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State/City & County Jobs

For full description and other employment listings, visit website above. Appointments
are full time unless otherwise specified and subject to funding and/or position
clearance. UH is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Institution.
Director of STEM Education, VP for
Academic Affairs, Manoa Campus,
#89542, continuous recruitment, first
review 1/14/15, 808-956-8601
Instructor, CC (Librarian, Hawaiian
Pacific Resource), Academic Services,
Leeward CC, #83076T, temp, closes
01/14/15, 808-455-0326
Asst Researcher (Vegetable Crops
Breeder), C of Trop Agr & Hum Res,
Trop Plant & Soil Sci, Manoa Campus,
#83515, continuous recruitment,
Asst Researcher in Sustainable
Ornamental Production, C of Trop
Agr & Hum Res, Trop Plant & Soil Sci,
Manoa Campus, #86275, continuous
recruitment, 808-956-7958
Instructor, CC (History), Arts and
Humanities, Leeward Community
College, #82530, closes 01/30/14,
Instructor, CC (Molokai Coordinator),
UHMC Molokai Education Center,
Molokai, Hawaii, #86630, closes
01/18/15, 808-984-3213
Assistant Researcher, John A.
Burns School of Medicine, Kaka’ako
Campus, #85785T, temp, closes
01/13/15, 808-692-1568
Junior or Assistant Specialist
(Coordinator of Pueo Scholars Dual
Enrollment Program), University
of Hawaii – West Oahu, Kapolei,
#76351T, temp, closes 01/20/15,
Junior Specialist (Assistant to the
Dean), Myron B Thompson School of
Social Work, UH at Manoa, #85876,
closes 02/02/15, 808-956-6124
Instructor, CC (Counselor – Native
Hawaiian Success), Student Services,
Leeward Community College, #82581T,
temp, closes 01/26/15, 808-455-0326
Assistant Specialist, Position Number
0070261, William S. Richardson School
of Law, continuous recruitment,
Instructor/Coordinator, CC
(Kulukuluua Coordinator), Hawai`i
Community College, Hilo, #83569T,
temp, closes 01/13/15, 808-934-2518
Junior Specialist, College of Education,
Office of Student Academic Services
(OSAS), Manoa, #84048T, temp,
continuous recruitment, 808-956-2526
Instructor, CC (Director, TRiO
Student Support Services), Windward
Community College, #88039T, temp,
closes 01/20/15, 808-235-7466
Administrative, Professional,
& Technical
Media Design and Production PBB
(Media Spec), Coll of Educ, Curr Rsch
& Dvlpmt Grp, Manoa, #79807, closes
01/09/15, 808-956-6507
Information Technology PBB (IT
Specialist), UHM Student Affairs/
Universtiy Health Services Manoa,
Manoa, #78154T, closes 1/15/15,
Allied Health & Safety, PBA (Medical
Technologist), UHM, Office of Student
Affairs, University Health Services,
#80671, closes 01/16/15
Institutional Support PBA
(Administrative Officer) –
Readvertisement, College of Natural
Science’s Dean’s office, UH Manoa,
#77646, closes 01/02/15, 808-956-5915
Institutional Support PBA
(Administration & Fiscal Support Sp)
Readvertisement, UH Cancer Center,
Honolulu, #79524T, temp, closes
Institutional Support PBB
(Administrative Off, Senior), Sea
Grant College Program, UH Manoa,
#81527T, temp, closes 01/16/15,
Institutional Support PBA (Admin
and Fiscal Support Sp), University
of Hawaii – West Oahu, Kapolei,
#77652T, temp, closes 01/09/15,
Research Support PBA
(Marine Mammal Specialist) –
Readvertisement, Waikiki Aquarium,
Waikiki, #78296T, temp, closes
01/31/15, 808-440-4005
Institutional Support PBA
(Operations Coordinator), Coll of
Arts and Humanities, Dept of Theatre
and Dance, Manoa, #77753T, temp,
closes 01/20/15, 808-956-2594
Institutional Support PBB
(Administrative Officer/Administrative
& Fiscal Support Sp), Office of the
Chancellor, UH Hilo, #77703, closes
01/21/15, 808-932-7348
Academic Support PBB (Academic
Support Sp/Curriculum Coordinator),
Office of the Vice Chancellor, Academic
Affairs, UH-HIlo, #77700T, temp, closes
1/15/15, 808-932-7332
Institutional Support PBB (Technology
Transfer Sp), Office of Technology
Transfer and Economic Development,
Manoa Campus, #79254T, temp, closes
01/09/15, 808-956-8166
Institutional Support PBB
(Institutional/Policy Analyst) –
Readvertisement, Office of Institutional
Effectiveness, Kapi’olani Community
College, #81627, closes 01/23/15,
Graduate Assistant, UHM School of
Nursing and Dental Hygiene, Manoa,
temp, continuous recruitment,
Lecturer, Windward Community
College, Academic Affairs, temp,
various disciplines, continuous
recruitment, 808-235-7463
For civil service positions (e.g., clerical, security, maintenance,
lab aids, etc.), please view: