron Laptop Computer W/Brown Carrying Case, SN: CN-01K859-12961-1C57657 (Est. Value: $100.00); Hewlett Packard Laptop Computer, In Black Laptop Case W/Power Cord, SN: (S)TW24023607 (Est. Value: $100.00); Sony Laptop Computer In Black Carrying Bag W/Power Cord, CD, Compaq Chess Game, 2 Power Cords, SN: *283520304512985* (Est. Value: $100.00); Compaq Armada Laptop Computer In Black Carryingbag Case W/6 CD & Instructions Manual, SN: AM7 P3700T4 X12VC6478 (Est. Value: $100.00); Toshiba Laptop Computer, SN: 69771030A & Toshiba Laptop Computer, SN: Unknown in Black Jansport Bag W/Power Cord (Est. Value: $100.00); Dell Inspiron Laptop Computer W/Black Carrying Case & Assorted Power Cords (Est. Value: $100.00); Panasonic CD Stereo W/Remote Control For Autos In Panasonic Box, SN: CQ-DF903U (Est. Value: $40.00); Panasonic Portable DVD Player, Remote Control, Power Cord & Manuals In Box, SN: DVD-LV70 (Est. Value: $40.00); Craftsman 190-Piece Multiple Tool Set In Craftsman Box (Est. Value: $50.00); Sony Home Stereo Cassette Deck Player (Est. Value: $25.00); Assorted Red & Black Music Boxes (Est. Value: $10.00); Sears 6-Horsepower, 33-Gallon Compressor, Red, W/Blue Air Hose, SN: 2302013182 (Est. Value: $40.00); Lincoln Electronics AC-225 Arc Welder, Red, SN: 204200708 (Est. Value: $50.00); Rol-Air Gas Powered Air Compressor, SN: 9801069 (Est. Value: $40.00); Lincoln Electronics Weldpack 100HD, SN: 11058U1030102064 (Est. Value: $30.00); PC Laptops Laptop Computer W/Power Cord, SN: 21NP050263 (Est. Value: $50.00); Assorted Power Cords (Est. Value: $5.00); Hewlett Packard PDA, SN: SG10340138, In Case Logic Carrying Case (Est. Value: $30.00); Nintendo Advance SP W/Power Cord & 2 Game Cartridges, SN: XU115825505 (Est. Value: $30.00); 16 Assorted Cellular Phones (Est. Value: $30.00); Aiptek Pocket DVII 1.3-Megabyte Camera W/Tripod (Est. Value: $20.00); Sony Digital Megabass Mini Disc Player W/Headphones (Est. Value: $25.00); Quiksilver Bag, Black W/Orange Interior (Est. Value: $3.00); Assorted Electronic Equipment (Est. Value: $10.00); Purple Plastic Basket (Est. Value: $1.00); Assorted Pineapple Body Spray & Manifesto Makeup (Est. Value: $1.00); Discwasher CD In Carrying Case W/Assorted CD (Est. Value: $5.00); Notebook Laptop Computer, Model 8500V, SN: NC85V01B01030, W/Power Cord (Est. Value: $50.00); Gold Hawaiian Bracelet W/\u201DKuuipo” (Est. Value: $50.00); Green Jade-Like Heart Pendant (Est. Value: $30.00) (Aggregate Est. Value: $62,916.33)
Date of Seizure: 9/23/03 & 9/24/03; 5/2/06
Place of Seizure: Kaneohe, HI & Kalihi, Hon., HI
Violation: 712-1241, HRS

Property Seized: 1991 Honda Sedan, AE299, VIN: JHMCB7682MC098982 (Est. Value: $1,500.00)
Date of Seizure: 4/27/06
Place of Seizure: Kalanipuu St., Hon., HI
Violation: 705-500 & 708-840, HRS

Property Seized: $1,250.00 in U.S. Currency
Date of Seizure: 5/15/06
Place of Seizure: 2426 Kuhio Ave., #1002, Hon., HI
Violation: 712-1243, 329-43.5 & 329-55, HRS

Property Seized: $740.00 in U.S. Currency
Date of Seizure: 5/18/06
Place of Seizure: Waimano Home Rd., Pearl City, HI
Violation: 712-1243, 329-43.5 & 329-55, HRS

Property Seized: 2003 Ford F150 Truck, JZF-941, VIN: 1FTRW07L83KB98597 (Est. Value: $16,000.00)
Date of Seizure: 3/14/06; 5/2/06
Place of Seizure: 2600 Pualani Way, #1502, Hon,, HI
Violation: 707-756, HRS

