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Notice #: 05523409
Professional Providers


Pursuant to Chapter 103D, HRS, the Kauai County Department of Water anticipates the need to engage the following professional services. Those determined to be qualified to provide the requested professional services shall be placed on a list for a one-year period. The requested services include, but are not limited to:

Special counsel services: qualified attorneys licensed in the State of Hawaii who can provide advice, counsel, and/or representation in civil matters including, but not limited to: administrative law, contract law, construction law, eminent domain, torts, workers compensation.

Fiscal: Financial services to conduct a financial audit of the transactions, accounts, and books of the Department and examination of the Department\u2019s internal control structure for the fiscal years ending June 30, 2007, June 30, 2008, and June 30, 2009.

Other financial services, such as computer software system analysis and procedures, integration and training for billing and financial systems, and consultation service on financial reporting.

Engineering: “As-Needed” Engineering, Planning and Permitting Services: Provide engineering, planning, surveying, and permitting services on an “as-needed” basis relative to General Engineering Services, such as minor engineering design, minor planning, minor engineering reports, and preparation of applications and documentation to obtain permits and approvals.

“As-Needed” Construction Management Services: Provide construction management services on an “as-needed basis, such as general contract administration and documentation, observe the progress and quality of contractor’s work, review and evaluate construction change proposal, etc.

Project No. PLH-39a, Department of Water’s Office and Baseyard Improvement, Phase 2: Evaluate, recommend and design improvements for the Department of Water’s Office and Baseyard, such as interior office renovations (front office lobby security improvements), office space planning and layout (Microlab 2nd floor), Computer Server Room, and site improvements including new concrete driveway, culvert and headwall, chain-link fence and automatic operating gate. Design of material storage and handling system for the warehouse stocking of waterworks materials (pipes, fittings, couplings, repair clamps, meters, valves, electric motors, pumps, gaskets, nuts & bolts, etc.)

Water Resources and Planning: Hydraulic Model Maintenance and Support Services: Professional engineering and computer system services for hydraulic model maintenance and support to include review and update of existing and new water system facilities, water system service areas/pressure zones, consumer demand information, system calibration, formal training and on-call support.

GIS Implementation Support Services: Engineering, planning, computer GIS analysis services are requested. The work shall include research and development requirements and the design and development of a Geographic Information System that will be used in displaying and linking information for water system facilities (i.e. water meter, fire hydrant, valve and pipe distribution system), service area/pressure zones, customer/billing service information, water meter application and building permit request, customer agreement processing, capital improvement project information and hydraulic model support.

Computer System Services: Provide professional support services for the maintenance and management of the Department’s computerized maintenance management information system utilizing Summit’s MPET software and for its supervisory control and data acquisition system utilizing Wonderware.

Those interested and capable of providing the professional services required shall submit a letter of interest together with a single copy of a statement of qualifications (SOQ) to Ms. Wynne Ushigome, Acting Manager & Chief Engineer, Kauai County Department of Water, P.O. Box 1706 or 4398 Pua Loke Street, Lihue, Kauai, Hawaii 96766. Questions may be directed to Ms. Emi Tanihiro at (808) 245-5409.

SOQs should identify the area(s) of professional services provided by the proposer, and include a description of the proposer\u2019s firm and the qualifications and related experiences of the principals and staff members, with supporting data and information as they relate to the proposed subject-matter areas. Use of Federal Form SF 330, or State Form DPW 120 with supplemental information, where appropriate, is encouraged. SOQ\u2019s should include, but not be limited to, the following information:

A. the name of the firm or person, the principal place of business, and location of all of its offices;
B. the age of the firm and its average number of employees for the past five years;
C. the education, training, and qualifications of key members of the firm;
D. the education, training, and qualifications of key members of the associate firms for subcontracted work;
E. the names and phone numbers of up to five clients who may be contacted, including at least two for whom services have been rendered during the preceding year; and
F. Any promotional or descriptive literature which the firm desires to submit.

Expressions of interest, SOQs, and accompanying information must be received by the Department of Water no later than 4:00 p.m., July 14, 2006. Fax or electronic transmittals will not be accepted. (SB05523409 6/14/06)