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UH is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative
Action Institution


UH-West Oahu, (Chief Academic Officer), #89449; continuous recruitment; 808-454-4718


Assistant or Associate Professor,
Allied Health Administration, UH-West Oahu; #76254; closes 03/01/06; 808-454-4750

Assistant Professor, Business Administration, #88829; UH-West Oahu; closes 03/01/06; 808-454-4750

Assistant Professor, Clinical Psychology, #88834; UH-West Oahu; closes 03/01/06; 808-454-4750

Assistant Professor, Elementary Education, #76255 & 76256; UH-West Oahu; closes 03/01/06; 808-454-4749

Assistant Professor, Philosophy, UH-West Oahu; #88824; closes 03/01/06; 808-454-4750

Assistant Professor, UHM College of Education, Manoa; #82144T, Center on Disability Studies; temporary; closes 02/10/06

Assistant Professor, UHM Colleges of Arts & Sciences, Academy for Creative Media, Manoa; #070045; continuous recruitment; 808-956-3788

Assistant Professor of Biology, UH Hilo, Hilo; #83631; closes 02/24/06; 808-974-7449

Assistant Professor of Chemistry, UH Hilo, Hilo; #73258; continuous recruitment; 808-974-7383; fax 808 974-7693

Assistant Professor of Korean, UHM College of Languages, Linguistics & Literature, Manoa; #82938T; temporary; closes 02/14/06; 808-956-8940

Assistant Professor of Music (Composition & Theory), UHM College of Arts & Humanities, Dept of Music, Manoa; continuous recruitment; 808-956-2175

Assistant Professor of Religion, UHM College of Arts & Humanities, Manoa; #082065; closes 03/15/06; 808-956-4203

Assistant Professors of Nursing, UH Hilo, Hilo; (3 positions) #73261, 73262, 86485; continuous recruitment; 808-974-7761, fax 808-974-7665

Instructor CC (Hawaiian Studies), Kapiolani Community College, Humanities Dept; #0087404; closes 02/21/06; 808-734-9282

Instructor (On-Course Coordinator), Kauai Community College; #86941T; temporary; closes 02/28/06; 808-245-8372

Junior Specialist (S2), (Career Counselor), UHM Student Affairs, Manoa; #88326; closes 02/22/06; 808-956-8136


Academic Support PBA,
(Educational Specialist), UHM College of Education, Manoa; #0077184T; closes 02/21/06; 808-956-7834

Academic Support PBB, (UH Manoa GEAR UP Project Coordinator), UHM Student Affairs, Manoa; #0081886T; temporary; closes 02/15/06; 808-956-9112

Associate Women\u2019s Volleyball Coach, UHM Athletics, Manoa; #81896; closes 02/13/06; 808-956-6229

Athletics PBB, (Corporate Sales Director), UHM Athletics, Manoa; #77655T; closes 02/14/06; 808-956-6505

Information Technology Specialist PBB, (Data Warehouse Designer), UHM College of Education, Manoa; #79988T; temporary; closes 02/10/06; 808-956-6266

Information Technology Specialist PBB, Windward Community College; #79990; closes 02/13/06; 808-235-7424

Institutional Support PBA, (Administrative & Fiscal Support Specialist), UHM Coll of Nat Sci – Botany, Manoa; #0080950; closes 02/14/06; 808-956-3930

Institutional Support PBA, (Fiscal Accounting Specialist), Honolulu Community College; #77034; closes 02/21/06; 808-845-9123

Institutional Support PBA, UHM Pacific Biosciences Research Center, Manoa; #81849T; temporary; closes 02/13/06; 808-586-0916 or 808-372-2561

Institutional Support PBB, (Human Resources Specialist), Office of the Chancellor, UHM, Manoa; #81666; closes 02/09/06; 808-956-3028

Institutional Support PBC, (Internal Auditor), Office of the Internal Auditor, Manoa; #80312; closes 02/21/06; 808-956-8945

Instructional & Student Support PBA, (Student Services Sp) Disabilities, Honolulu Community College; #78030; closes 02/13/06; 808-845-9136

Instructional and Student Support PBA, Windward Community College; #78028; closes 02/21/06; 808-235-7457

Instructional and Student Support PBB, (Student Housing Judicial Affairs Officer), UHM Student Affairs, Manoa; #77210; closes 02/15/06; 808-956-3290

Instructional and Student Support PBB, Maui Community College; #0081252T; temporary; closes 02/17/06; 808-984-3310

Research Support PBB, UHM Hawaii Natural Energy Institute, Manoa; #78002T; temporary; closes 02/14/06; 808-956-2346


UHM College of Arts & Humanities – Dept of American Studies, Manoa; temporary; continuous recruitment; 808-956-8570

For civil service positions (e.g., clerical,
security, maintenance, lab aids, etc.), please view: