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Notice #: 02504258
State/City & County Jobs

The Judiciary
State of Hawai`i
First Judicial Circuit


$3512 monthly salary
O`ahu employment only
Temporary Vacancy
Exempt appointment (non-civil service)

DUTIES: This position is responsible for assisting the Senior Research Analyst in providing statistical and research skills necessary for producing statistical and analytical reports and studies.

ABILITIES: Proficient with Microsoft Office package; conducting fact-finding and analysis; coordinating input from individuals, groups or agencies involved in or affected by the research process.

QUAL. REQ: B.A. from accredited university which included course work in social science statistics; and be knowledgeable in computers. The following is preferred: have background in criminology with specific education, training, and/or work experience related to criminal justice in Hawaii. Have one year of research-oriented work including data collection and analysis, other information gathering, and report writing; be familiar with social learning theory and related literature; and have training experiences.

LICENSE: Valid Hawai`i driver’s license required.

Resumes should be postmarked by December 26, 2006 and sent to:

Adult Client Services Branch
Interagency Council on
Intermediate Sanctions Coordinator
First Judicial Circuit
777 Punchbowl Street
Honolulu, Hawaii 96813