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Notice #: 03508931
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The U.S. 108th Congress approved the Hawaii Fisheries Disaster Appropriation, 2003 (PL 108-7), which provided $5-million to the State of Hawaii for economic assistance to fisheries affected by Federal closures or fishing restrictions. The State of Hawaii submitted a grant application and received federal approval for the funds.
A major objective of the Fisheries Disaster Relief Program (FDRP) is to provide economic assistance to fishermen and fishing communities affected by Federal closures or Federally imposed fishing restrictions. The affected fisheries include Hawaii-based pelagic fisheries, bottomfish fisheries, Northwestern Hawaiian Islands lobster fisheries, and precious coral fisheries managed by the Western Pacific Regional Fishery Management Council.
The FDRP Coordinator under the Division of Aquatic Resources (DAR), Department of Land and Natural Resources (DLNR), State of Hawaii is requesting proposals for federal FDRP funding for fiscal year 2006.
Any individual or organization in Hawaii who desires to apply for FDRP funds is requested to submit a project proposal application to the FDRP Coordinator for consideration that must be postmarked or received by 31 March 2006. Applications may also be submitted via email. Application forms can be downloaded from the DLNR website or obtained from the FDRP Coordinator in hard-copy or CD discs.
Individual projects may be eligible for up to approximately $20K. Larger scale projects that will benefit a broader sector of federally impacted fisheries will also be considered for funding up to approximately $100K. Projects should target a goal for completion of one year from time of funding.
Please submit Proposals to the FDRP Coordinator at 1039 Sand Island Parkway, Honolulu, Hawaii 96819; via email: or via facsimile: (808) 832-5018.
Application forms can be obtained on the DLNR website at or the FDRP Office, telephone: (808) 832-5017.
DLNR reserves the right to cancel this request and reject any and all proposals when it is in the best interest of DLNR, consistent with the intent for which the funds were appropriated.

PETER T. YOUNG, Chairperson
Board of Land and Natural Resources (SB03508931 2/26/06)