Property Seized: $9.00 in U.S. Currency; 1986 Chevrolet El Camino, JSA-179, VIN: 3GCCW80H3GS919395 (Est. Value: $1,000.00) (Aggregate Est. Value: $1,009.00)
Date of Seizure: 4/28/06
Place of Seizure: King & Piikoi Sts., Hon., HI
Violation: 712-1242 & 712-1243, HRS

Property Seized: $8,260.62 in U.S. Currency
Date of Seizure: 5/5/06; 5/9/06
Place of Seizure: Kamehameha Hwy., Pearl City, HI
Violation: 712-1242, HRS

Property Seized: 1994 Ford Aerostar Van, JWY-941, VIN: 1FMDA31X9RZA18285 (Est. Value: $1,000.00)
Date of Seizure: 5/5/06
Place of Seizure: 925 Kokea St., Hon., HI
Violation: 712-1243, 329-43.5 & 329-55, HRS

Property Seized: $511.69 in U.S. Currency
Date of Seizure: 5/9/06
Place of Seizure: Kewalo St., Hon., HI
Violation: 712-1243, 329-43.5 & 329-55, HRS

Property Seized: 1996 Nissan Truck, JDW-933, VIN: 1N6SD11Y6TC300777 (Est. Value: $1,500.00)
Date of Seizure: 5/15/06
Place of Seizure: Kaimuki Ave., Hon., HI
Violation: 712-1241, 329-16 & 329-42, HRS

Property Seized: Casio Keyboard (Est. Value: $100.00); Fender Electric Guitar W/Hard Case (Est. Value: $200.00); Suzuki Guitar (Est. Value: $50.00); Fender Bass Guitar W/Soft Case (Est. Value: $200.00); Takamine Guitar W/Soft Case (Est. Value: $200.00); Fender Amplifier (Est. Value: $100.00); Dell Flat Screen Monitor (Est. Value: $100.00); Dell Desktop CPU (Est. Value: $100.00); Ericson EDACS 500M Mobile Phone (Est. Value: $100.00); 40 Assorted CDs (Est. Value: $100.00); 10 Assorted Bags & Backpacks (Est. Value: $50.00); Tool Bag W/Assorted Hand Tools (Est. Value: $50.00); Assorted Auto Speakers (Est. Value: $25.00); Jewelry Box (Est. Value: $25.00); 65 Assorted Pieces of Jewelry (Est. Value: $1,057.00) (Aggregate Est. Value: $2,457.00)
Date of Seizure: 5/9/06
Place of Seizure: 92-411 Leiole St., Kapolei, HI
Violation: 708-810, 708-811, 708-830, 708-831 & 708-836.5, HRS


Persons claiming an interest in the property listed herein may do one, & only one, of the following:

1) The Claimant may do nothing, in which case the property will be administratively forfeited; or

2) The Claimant may file a Petition for Remission or Mitigation. A Petition for Remission or Mitigation admits that the property is subject to forfeiture but asks the Attorney General to pardon the property, in whole or in part, due to extenuating circumstances. The Attorney General\u2019s decision is final, not subject to appeal, & may be made without a hearing. A Petition for Remission or Mitigation must be signed by the petitioner & sworn on oath before a notary public, & shall contain the following:

a) A reasonably complete description of the property;

b) A statement of the interest of the petitioner in the property, as owner or interest-holder, which may be supported by bills of sale, contracts, or mortgages, or other documentary evidence; and

c) Facts and circumstances sufficient to show whether the petitioner:

i) owns or holds an interest as defined by Section 712A-1, HRS, in the seized property;

ii) had any knowledge that the property was or would be involved in any violation of the law;

iii) had any knowledge of the particular violation which subjected the property to seizure and forfeiture;

iv) had any knowledge that the user of the property had any record, including arrests, except where the person was acquitted or the charges dismissed due to lack of evidence, for the violation which subjected the property to seizure and forfeiture or for any crime which is similar in nature.

The Attorney General will inquire into the facts and circumstances alleged in the Petition for Remission or Mitigation (\u201DPetition\u201D), if one is filed, and provide a written decision on the Petition within sixty days. If the circumstances of the case require more time, the Petitioner will be notified in writing, within the sixty day period of the circumstances requiring more time, and be further notified of the expected decision date; or

3) The Claimant may seek judicial determination of the forfeiture by filing a claim and cost or in pauperis bond. A claim shall be signed by the claimant and sworn on oath before a notary public and shall comply with the requirements of Section 712A-12(5), HRS. Specifically, the claim shall be signed by the claimant and sworn on oath before a notary public and shall set forth all the following:

a) The name of the claimant;

b) The address at which the