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Notice #: 05521530
Court Notices


Estates of:

Mary Frances Allen (P. 05-1-0336)
Lino Benitez Anit, aka Lino B. Anit, aka Lino Anit
(P. 05-1-0360)
Virgil James Butler (P. 05-1-0376)
Ruth Edith Corcoran, aka Ruth E. Corcoran
(P. 05-1-0368)
Neal Edward Earley (P. 05-1-0377)
Kathryn Roselyn Ellis, aka Kathryn R. Ellis
(P. 05-1-0378)
John Gomes Fallau, Sr. (P. 05-1-0386)
Mary Keane Goss, aka Mary K. Goss (P. 05-1-0364)
Patricia Ruth Hempy, aka Patricia R. Hempy
(P. 05-1-0402)
Gordon Preston Jones, aka Gordon P. Jones
(P. 05-1-0379)
Thomas Francisco Lopez, aka Tomas Francisco Lopez,
aka Thomas F. Lopez, aka Dr. Thomas F. Lopez
(P. 05-1-0354)
Bettydean Lua (P. 05-1-0369)
Kazuo Matsukawa (P. 05-1-0404)
Elizabeth C. Meyers, aka Betty Myer, aka Elizabeth
Meyers, aka Elizabeth Myer, aka Leokadia M.
Kohlbeck, aka Leokadia Meyer Kohlbeck
(P. 05-1-0370)
Midge J. L. Oler, aka Midge Jonnita Lanihuliokauaha‘ao
Oler (P. 05-1-0388)
William Edward Potts, aka William E. Potts
(P. 06-1-0022)
Charles Victor Sanchez (P. 06-1-0002)
Winfred A. Shelstead (P. 05-1-0387)
Arthur David Sketchley (P. 06-1-0018)
Helen Yankauski, aka Helen Filipowicz Yankauski, aka Helen Young (P. 05-1-0347)

All persons interested in any of the above estates are hereby notified that on Tuesday, May 2, 2006, at 8:00 a.m., the Judge presiding in probate, in his courtroom, State Building, Hilo, Hawaii, will hear all matters concerning the administration and distribution of said estates. All creditors of said estates are hereby directed to present their duly verified claims within sixty days from the date of this notice to the Chief Clerk of the Court, State Building, Hilo, Hawaii, or they will be forever barred. All persons claiming to be heirs of said decedents are directed to file with the undersigned notice of such claims within said period.

DATED: Hilo, Hawaii, February 27, 2006.

Chief Clerk, Third Circuit Court
State of Hawaii, as Personal
(SB05521530 2/27/06) Representative of the above estates