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Notice #: 0000638696-02
State/City & County Jobs

For full description and other employment listings, visit website above.
Appointments are full time unless otherwise specified and subject to funding and/or
position clearance. UH is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Institution.
For civil service positions (e.g., clerical, security, maintenance,
lab aids, etc.), please view:
Vice Chancellor for Students, Manoa,
#89325, continuous recruitment,
Assistant Professor (Strategic
Management), Shidler College of
Business, Department of Management
and Industrial Relations, Manoa,
(2 posns), #83441 & #84000, continuous
recruitment, 808-956-3258
Junior Specialist, COA, Manoa,
#70285T, temp, closes 06/20/14,
Instructor, CC (Nursing), Hawaii
Community College, UH Center West
Hawaii (Kona), #74862, continuous
recruitment, 808-934-2523
Instructor, CC (Nursing (LPN)), Nursing
Department, Kapi’olani Community
College, continuous recruitment,
Instructor, CC ((Nursing (ADN)), Nursing
Department, Kapi’olani Community
College, continuous recruitment,
Junior or Assistant Specialist, Office
of Student Affairs/University Health
Services Manoa, #88319T, temp,
closes 07/02/14
Assistant Researcher, HI Natural
Energy Institute, Manoa, #70126T, temp,
closes 06/27/14, 808-956-8346
Administrative, Professional,
& Technical
Information Technology PBC
(Manager), ITS, Manoa, #81384, closes
06/30/14. For complt quals & how to
apply, visit
Info Tech PBB (Applications DBA),
ITS, Manoa, #80036, closes 07/09/14.
for complt quals & how to apply,
Info Tech PBA or PBB
(System Administrator), ITS, Manoa,
#78196, closes 06/25/14. For complt
quals & how to apply,
Institutional Support PBB
(Fiscal Specialist), Business Office,
Windward Community College, #78018,
closes 06/30/14, 808-235-7404
Physical Plant Management PBB
(Auxil & Fac Svcs Off), Auxiliary
Services, Manoa Campus, #80875,
closes 06/18/14, 808-956-6455
Academic Support PBB (Educational
Sp), Office of the VP for Community
Colleges, Manoa, #79067, closes
06/30/14, 808-956-3873
Research Support PBB (Research
Associate, Senior), Research & Graduate
Education, Lyon Arboretum, 3860
Manoa Road, #78038, closes 06/30/14,
Enterprise Operations PBB
(Commercial and Aux Enterprises Off),
Campus Services, Manoa Campus,
#80697, closes 06/23/14, 808-956-8204
Physical Plant Management PBA
(Auxil & Fac Svcs Off), Auxiliary
Services, Manoa Campus, #79347,
closes 06/24/14, 808-956-5389
Physical Plant Management PBB
(Auxil and Fac Svcs Off), Office of
Facilities and Grounds, UH Manoa,
#80487, closes 06/24/14, 808-956-4805
Institutional Support PBA
(Admin & Fiscal Supt Sp), Admin
Services, C of Trop Agr & Hum Res,
Manoa Campus, #80000, closes
06/25/14, 808-956-0465
Academic Support PBA
(Academic Support Sp), Honolulu
Community College, #79140T, temp,
closes 07/08/14, 808-845-9185
Instructional and Student Support
PBA (Early Childhood Specialist
(9-month)), Honolulu Community
College, (2 posns) #78596T & #77980T,
temp, closes 07/08/14, 808-845-9186
Public Information, Public Events
Planning and Publications PBB
(Editor), UH Press, Manoa, #80105,
closes 07/03/14, 808-956-6257
Academic Support PBB
(Food Service Mgr) Extention of Closing
Date, Professional Arts & Technology,
Leeward Community College, #81027,
closes 06/24/14, 808-455-0326
Information Technology PBA
(IT Specialist), UHM Athletics
Department, #79604T, temp,
closes 06/26/14, 808-956-4529
Academic Support PBB (Educ Sp/Pgm
Coord), Student Affairs, Na Pua No’eau
Program, UH Hilo, 2 positions, #81805T,
Molokai, #80984T, West HI, temp,
closes 06/26/14, 808-974-7678
Lecturers (Nursing), Nursing
Department, Kapi’olani Community
College, temp, continuous recruitment,