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Notice #: 0000971787-02
State/City & County Jobs

For full description and other employment listings, visit website above. Appointments
are full time unless otherwise specified and subject to funding and/or position
clearance. UH is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Institution.
For civil service positions (e.g., clerical, security, maintenance,
lab aids, etc.), please view:
Director of Lyon Arboretum, Office
of Vice Chancellor for Research – Lyon
Arboretum, Lyon Arboretum, #89065,
continuous recruitment, 808-988-2971
Assistant Professor
(Biology), University of Hawaii – West
Oahu, Kapolei, #76256, continuous
Instructor, CC (Accounting),
Business, Leeward Community
College, #83140, temp, closes
03/28/17, 808-455-0326
Junior or Assistant Specialist
(Wellness & Allied Health Educator) –
Readvertisement, University of Hawaii
-West Oahu, Kapolei, #76368T, temp,
closes 03/15/17, 808-689-2525
Instructor (Health Care
Administration) – Readvertisement,
University of Hawaii – West Oahu,
Kapolei, #76367T, temp, closes
Junior Specialist, C of Trop Agr &
Hum Res, Molecular Biosciences
& Bioengineering, Manoa Campus,
#85555, continuous recruitment,
Instructor, Department of Anatomy,
Biochemistry & Physiology, Kakaako
Campus, #86359T, temp, closes
03/21/17, 808-692-1159
Junior Researcher, College of
Trop Agr & Human Res, Plant &
Environmental Protection Sci, Manoa
Campus, #85386T, temp, closes
03/22/17, 808-956-8432
Instructor, CC (Director of EOC/ETS)
– Readvertisement, UH Maui College,
Kahului, Maui, #86829T, temp, closes
03/28/17, 808-984-3624
Administrative, Professional,
& Technical
Instructional and Student Support
PBA (Student Services Sp), SOEST,
Manoa Campus, #77286, closes
03/20/17, 808-956-8763
Institutional Support PBB
(Fiscal Specialist), Business Office,
Kapi’olani Community College,
#78416, closes 03/20/17,
Instructional and Student Support
PBA (Student Services Sp), Student
Affairs, Kapi’olani Community College,
#77154, closes 03/28/17,
Institutional Support PBB (Human
Resources Sp) – Readvertisement,
Office of Public Health Studies,
Manoa, #77180, closes 04/04/17,
Instructional and Student Support
PBA (Registrar, Asst), Office of the
Registrar, Manoa, #78828, closes
03/21/17, 808-956-8010
Instructional and Student Support
PBA (Admissions Sp), Office of
Admissions, Manoa, #78953T, temp,
closes 03/21/17, 808-956-5369
Instructional and Student Support
PBB (Admissions Sp), Office of
Admissions, Manoa, #77480T, temp,
closes 03/21/17, 808-956-0309
Institutional Support PBA or PBB
(Human Resources Sp), Manoa
Human Resources, Manoa, #80179,
closes 03/24/17, 808-956-3028
Institutional Support PBB
(Fiscal Specialist), Office of the
Vice President for Community
Colleges, Manoa, #79700, closes
03/28/17, 808-956-3873
Institutional Support PBB
(Administrative Officer), UH Press,
University of Hawaii at Manoa,
#80113, closes 03/22/17,