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Notice #: 05523369
Professional Providers

County of Maui
Notice to Providers of Professional Services
For Capital Improvements Projects

For the fiscal year beginning July 1, 2006 and ending June 30, 2007, the County of Maui anticipates the need for professional services for capital improvement projects.

The selection of professional services may be made in accordance with Section 103D-304, Hawaii Revised Statutes, and Section 3-122-65, Hawaii Administrative Rules, which provides that the selection of professionals may be through a list of qualified applicants. Persons engaged in providing professional services are invited to submit statements of qualifications and expressions of interest for evaluation and inclusion on a list of qualified professionals. The statements shall include the following at a minimum:

(1) The name of the firm or person, the principal place of business, and location of all of its offices;
(2) The age of the firm and its average number of employees over the past years;
(3) The education, training, and qualifications of key members of the firm;
(4) The names and phone numbers of up to five clients who may be contacted, including at least two for whom services were rendered during the preceding year; and
(5) Any promotional or descriptive literature which the firm desires to submit. Firms or persons may amend statements of qualifications at any time by filing a new statement and shall immediately inform the head of the purchasing agency of any change in their submission that would disqualify the firm or person from being considered for a contract award.

Also, a list of projects or services provided to the County will be helpful for the County to determine the qualifications of the applicant. To be considered for selection, consultants must express interest in the specific projects for which they are qualified. Simply stating interest in “all projects” is not acceptable.

5 copies of 1 submittal (One submittal for all jobs/all departments), shall be received no later than 4:30 p.m., June 29, 2006, at the Purchasing Division of the County of Maui, 200 South High Street, Rm. #612, Wailuku, HI 96793. Please do not submit separate submittals for each department.

The budgeted consultant fees for projects listed below are categorized as follows: Category A – Less than $25,000; Category B – $25,000 to $50,000; Category C – $50,000 to $150,000; Category D $150,000 to $300,000; Category E – Over $300,000.

Following are the projected Capital Improvement projects that we know of as of now. As priorities change, there inevitably will be additions, deletions, and other unanticipated changes to the projects listed below. If new projects arise which require skill sets that are not adequately available within our existing list, we will re-advertise at that time to supplement the existing list:

Department of Public Works & Environmental Management, Engineering Division
1. Traffic Signal Prioritization Study Update. Traffic Engr. Category D.
2. Paihi Bridge Replacement. Construction Management. Category E.
3. Waiohonu Bridge Replacement. Construction Management. Category E.
4. Papahawahawa Bridge Replacement. Construction Management. Category E.
5. Kaholopo‘o Bridge Replacement. Construction Management. Category E.
6. Lono Avenue at Kamehameha Signal Upgrade Material Testing. Category E.
7. Hina at Kamehameha Signal Material Testing. Category E.
8. Fire Alarm Improvements for County Buildings. Category B.
9. Kalana O Maui Building Water Booster Pump Upgrade. Category A.
10. Iao Stream Improvements. Category A.
11. Kaunakakai Drainage System Improvements. Category E.

Department of Public Works & Environmental Management, Wastewater Division
1. Wailuku/Kahului Tsunami Protection Project. Category E.
2. Countywide EPA Consent Decree WWRF Renovation Projects. Category E.
3. Countywide Injection Well Rehabilitation. Category C.
4. Molokai Wastewater Reclamation Facility Plan Update. Category C.
5. Miscellaneous Mechanical Improvement/Rehabilitation Projects. Category C.
6. Miscellaneous Electrical Improvements/Rehabilitation Projects. Category C.
7. Miscellaneous Structural Improvements/Rehabilitation Projects. Category C.
8. Miscellaneous Civil Improvements/Rehabilitation Projects. Category C.
9. Miscellaneous Survey Improvements/Rehabilitation Projects. Category C.
10. Miscellaneous Software Programming/Consulting Projects. Category C.

Department of Public Works & Environmental Management, Solid Waste Division
1. Integrated Solid Waste Management Plan. Planning. Category E.
2. Lahaina Recycling Dropbox and Redemption Center. Design. Category C.
3. Central Maui Landfill Master Plan. Planning. Category C.

Department of Parks and Recreation
1. War Memorial Parking Lot Resurfacing. Civil. Category B.
2. War Memorial tennis courts reconstruction. Civil. Category B.
3. War Memorial Gym Improvements. Architectural. Category B.
4. Keopuolani Park Ballfield Lighting. Electrical. Category B.
5. Kalama Park Playground. Category B.
6. Kalama Park Skateboard Course. Category B.
7. Kamaole Point Improvements. Architectural. Category C.
8. Kamaole Beach Parks Restroom Replacement. Architectural. Category C.
9. Lahaina Civic Center Restroom and Gym Bleacher Improvements. Category C.
10. Lahaina Recreation Center Street Course Skate Park. Category C.
11. Hana Community Center Kitchen Improvements. Category A.
12. Kahului Community Center Kitchen Renovations. Category A.
13. Kula Community Center Kitchen Renovations. Category A.

Department of Planning/Planning Related Services
1. Possible funding for various implementation of studies, programs, and policies in the various adopted community plans. Category A – E.

Water Department
1. Omaopio 2 MG Tank Replacement Category E.
2. Kahului Tank Replacement. Category D.
3. Waikapu South Well #1 Exploratory Well Drilling. Category D.
4. Lahaina WTP Improvements – PolyvinyliDene Flouride (PVDF) Retrofit. Category C.
5. Waihee Wells Electrical Rehab of Motor Control Center. Category B.
6. Mahinahina WTP Enlargement. Category E.
7. Honokahua Well A – GAC Treatment. Category D.
8. Kaunakakai Well No. 2 – Development. Category E.
9. Kawela Tank. Category C.
10. Piliwale/Omaopio Road Tank Replacement. Category C.
11. Upcountry GAC Filters for WTF. Category D.
12. Lahaina Water System Acquisition Appraisal. Category C.

Police Department
1. South Maui Police Station. Design. Category E.
2. Renovating existing building into a morgue (tentative). Category D.

Department of Management
1. 9th Floor Improvements Architecture. Category A.

Other Professional Service Categories
This category includes areas in which we will likely have either unanticipated or small $ projects:

1. Surveyors
2. Planning Consultants – for possible work such as Environmental Impact Statements. Also possible work for the Fire Department
3. Court Reporting Services

Kalbert Young
(SB05523369 6/11/06) Director of Finance