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Notice #: 03511740
Professional Providers

(RESUME #3-PROF-07/08)

Pursuant to the provisions of HRS 103D, the County of Kauai hereby provides public notice to invite persons engaged in the professional services listed below to submit current statements of qualifications and expressions of interest for the fiscal year 2007 – 2008:


1. Kilauea Agricultural Park Master Plan. OED seeks an engineering firm with expertise in agriculture to lead a community-based planning process which will result in a master plan for development and management of an agricultural park on approximately 75-acres, TMK 5-2-4-99, of undeveloped County land in the Crater Hill area of Kilauea, Kaua‘i. In developing the plan, the contractor will be responsible for conducting or subcontracting for all necessary studies, such as soil, water, infrastructure needs, agricultural and market trends, crop recommendations, etc.

Estimated Cost: $50,000.00

Term of Project: 1 year

Questions should be directed to Beth Tokioka, (808) 241- 6390.

2. STRATEGIC PLANNING, FACILITATION AND MARKET RESEARCH/ ANALYSIS (GS-0140 Manpower Research & Analysis). Assessment of Labor market needs by identifying the current and projected employment opportunities in the local area, conducting research, assessing community workforce development related services, making recommendations regarding integration and writing and presenting the Kauai Workforce Investment Board (KWIB) strategic plan update. Responsible for facilitating industry forums, elicit discussion and develop working relationships, giving priority to Kauai’s six industry clusters: Food & Agriculture, High Technology, Health & Wellness, Sports & Recreation, Renewable Energy and Arts & Culture.

Commission a study to identify what is required to enhance labor- exchange on Kauai from the business perspective and also examine the feasibility of implementing an employer fee for service system for labor exchange services that cannot be or are under funded by current funding methods.

Consultant should have demonstrated experience and understanding of labor market and workforce trends, particularly the Workforce Investment Act, Wagner-Peyser, Reed Act.

Estimated Cost: $40,000.00

Term of Project or Contract Time: Eighteen Months (18)

Questions should be directed to Kymm Solchaga, (808) 241-6298, Fax: (808) 241-6399; E-mail:


1. Information Security Audit (GS-1550 (Computer Science). Audit of IT security policies, procedures, and practices, including authorized attempts to breach security. Recommend approaches to tighten and improve security while maximizing usability for County employees. Interested persons or firms should have a minimum of five (5) years information security experience.

Interested parties should cite a minimum of three (3) customer references of similar size and operational nature.

Estimated Cost: $35,000

Estimated Project Duration: 2 weeks

Contact Person & Phone Number: Harry Beatty, (808) 241-4412


1. Flood Management Engineering and Surveying Consultant Services. Provide No-Rise Certifications for two (2) existing residences (includes determining mitigation measures to betaken to achieve No-Rise). Provide post construction Elevation Certificates for 27 existing structures.

Estimated Cost: $50,000

Estimated Project Duration: 60 working days.

Contact Person & Phone Number: Doug Haigh, (808) 241-6650

Consultants who are interested and capable of providing the professional services listed shall submit a letter of interest and four (4) copies of their resume to:

Director of Finance
(RESUME #3-PROF-07/08)
Division of Purchasing
4444 Rice Street, Rm 303
Lihue, HI 96766

Resumes should include:

1. Reference to this Notice by noting \u201D#3-PROF-07/08\u201D on the cover page of each resume, AND the name of the department and service that the resume is to be directed to.

2. The name of the firm or person, the principal place of business, and location of all of its offices.

3. A description or narrative of the firm and statements of qualifications (education, training, licenses, credentials) and experiences of the principals and staff members to be involved, and supporting data as it relates to the proposed projects.

4. The age of the firm and its average number of employees over the past five (5) years.

5. A list of similar projects undertaken and completed within the last five (5) years (including dates), the amount of the projects, owners of the projects and the scope of work performed.

6. The names of up to five (5) clients who may be contacted, including at least two (2) for whom services were rendered during the preceding year.

7. Capacity to complete the work in the required time.

8. Any other pertinent data that should or may be considered in the evaluation of the firm\u2019s qualifications.

Resumes may be amended at any time by filing a new statement. Any change in resumes that will be cause for disqualifying the firm from consideration for award shall be immediately reported to the Director of Finance.

Awards shall be electronically posted on the County of Kauai website within seven (7) days of the contract award: ;follow: Departments/Agencies; Finance; Purchasing Division; Procurement Disclosures.

Deadline for submissions is 4:00 PM (Hawaii Standard Time), Thursday, August 16, 2007. Late submissions will be returned. Risk of late delivery shall lie with the sender.

Wallace Rezentes, Jr.
(SB03511740 7/20, 7/23/07) Director of Finance