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Pursuant to the City and County of Honolulu’s Citizen Participation Plan for the CDBG program, the following is provided for your information. The following change to the Project Description, Eligibility, National Objective and Activity Code for a Fiscal Year 2007 project is being proposed for implementation.

Project Title and Description: Habitat for Humanity Leeward Oahu, Inc.
Provision of funds for the acquisition of a 3.21 acre parcel in Mai’li that will be developed into approximately 25 to 30 homes for low-income families.
Eligibility and National Objective Citation: Elig: 570.201(a) NO: 570.208(a)(3)
Activity Code: 01
Funding Source: CDBG
Phase: Other
Proposed Amount: $900,000
Location: 119 Kaukamana Street, Waianae, HI 96792
Proposed Accomplishment: Supports additional housing for persons of low- and moderate-income.
Subrecipient: Habitat for Humanity Leeward Oahu, Inc.

Interested parties may submit written comments prior to June 20, 2006 by addressing correspondence to:

Holly Kawano, Federal Grants Coordinator Mary Patricia Waterhouse, Director
Department of Budget and Fiscal Services Department of Budget and Fiscal Services
530 South King Street, Room 208 By order of MUFI HANNEMANN, MAYOR
Honolulu, HI 96813 City and County of Honolulu
(SB05523037 5/21/06)