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UH is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative
Action Institution


Associate Dean for Academic Affairs,
School of Nursing & Dental Hygiene, Manoa; #0089156; continuous recruitment; 808-956-8522

Director, Pacific Biosciences Research Center, UHM Pacific Biosciences Research Center, Manoa; #89024; continuous recruitment; 808-956-7837; fax 808-956-2751


Assistant/Associate/Full Professor,
UHM SOEST, Manoa; #83355, Department of Oceanography; continuous recruitment; 808-956-6775

Assistant Professor, Master of Education in Teaching, (2 positions), UHM College of Education, Manoa; #84048, 85236/82842; continuous recruitment; 808-956-4414

Assistant Professor of Dance/Theatre, UHM College of Arts & Humanities, Dept of Theatre & Dance, Manoa; #082110; closes 03/13/06; 808-956-2464

Assistant Professor of Health Behavior/Public Health, Public Health, Manoa; #0085856T; temporary; closes 05/01/06; 808-956-5779

Assistant Professor of Music (Choral), UHM College of Arts & Humanities, Manoa; #082401T; temporary; continuous recruitment; 808-956-2175

Assistant Researcher, UHM Engineering, Civil & Environmental Engineering, Manoa; #85341T; temporary; continuous recruitment; 808-956-8512

Assistant Specialist, (Research & Outreach Coordinator), UHM Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology, Manoa; #0086058T; temporary; closes 03/03/06; 808-236-7401

Instructor (Emergency Medical Services), Kapiolani CC (Maui Training Center); #85871; continuous recruitment; 808-734-9330

Instructor (On-Course Coordinator), Kauai Community College; #86941T; temporary; closes 02/28/06; 808-245-8372

Instructor CC (Agro-Forestry and Forest Ecosystem Management), Hawaii Community College, Hilo; #83045; closes 03/07/06; 808-974-7421

Instructor CC (Geography, Environmental Sciences and Biological Sciences), Hawaii Community College, Hilo; #86566; closes 03/07/06; 808-974-7421

Instructor CC (Information and Computer Science), Honolulu Community College; #88024; closes 03/07/06; 808-845-9186

Instructor, (Counselor), Maui Community College; #84667; closes 03/07/06; 808-984-3497

Junior, Assistant or Associate Specialist, (3 positions), Office of Student Academic Services, Position #80443 Big Island of Hawaii, Position #80470 Maui (also serving Lanai and Molokai), Position # 84529 Kauai (also serving American Samoa & the Pacific Region), UHM College of Education; continuous recruitment; 808-956-4275

Junior Researcher, Cancer Research Center, Manoa; #70011T; temporary; continuous recruitment; 808-441-7704


Academic Support PBB,
(Program Coordinator & Cultural Consultant), UHM Coll of Educ, Manoa; #0078031, Curriculum Studies; closes 03/03/06; 808-956-4230

Data Analyst – Band A or B, (Amended & Readvertised), Institutional Research Office, Manoa; #0078032T; closes 03/15/06; 808-956-7532

Facilities Planning & Design PBB, (Registered Project Manager), VP for Community Colleges; #80791 (permanent) & 78048T (temporary); closes 03/07/06; 808-956-0864

Information Technology Specialist, 2 posns: (1) ERA Tech Lead, #79976T, (2) ERA Developer, #79977T; ITS, Manoa; closes 03/15/06. For more info, visit:

Institutional Support PBA, (Administrative Fiscal & Support Specialist), Readvertisement, UHM Coll of Educ, Manoa; #0077977T; temporary; closes 03/02/06; 808-956-7728

Institutional Support PBB, (Fiscal Accounting Specialist), Office of Research Services, Manoa; #0081263; closes 02/27/06; 808-956-8339

Institutional Support PBB, (Fiscal Officer), Office of Capital Improvements, Manoa; #0080153; closes 03/06/06; 808-956-7935

Institutional Support PBB,
(Human Resources Specialist), UHM School of Medicine – Dean\u2019s Office, Kaka\u2019ako campus; #81516; closes 02/27/06; 808-692-1158

Institutional Support PBB, (Administrative/Fiscal Officer), Readvertisement, UHM Sch of Med – Dean\u2019s Office, Kaka\u2019ako campus; #80185; closes 02/27/06; 808-692-1158

Instructional & Student Support PBA, (Kahuewai Ola Project Coord), Readvertisement, UHM Student Affairs, Manoa; #0077968T; temporary; closes 03/01/06; 808-956-2644

Media Design & Production PBB, (Theater Technician), Kauai Community College; #77157; closes 03/07/06; 808-245-8372

Research Support PBA, UHM C of Trop Agr & Human Res, Tropical Plant & Soil Sciences, Manoa; #78033T; temporary; 50%; closes 2/27/06; 808-956-6564

Research Support PBA, Water Resources Research Center, Manoa; #77364T; temporary; closes 03/06/06; 808-956-6149

UH IT Specialist – Band A or B, Readvertisement, Institutional Research Office, Manoa; #0079992T; closes 03/15/06; 808-956-7532


Lecturer in English 20 (Basic English) or Math 20 (Basic Math),
Fall 2006, Honolulu Community College; continuous recruitment; 808-845-9136

Lecturers Fall 2006 in Cosmetology; Early Childhood Educ (ECE); Professional & Career Educ (PACE); Food Science & Human Nutrition (FSHN), Hon Comm Coll; 808-845-9186

For civil service positions (e.g., clerical,
security, maintenance, lab aids, etc.), please view: