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Notice #: 03510349
Public Notices


Pursuant to section 11-193(a)(5), Hawaii Revised Statutes, the STATE CAMPAIGN SPENDING COMMISSION shall publish in the newspaper the name of the candidate who has failed to file a report electronically within the time allowed by the Commission. The Commission hereby provides notice that the following candidate has failed to file electronically a FINAL PRIMARY REPORT that was due on October 13, 2006:

John Blumer-Buell Maui Mayoral candidate

The above candidate also failed to respond to the Commission’s notification of Failure to File that was sent on October 26, 2006.

Failure to respond after a newspaper notification shall result in an additional penalty of $50 for each day the report remains overdue or uncorrected. The penalty of $50 for each day shall begin on the date of this publication.
(SB03510349 11/7/06)