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State/City & County Jobs

For full description and other employment listings, visit website above. Appointments
are full time unless otherwise specified and subject to funding and/or position clearance.
UH is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Institution.
Asst or Assoc Professor (Hawaiian
Studies) – Readvertisement,
Kamakakuokalani Ctr for Hawaiian
Studies, Hawaiinuiakea Sch of
Hawaiian Knowledge, Manoa, #82784,
continuous recruitment
Instructor (English Language
Learners), College of Education,
Master of Education in Teaching,
Manoa, #85238T, temp, closes
01/08/16, 808-956-5513
Assistant, Associate or Full
Specialist (Counseling, Social Work,
Social Sciences), Manoa Chancellor’s
Office, Office of Gender Equity, Manoa
Campus, closes 01/15/16,
Instructor (Counselor), CC, Student
Services, Kaua’i Community College,
#87294, closes 01/20/16,
Junior Specialist (Summer Bridge
& Retention Coordinator), #88332T,
OSA/SEED/HCOP, Manoa, temp,
closes 01/14/16
Administrative, Professional,
& Technical
Academic Support PBB (Educational
Sp), Honolulu Community College,
#81562, closes 01/20/16,
PBB (Strength & Conditioning Spec),
UHM Athletics Dept, #79867T, temp,
continuous recruitment.
Institutional Support PBB (Fiscal
Specialist), VP for Budget and
Finance, System Admin Services,
Manoa Campus, #77247, closes
01/15/16, 808-956-8601
Research Support PBB (Research
Associate – Arborist), Lyon Arboretum,
3860 Manoa Road Honolulu, Hawaii
96822, closes 01/22/16, 808-988-2971
Research Support PBA (Research
Associate), Research & Graduate
Education – Lyon Arboretum, Lyon
Arboretum, #80237, closes 01/22/16,
Public Information, Public Events
Planning and Publications PBB
(Marketing Specialist), UH Maui
College, Kahului, Maui, #79188T,
temp, closes 01/18/16, 808-984-3515
Institutional Support PBA
(Administrative and Fiscal Support
Specialist), System Office of Human
Resources, Manoa, #80093, closes
01/11/16, 808-956-4603
Institutional Support PBA (Human
Resource Specialist), College of
Natural Science’s Dean’s office, UH
Manoa- Keller Hall, #79086T, temp,
closes 01/12/16, 808-956-5915
Academic Support PBA (Educational
Sp), C of Trop Agr & Hum Res,
Natural Res & Environmental Mgmt,
Hilo, Hawaii, #78404T, temp, closes
01/13/16, 808-969-8254
Academic Support PBA (Educational
Specialist), College of Natural
Science’s Biology Department, UH
Manoa, #79385T, temp, closes
01/13/16, 808-956-5915
Academic Support PBA (Educational
Specilaist), College of Natural
Science’s Biology Department, UH
Manoa, #79754T, temp, closes
01/13/16, 808-956-5915
Academic Support PBA (Academic
Support Sp), School of Pacific and
Asian Studies, Center for Korean
Studies, Manoa Campus, #79827,
closes 01/13/16, 808-956-7041
Instr and Stud Supp PBB (Chief
Financial Aid Officer), Extension
of closing date, Student Services,
Leeward CC, #80654, closes
01/11/16, 808-455-0326
For civil service positions (e.g., clerical, security, maintenance,
lab aids, etc.), please view: