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Notice #: 05521732
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Notice of Reinterment of Human Remains

Notice to interested parties is hereby given that the Division of State Parks, Department of Land and Natural Resources, is planning to reinter two sets of human remains recovered from sand dunes at Polihale State Park, Waimea Ahupua`a, Waimea District, Kaua`i Island [TMK: (3) 1-2-02: 24]. Both sets of human remains were exposed by erosion from unmarked graves and removed due to unstable and potentially harmful conditions. Both are believed to be native Hawaiian based on their context and manner of initial interment and were determined to be over 50 years old. One set was recovered in 1990 and the other in 2001. State Parks is developing a reinterment and preservation plan to determine appropriate reburial procedures and long-term protection measures for the reburial site.

Persons descended from families of this area wishing to be consulted during development of the reinterment and preservation plan are requested to contact Martha Yent of State Parks at 808-587-0287 or through the State toll free line (1-800-274-3141 ext. 70287). We also ask that those with information about families with burials in this area or with ancestors who lived in the area contact Ms. Yent so that these families can be consulted if they wish. The Kilauano-Aipolani family is known to be affiliated with this area. All interested parties or those with information are asked to respond within 30 days of this notice. The Kaua`i/Ni`ihau Island Burial Council will also be consulted.

Individuals wishing to be formally recognized as lineal or cultural descents for these human remains or other burials at Polihale should submit information required to adequately demonstrate descent to Ms. Sunny Greer, State Historic Preservation Division, at 808-692-8015 (toll free 1-800-274-3141 ext. 28015).
(SB05521732 3/12, 3/15, 3/17/06)