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Notice #: 05523502
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Property Location: Kaei Hana I, Industrial Subdivision, Waiakea, South Hilo, Island of Hawaii

The Department of Hawaiian Home Lands (DHHL) intends to dispose of lands by public auction. As authorized by §204(a)(2), Hawaiian Homes Commission Act, 1920, as amended, individuals or corporations interested in leasing the property herein described shall have 45 days from the date this “NOTICE OF PROPOSED DISPOSITION BY PUBLIC AUCTION” is first published, that date being Monday, July 17, 2006, in which to submit completed applications for DHHL consideration.

All completed applications received by 4:00 p.m. on Thursday, August 31, 2006, shall be reviewed and only those applicants that meet DHHL’s initial objectives and criteria shall be notified in writing as being eligible to attend and bid at the scheduled Public Auction as follows:

DATE & TIME: Thursday, September 21, 2006 at 10:00 A.M.

LOCATION: DHHL East Hawaii District Office
160 Baker Avenue
Hilo, Hawaii 96720

LAND TO BE DISPOSED: The subject property is located at 212 Holomua Street in the Kaei Hana I, Industrial Subdivision, Waiakea, South Hilo, Island of Hawaii.

Packets containing an application form, property information and other requirements for completing the application process are available for pick up by prospective applicants during regular office hours at DHHL’s Honolulu Office located at 1099 Alakea Street, Suite. 1230, or at the district offices located on the neighbor islands. The appraisal report, which shall not be removed from DHHL’s office, may be reviewed during regular office hours. Please call (808) 586-3858 (Honolulu) for the locations of neighbor island district offices and/or to make an appointment to review the appraisal report.

Land to be disposed: The property to be disposed is identified as Tax Map Key No. (3)2-2-60:parcel 43 containing approximately 0.64 acres (27,703 square feet) of land, and is located in Kaei Hana I, Industrial Subdivision, Waiakea, South Hilo, Island of Hawaii.

Purpose/Use: The property is being offered for Limited Industrial Use development. Improvements and uses shall conform to those allowed in a ML-20 zoning district and all applicable permit requirements consistent therewith.

Term: Flexible: Minimum of twenty (20) years but not to exceed a maximum term of fifty-five (55) years.

Rent: The minimum upset rent for the first 20 years is as follows:

Term Minimum Upset Rent Per Annum

Years 1-10 $ 21,700.00

Years 11-15 +35.0%
Increase from preceding ten (10) year period

Years 16-20 +15.0%
Increase from preceding five (5) year period

Rent Reopening: If the term of the lease extends beyond 20 years, the rent shall be re-determined by an independent fair market appraisal prior to commencement of the twenty-first (21st), thirty-first (31st) and forty-first (41st) years.

Telecommunication Service: Sandwich Isles Communications, Inc. (SIC) will provide telephone and broadband services to the project at a time when such services are needed.

Chapter 343, Environmental Assessment: The successful bidder shall be required to complete compliance with Chapter 343 of the Hawaii Revised Statutes, as amended, prior to the start of any demolition or construction activity on the site. Such compliance shall assess the impacts that the proposed development will have on the surrounding environment, such as infrastructure, traffic, parking, noise, etc.

You may review and obtain the Notice of Public Auction packet with Application and all pertinent information at the DHHL office in Honolulu or any DHHL office on the neighbor islands. Applications submitted by prospective bidders to qualify to bid at the September 21, 2006 Public Auction must be received by 4:00 P.M., Thursday, August 31, 2006, at DHHL in Honolulu, or at any of the neighbor island DHHL offices.

Applicants who have submitted their application to bid by the deadline of 4:00 P.M., Thursday, August 31, 2006, and who have been qualified by DHHL in advance of the auction date will be invited to bid at the auction. By September 11, 2006, each applicant will be sent written notification, informing them as to their eligibility or non- eligiblity to bid at the auction. See Notice of Public Auction packet for further instructions, application criteria, maps, legal descriptions and a draft of the general lease document with the detailed terms and conditions of the lease.

For additional information and to receive a Notice of Public Auction packet, you may contact: Peter “Kahana” Albinio, Jr., Property Development Agent, at Department of Hawaiian Home Lands, Land Management Division, (808) 587-6429 on Oahu or visit our website at

This Notice of Public Auction is authorized by and may be cancelled, postponed, modified or continued from time to time by public announcement to that effect by Micah A. Kane, Chairman, Hawaiian Homes Commission.

Date: Honolulu, Hawaii June 23, 2006

State of Hawaii

Micah A. Kane, Chairman
(SB05523502 7/17/06) Hawaiian Homes Commission