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Notice #: 0000650515-02
State/City & County Jobs

For full description and other employment listings, visit website above. Appointments are
full time unless otherwise specified and subject to funding and/or position clearance.
UH is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Institution.
For civil service positions (e.g., clerical, security, maintenance,
lab aids, etc.), please view:
Dean (CC), Hospitality, Business and
Legal Academic Programs, Kapiolani
Community College, #89512T, temp,
closes 09/02/14, 808-734-9519
Dean (CC), Health Academic
Programs, Kapi`olani Community
College, #89052, closes 09/02/14,
Assistant or Associate Professor,
CSS-Psychology, #82198T, temp,
closes 07/25/14
Instructor, CC (Construction
Academy), Honolulu Community
College, #74766, temp, closes
08/04/14, 808-845-9183
Assistant Specialist (Native Hawaiian
Student Services) – Readvertisement,
Hawaiinuiakea School of Hawaiian
Knowledge, Manoa, #83520,
continuous recruitment, 808-956-0420
Junior or Assistant Specialist
(Engineering), College of Engineering,
Manoa Campus, #87358T, temp,
continuous recruitment
Instructor, CC (Nursing), Hawai`i
Community College, Hilo, #86571,
continuous recruitment, 808-934-2523.
Junior or Assistant Specialist
(Instrument Specialist), Daniel K.
Inouye College of Pharmacy, UH Hilo,
#73439T, temp, closes 07/30/14,
Administrative, Professional,
& Technical
Instructional and Student Support
PBA (Academic Advisor), Student
Services, Leeward Community
College, #81895T, closes 08/11/14,
Academic Support PBA (Lab
Manager), Math & Sciences, Leeward
Community College, #81421T, temp,
closes 08/11/14, 808-455-0326
Information Technology
PBA (Computer Specialist) –
Readvertisement, UH Maui College,
Kahului, Maui, #80539, closes
08/04/14, 808-984-3317
Pub Info, PubEv Plan & Pub PBB
(ITS Communications Officer), ITS,
Manoa, #80274, closes 08/05/14. For
complt quals & how to apply, visit
Physical Plant Management
PBA (Auxil & Fac Svcs Off) –
Readvertisement, Auxiliary Services,
Manoa Campus, #79347, closes
07/28/14, 808-956-5389
Institutional Support PBA (Admin &
Fiscal Support Sp), UHM-JABSOM
Area Health Education Center,
Kaka’ako, #80284T, temp, closes
07/28/14, 808-692-1067
Instructional and Student Support
PBB (Student Services Sp), School
of Nursing & Dental Hygiene, Manoa,
#79534T, temp, closes 07/28/14,
Institutional Support PBA (Admin &
Fiscal Support Sp), Auxiliary Services,
Manoa Campus, #79063T, closes
07/29/14, 808-956-7819
Academic Support PBA (Educational
Sp), Student Affairs / SEED / KOKUA,
Manoa Campus, #78963T, temp,
closes 07/30/14, 808-956-7511
Info Tech PBB (Java Web Applications
Developer), ITS, Manoa, #81043,
closes 09/16/14. For complt quals
& how to apply, visit
Institutional Support PBB (Human
Resources Mgr), University of Hawaii
Maui College, Kahului, HI, #81116,
closes 08/04/14, 808-984-3253
Public Information, Public Events
Planning and Publications PBB
(Publications Sp), UH Press, Manoa,
#78321T, temp, closes 08/15/14,
Information Technology PBB or
PBA (IT Specialist), VP for Community
Colleges, Manoa, #78250, closes
08/04/14, 808-956-3873
Lecturer, CC (Nursing), Hawai`i
Community College, East and West
Hawaii campuses, temp, continuous
recruitment, 808-934-2650