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Notice #: 0000943178-01
Public Notices


December 13, 2016

City and County of Honolulu
Department of Community Services
715 South King Street, Suite 311
Honolulu, Hawaii 96813
Phone: 808-768-7760

These notices shall satisfy two separate but related procedural requirements for activities to be undertaken by the City and County of Honolulu.


On or about December 29, 2016, the City and County of Honolulu (City) will submit a request to the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) for the release of HOME Investment Partnerships (HOME) funds under Title II of the Cranston Gonzalez National Affordable Housing Act, to undertake a project known as:

Project: Artspace Projects, Inc.
Hui Kauhale, Inc.
Ola Ka `Ilima Artspace Lofts

Location: 1025 Waimanu Street
Honolulu, Hawaii 96814

Project Description: HOME grant funds will be utilized for the construction of an eight-level mixed-use property that will include residential, commercial, parking, and community use areas. This mixed-use development project will provide 84 units of low and very low-income housing to artists and their families, including 4 units designed for persons with disabilities and 32 units for large households.

Total Estimated Cost: $38,000,000.00 (HOME Amount: $1,200,000.00)

Mitigation Measures: “Threatened or Endangered Species” mitigation measures:

All work at the project site will occur during daylight hours. All outdoor lighting shall be shielded so the bulb can only be seen from below and the lowest wattage bulbs possible shall be used. Woody plants greater than 15 feet tall will not be disturbed, removed, or trimmed during June 1 through September 15 and site clearing shall be timed to avoid disturbance to Hawaiian hoary bats. Native species or those at low risk of becoming invasive will be utilized for landscaping.

“Contamination and Toxic Substances” mitigation measures:

Based on the Health Hazard Management Plan reviewed by the State of Hawaii Department of Health, contractors must abide by all applicable regulatory and permitting requirements of other agencies and upon completion of the project, shall submit an Environmental Management Plan for long-term management of any contamination that remains in place after construction.

“Flood Insurance and Floodplain Management” mitigation measure:

Although the project is located in Zone X and Zone AE, the structure will be built completely outside of the floodplain therefore, flood insurance will not be required.


The City has determined that the project will have no significant impact on the human environment with conditions. Therefore, an Environmental Impact Statement under the National Environmental Policy Act of 1969 (NEPA) is not required.

Additional project information is contained in the Environmental Review Record (ERR) on file at the City, Department of Community Services, 715 South King Street, Suite 311, Honolulu, Hawaii 96813, which may be examined or copied weekdays 7:45 am to 4:30 pm.


Any individual, group, or agency may submit written comments on the ERR to Gary K. Nakata, Director, Department of Community Services. All comments received by December 28, 2016 will be considered by the City prior to authorizing submission of a request for release of funds. Comments should specify which Notice they are addressing.


The City certifies to HUD that Nelson H. Koyanagi, Jr., in his capacity as Director of the Department of Budget and Fiscal Services, consents to accept the jurisdiction of the Federal Courts if an action is brought to enforce responsibilities in relation to the environmental review process and that these responsibilities have been satisfied. HUD’s approval of the certification satisfies its responsibilities under NEPA and related laws and authorities and allows the City to use Program funds.


HUD will accept objections to its release of funds and the City’s certification for a period of fifteen days following the anticipated submission date specified above or its actual receipt of the request (whichever is later) only if they are on one of the following bases: (a) the certification was not executed by the Certifying Officer of the City; (b) the City has omitted a step or failed to make a decision or finding required by HUD regulations at 24 CFR part 58; (c) the grant recipient or other participant in the development process has committed funds, incurred costs or undertaken activities not authorized by 24 CFR Part 58 before approval or release of funds by HUD; (d) another Federal agency acting pursuant to 40 CFR Part 1504 has submitted a written finding that the project is unsatisfactory from the standpoint of environmental quality. Objections must be prepared and submitted in accordance with the required procedures (24 CFR Part 58, Sec. 58.76) and shall be addressed to the Office of Community Planning and Development, United States Department of Housing and Urban Development, 1132 Bishop Street, Suite 1400, Honolulu, Hawaii 96813. Potential objectors should contact HUD to verify the actual last day of the objection period.

Nelson H. Koyanagi, Jr., Director
Department of Budget and Fiscal Services

By order of:
Kirk Caldwell, Mayor
City and County of Honolulu
(SA943178 12/13/16)~