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Notice #: 0000854355-01
Request for Proposals


Hawaii Department of Health
Environmental Health Administration
Hazard Evaluation and Emergency Response Office


Request for Competitive Sealed Proposals to Provide
Non-Emergency Environmental Response Support Services

Request for Competitive Sealed Proposals (RFPs)
The Hazard Evaluation and Emergency Response Office (HEER) of the Hawaii Department of Health is seeking qualified environmental contractors to provide comprehensive non-emergency environmental services to the Department. The services will assist the Department in fulfilling its responsibilities under the Hawaii Environmental Response Law (Chapter 128D, HRS). This notice is published pursuant to the Hawaii Procurement Code, Chapter 103D, HRS.

Support services that will be required include, but are not limited to the following:
1) Assessing and responding to contamination from releases of hazardous substances.
2) Evaluating risks associated with releases of hazardous substances.
3) Supporting information management needs of the HEER Office.
4) Reviewing and analyzing technical reports.
5) Conducting research and analysis to support development of environmental policies.
6) Providing other assistance to support the State’s non-emergency response program.

Obtaining Instructions for Preparing Proposals
The complete RFP with instructions for submitting proposals may be obtained by:

1) Downloading from the “more info” section of the procurement notices listing on the Hawaii State Procurement Office website:

2) Downloading from the HEER Office website:

3) Calling the HEER Office at 808-586-4249 and requesting that a copy be mailed to you.

Please note if you download a copy of the RFP from a website and want to receive updates or changes to the RFP, it is your responsibility to send an e-mail addressed to HEER CONTRACT at: stating that you have downloaded the RFP and the e-mail address to which you would like additional information sent. The State will not be responsible for notifying you of any RFP changes or addendums if you have not responded in this way. Failure to receive any addendum shall not relieve you from any requirements under the RFP.

Additional Background Information
In fulfilling its responsibilities the HEER Office:
1. Receives notifications of and responds to threats of releases and actual releases of hazardous substances and oil.
2. Responds to oil spills on land and sea.
3. Conducts complete removal and remedial actions including site assessment, remedy selection, and implementation.
4. Disposes of material following illegal drug manufacturing, illegal dumping, and natural disasters.
5. Implements the Voluntary Response Program, which allows interested parties to clean up contaminated property voluntarily with oversight from the State.
6. Conducts official Preliminary Site Assessments and Brownfields Environmental Site Assessments under CERCLA.
7. Gathers data and supporting information for the preparation of background papers on issues that pose potential and actual threats to human health and the environment.

In conducting these activities and tasks, the HEER Office requires access to a wide range of expertise including, but not limited to:
– environmental engineering – soil science
– human health and ecological risk – geology
assessment – report reviewing and writing
– regulatory compliance – hydrology
– policy development – industrial hygiene
– toxicology – community relations
– biology – contract management
– microbiology – project coordination
– ecology – information management
– chemistry

Pursuant to U.S. EPA grant guidelines, the Hazard Evaluation and Emergency Response Office encourages proposals from disadvantaged, small, minority, and women-owned business enterprises.

If you have any questions, please contact: Harold Lao or Lynn Bailey at 808-586-4249
(SA854355 3/14/16)~