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Notice #: 05522974
Public Notices

THEBUS * C & C Department of Transportation Services

Effective Date: Wednesday, June 21, 2006 (unless otherwide noted)

The City is realigning bus stop placement for safer streets and more efficient bus service.
As a result, the following bus stops will be discontinued from service and a few new stops will be established.

Eastbound – Discontinued Bus Stops
€ North King Street nearside Owen Street
€ North King Street fronting Kalihi Shopping Center
€ North King Street nearside Richard Lane (Effective 7/19/06)
€ North King Street nearside Waiakamilo Road
€ North King Street fronting Kapalama Post Office
€ North King Street farside Kokea Street
€ North King Street nearside Akepo Lane
€ North King Street nearside Smith Street
€ South King Street farside Victoria Street fronting McKinley High School
€ South King Street fronting Washington Intermediate School
€ South King Street nearside Pumehana Street
€ South King Street across Kemole Lane fronting McDonalds
€ South King Street farside Makahiki Way fronting Stadium Park
€ South King Street nearside Kahoaloha Lane

Westbound – Discontinued Bus Stops
€ South King Street across Kahoaloha Lane fronting Weinberg Hale (Effective 7/19/06)
€ South Beretania Street nearside Farrington Street
€ South Beretania Street farside Alexander Street
€ South Beretania Street nearside Victoria Street
€ North King Street nearside Peterson Lane
€ North King Street nearside Kokea Street
€ North King Street between Morris and Mao Lanes
€ North King Street farside Kama Lane
€ North King Street farside Houghtailing Street
€ North King Street farside Richard Lane (Effective 7/19/06)
€ North King Street fronting First Hawaiian Bank

New Bus Stops
North King Street nearside Umi Street
North King Street farside Waiakamilo Road fronting New Diner’s Drive In
South King Street nearside Makahiki Way fronting McCully Library
North King Street nearside Kohou Street on Kapalama Canal Bridge
North King Street nearside Houghtailing Street fronting Honolulu Ford
North King Street farside Umi Street fronting Kalihi Union Church

For comments & suggestions, please contact:
City & County of Honolulu
Department of Transportation Services
Telephone: (808) 523-4582

Mahalo for Riding