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Notice #: 03510109
Public Notices

Land Development Division

The Department of Hawaiian Home Lands (DHHL) anticipates the need for professional services for Landscape Architect services for DHHL CIP and Non-CIP projects for FY 2006-2007.

Landscape Architect as defined in this notice shall be, but not limited to:

a. originating and developing plans;
b. reviewing plans prepared by others to see that they are in conformance with good principles of land- scape design and with agency standards and poli- cies, and if needed, making recommendations for improvement of the plan;
c. developing and maintaining standards for land- scape architectural procedures, methods and tech- niques;
d. supervising landscape construction; (this supervi- sion is in the nature of inspection of construction to see that it conforms to landscape architectural plans.); and
e. planning, supervising, inspecting and advising on maintenance work including restoration of land areas as necessitated by deterioration from age or heavy use and rehabilitation of sites requiring addi- tional landscape design for the expansion of exiting facilities; and assisting management in the opera- tion of projects where landscape architectural
qualities are involved.

If you are interested in providing professional services for Landscape Architecture, please submit the following:

1. Letter of Interest for Landscape Architecture;
2. Architect-Engineers Standard Form 330 (6/2004); and
3. Promotional or descriptive literature of your firm (optional).

Facsimiles will not be accepted. All documents shall be submitted by 4:00 p.m., Monday, September 25, 2006, to the DHHL’s Land Development Division. Please address your submittal to:

Department of Hawaiian Home Lands
Land Development Division
Attention: Connie Kita
P. O. Box 1879
Honolulu, Hawaii 96805 (SB03510109 9/15/06)