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Notice #: 05523619
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Legal Notice

In accordance with section 91-3(d), Hawaii Revised Statutes, notice is hearby provided, prior to the Governor\u2019s waiver of the public hearing provisions of the Administrative Procedure Act, that the Department of Human Services has no discretion in the adoption of administrative rules to reflect the federal mandated provisions. Therefore, the Department will seek the Governor\u2019s approval to adopt the proposed administrative rule amendments without public hearing.

The Deficit Reduction Act of 2005 prohibits Federal Financial Participation (FFP) for all new and current Medicaid recipients that fail to show satisfactory documentary evidence to prove U.S. Citizenship and Identity at the time of application or re-determination of benefits. Under the measure, effective July 1, 2006, individuals applying for medical assistance must present such evidence at the time of application. Current recipients must provide the documentary evidence at the time of their first re-determination of benefit eligibility starting July 1, 2006. An applicant or recipient who does not comply with the requirement to present documentary evidence shall be denied eligibility or terminated.

(SB05523619 6/29/06)