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State/City & County Jobs

For full description and other employment listings, visit website above. Appointments
are full time unless otherwise specified and subject to funding and/or position
clearance. UH is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Institution.
Instructor, CC (Medical Assisting),
Health Education, Kaua’i Community
College, #87294, closes 05/07/15,
Assistant or Associate Professor
(Strategic and Organizational
Communication), School of
Communications, College of Social
Sciences, UH Manoa, #82294,
continuous recruitment, 808-956-8881
Assoc Prof (Urogynecology/Pelvic
Med Reconstructive Surgery),
UHM, JABSOM, Kapiolani Medical
Center, #84939, closes 04/23/15,
Instructor, CC (Mathematics),
Kahikouluamea Department, Kapi’olani
Community College, #86845, closes
05/04/15, 808-734-9522
Assistant Professor (Obstetrics
and Gynecology), UHM, JABSOM,
OB-GYN, Kapiolani Medical Center,
#88562, closes 04/23/15, 808-203-
Instructor, CC (Physics), Math &
Science Department, Kapi’olani
Community College, #86959, closes
05/04/15, 808-734-9472
Instructor, CC (Developmental
English) – Readvertisement, Windward
Community College, Academic
Affairs, #86125, closes 05/04/15,
Instructor, CC (Counselor, Native
Hawaiian Success: Accelerated
Cohort and Male Mentoring), Student
Services, Leeward CC, #86645T,
temp, closes 05/11/15, 808-455-0326
Junior Researcher, Hawaii Natural
Energy Institute, Manoa, #86072T,
temp, closes 04/27/15, 808-956-2342
Instructor, CC (Military/VA
Counselor), Honolulu Community
College, #85622T, temp, closes
05/11/15, 808-845-9236
Instructor or Assistant Professor,
CC (Counselor – Career & Job
Placement Coord), Stu Svcs,
Kapi’olani Comm Coll, #74878, closes
05/11/15, 808-734-9522
Instructor, CC (Mathematics-
Correction), Honolulu Community
College, #83894 & #74842, closes
04/21/15, 808-845-9185
Administrative, Professional, &
Info Tech PBB (Applications DBA),
ITS, Manoa, #80036, closes 04/30/15.
For complt quals & how to apply, visit
Academic Support PBA (Educational
Sp), Coll of Educ/Ctr on Disab Stud,
Manoa, #81823T, temp, closes
04/22/15, 808-956-6166
Research Support PBB (Research
Associate), Waikiki Aquarium,
Waikiki, #81634, closes 06/22/15,
Institutional Support PBA
(Technology Transfer Sp), Office of
Technology Transfer and Economic
Development, Manoa Campus,
#81300T, temp, closes 04/23/15,
Enterprise Operations PBB (Dept
Bookstore Mgr), Bookstore System,
Manoa Campus, #78705T, temp,
closes 04/24/15, 808-956-4304
Allied Health & Safety PBA
(Environmetal & Health Sfty Sp),
Environmental Health and Safety
Office, Manoa, #81140, closes
04/28/15, 808-956-5097
Institutional Support PBA (Proc/
Prop Mgt Sp), Institute for Astronomy,
Manoa, #80672T, temp, closes
04/30/15, 808-956-5078
Instructional and Student Support
PBA (Student Services Sp), Manoa
Career Center, Manoa Campus,
#80453T, temp, closes 04/28/15,
Research Support PBB (Electronics
Technician), Institute for Astronomy,
Maui, #79786T, temp, closes 05/04/15
Instructional and Student Support
PBB (Admissions Sp/Admissions
Counselor), Student Affairs,
Admissions Office, UH Hilo, #77009,
closes 05/08/15, 808-932-7442
Instructional and Student Support
PBB (Admissions Sp/Oahu Based
Admissions Counselor), Student
Affairs, Admissions Office, UH Hilo,
#78205, cl 05/08/15, 808-932-7166
Institutional Support PBC (Project
Financial Manager), Office of Research
Services, Manoa Campus, #80206,
closes 04/28/15, 808-956-8166
Academic Support PBA (METS
Student Advisor), Student Affairs/
SEED/METS, Nanakuli High School,
#79031T, temp, closes 04/28/15,
Institutional Support PBA (Admin &
Fiscal Support Sp), Office of Research
Services, Manoa Campus, #81980T,
temp, closes 04/29/15, 808-956-8166
Academic Support PBB (Educational
Specialist), Undergraduate Education,
Service Learning Program,
Manoa, #79639, closes 04/29/15,
Institutional Support PBA (Admin
& Fiscal Support Sp), Enrollment
Management, Manoa, #77488, closes
04/29/15, 808-956-2628
Lecturer, Coll of Ag,808-932-7038,
Coll of Arts & Sci, 808-932-7095, Coll
of Business, 808-932-7272, Ka Haka
Ula O Keelikolani, 808-932-7360,
UHH, temp, cont recruitment
For civil service positions (e.g., clerical, security, maintenance,
lab aids, etc.), please view: