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Notice #: 0000974075-01
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State of Hawaii Department of Defense
Trainer for Budget Development and Information System
Contractual, part-time position, one (1) year term

Description: Provide training to new hires on the State of Hawaii Budget Development and Information System (eBUDDI). The eBUDDI is a PC-based system that allows State departments to develop and update their budget details electronically. Users can add, modify, delete and summarize their budget costs for their respective department. The system provides totals by department, program I.D. and organization code. The Budget Journal Summary table records are automatically created from the details thus completely eliminating any manual efforts as done in the past.

The Contractor shall also develop and produce a simple manual or guide pamphlet for new accountants in the Fiscal Office of the Department of Defense. This user friendly manual shall include the standard operating procedures of eBUDDI.

The Contractor shall provide regular assistance and guidance to fiscal office staff that already use eBUDDI. This means that the Contractor shall also serve as the Help Desk for eBUDDI.

Qualifications: Bachelor’s Degree. Comprehensive background in State of Hawaii government budget analyses and working experience in State of Hawaii fiscal operations at a level that produces budgets on a department-wide basis. Experience in working with management staff in State of Hawaii government offices is highly recommended for the successful performance of this highly specialized job role. Due to the short term of this contractual position, the Contractor must be knowledgeable of budget concepts, process, and terminology used in State government and in the State Legislature. Need to know how BJ tables are set up and their meaning, and when adjustments to them are necessary. Must be proficient in Excel.

Salary: Up to $50,000, annually, depending on qualifications and subject to Governor’s approval and available funds.

For questions: Ken, ph. 733-4201

To apply: Send cover letter, resume, and three (3) references by March 24, 2017 to:

Department of Defense
Attn: State Fiscal Office, Room 105
3949 Diamond Head Road
Honolulu, HI 96816
(SA974075 3/17/17)~