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Public Information and Education Position

The State Office of Planning (OP) is seeking an energetic individual to conduct public information, education and public participation activities. The position would be responsible for developing a public information, education and participation strategy and implementing projects to increase public participation in and implementation of the Hawaii Coastal Zone Management objectives and policies.

Desirable qualifications include experience in developing and implementing public information, education and public participation strategies and activities; producing print materials such as reports and brochures; producing e-newsletters; developing and managing a website; and proficiency in desktop publishing. The applicant should also have experience with public participation programs which seek to involve and engage community and advocacy groups and governmental agencies.

OP addresses current and pressing issues related to growth, development and preservation in our state with a focus on complex issues that affect or involve more than one agency or level of government.

OP is the lead agency for the state Coastal Zone Management Program. OP also conducts comprehensive and strategic planning; represents the State before the Land Use Commission and administers the statewide geographic information system program.

This position is exempt from State civil service requirements but features all other State fringe benefits, including vacation and sick leave, health benefits and retirement.

Submit a cover letter and resume to the Office of Planning, P.O. Box 2359, Honolulu, HI 96804. For further information, call the Office of Planning at 587-2808. Apply by September 8, 2006.

The State of Hawaii is an Equal Opportunity Employer.